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Sunday Open Thread || July 13, 2014

Sorry, I know, late start.


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  1. Does anyone else get an Error 330 notice? Past few days seems I get those, not complaining, my post goes through (better than the other options) but the message I just sent stays in my reply box and have to delete it before I can reply again. Kinda kills the mood for rapid replies ;)

    Just an FYI for Keith….. that’s all :D

  2. Not to worry Keith, I was almost late to Church!
    “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are
    shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”

    William F. Buckley Jr.

  3. BHO has placed one restriction on the young Central American refugees: that they not be allowed into Sidwell Friends Private School.

  4. I just read an article on Fox that Netanyahu vows any means necessary to stop Hamas.
    Does anyone think O called Netanyahu while he was playing golf?
    If he did he probably told Netanyahu to back off with the whole thing. Just put out a welcome sign. Disregard your borders.

    • I really hate it when the hamas types send their Rockets over
      Israel. I am old eough to remember all the times Israel has
      backed down due to other governments nagging them. All because the MSM doesn’t give honest reporting. It is so tiring
      to see this happen year after year. Israel needs a break.

      • And yet, on many news sites, the comments are virulent towards Israel, and oh-so-sympathetic towards those who call themselves Palestinians.

      • But always, Israel hits back hard. I don’t know why those other countries even try. It’s like a poodle attacking a Rottweiler.

        • They try because they do not believe Israel has a right to exist. They hate the Jews (and France also is flaunting its most anti semitic reputation at the moment). But you know this.

          Somewhere I saw a really good Netanayhu response. If I can find it I will post it later.

      • They need more than a break. These ignorant terrorists will never stop– too bloodthirsty, raised from an early age to kill the nonbelievers and that is what they do. Israel needs the real bomb, like one that did Japan and even then, they are like Obama, will keep doing the evil over and over.

      • All this “might send the wrong message” and concern over “optics” whether it be immigration or impeachment is getting really old,. It is symptomatic of how easily we are letting our freedoms slip through our fingers — what, we don’t want to embarrassed by “unseemly” fighting. We make asses of ourselves as Republicans fighting amongst ourselves, why do we hesitate to do so when it really counts.

      • Hesitant? Yeah, because he want to flood us out and hurt us with diseased illiterates. He’s gotta get his way or else. I just can’t wait for the day when he gets his, thats all. For all his evil.

  5. The piece at the ChicagoTribune addressing the issue of illegal alien children being dumped into the classrooms of the Chicago school system is very interesting. Also interesting are the comments to this article from what we must assume are the liberal Dems who gave us MrObama and his many liberal minions.
    It’s the classic, not in my backyard type of thing.
    The Tribune, and their readers it must be assumed, were silent when the news was that thousands were being dumped at Greyhound stations, military bases, and schools in Arizona and Texas.

    My advice to all those in Nebraska, NewJersey, NewYork, Illinois, Michigan and all the rest – suck it up, suckers.
    It’s in your lap, in your wallets, in your neighborhoods, your schools, and your hospitals now and send your regards to MrObama in Wash. DC if you don’t like it.,0,4201836.story

    • I have been surprised to read as many anti-invasion comments as I have from black people. Obama is doing a great disservice to his own people. If a Latino mayor should ever be elected in Chicago, all hell would break loose.

      • For some, not all, it is because they sense they might have to “share” and perhaps for others they think they are not benefiting like the illegals would. And then there are some who are truly concerned about America and our non existent borders.

        That said, this is playing out the old “At first, they came for the Jews and I said nothing….” and socialism works until you run out of other peoples’ money. No matter what in life, there is always someone behind you who wants what you have.


    If you see racial animus in your opposition doesn’t that mean you view your opponents through the prism of race? Doesn’t looking through that prism make you guilty of the views you place on your opponents? A racist of racist? LOL. If you automatically view them as bigots without engaging their ideas then no wonder the Executive Branch has gone nowhere since 2008.

    • I read that article as well. This whole “we are racists for resisting Obama” thing is well past its “use by” date. Obama got elected POTUS twice. He gets his way on almost everything. He makes the most outrageous comments imaginable against his opposition, and WE are the racists. He been a rogue president since day one, and we are suppose to not notice that. Here’s how I read Holder’s comment (decoding it, sorta, as we have to do with anything this administration says): Obama is about to let loose yet another crazy scheme to undermine the American idea, our sovereignty, our safety, our economy. Holder’s just sending out a meme that we better not complain or else we are…..well, we know.

      • Good –call me a racist then, ’cause I hate everything Obama says and does. I shut him off, can’t listen to his voice, its so boring to me, the misery in his voice and the name calling and his lecturing when he is such a con and a crook, stealing the American peoples’ money all the time.

    • Racial animus — and Eric Holder — so many possible responses. Suffice it to say, racial animus is Eric Holder’s knee jerk response to everything.

    • I view Holder and Obama as “racial asses” — they are the ones who are racist against the American people and they are running the country? You can’t make this stuff up.

  7. if Obama has time after his golf game, he might want to read this story about PM Stephen Harper. no BS about “both sides showing restraint” from him!

    “Canada is unequivocally behind Israel. We support its right to defend itself, by itself, against these terror attacks, and urge Hamas to immediately cease their indiscriminate attacks on innocent Israeli civilians.”

      • Never for a second did Netanyahu think Prezzy O would have his back. There has been a strong distain for Israel throughout O’s presidency. I can’t wait until he is out of there. I also would not want to underwrite the insurance policy on that dude. Hawaiian golf courses are hard to keep safe when the security detail is cut down.

      • Prayers indeed. When I look around the world, if we become some Social Democrat Marxist third world sh*thole, Israel would be my choice of residence. At least they know who and what they are and they are willing to fight for it.

          • I’m with you guys — I think about Israel all the time. Israel is such a small state, its the size of New Jersey. They will never leave Israel alone, so jealous and so vicious. We can only pray for Israel. You know, the Democrats don’t believe in God anymore, so they can’t pray for Israel even if they could, I don’t know if they would pray for them. Democrats now believe only in the political party, that is their religion now, they are not the Democrats of yesterday anymore, fair minded with a regard for human life kind of like what the Nazi party believed in, extermination also, the dems believe in the extermination of millions of babies which they have condoned and encouraged. Obama sends lots of money to the Palestinians, he doesn’t love Israel no matter what phony stuff he says.

      • Hey — guess who is having a special end of Ramadan celebration at the WH? Surely our Muslim Congressman Ellison and Elibiary, friend of Hamas, and employed with federal taxpayer money at DHS will be in attendance. As well as Miss Valerie, chief consultant on Iranian Affairs. And God knows who or what else.

        • When bho said, ‘America is no longer a Christian Nation,’ his muslim friends reminded him that the USA’s founding documents are based on Christian-Judeo Principles and Values which gives him the ‘right’ to speak such idiotic words (before the FACT) to his ‘masses of infidels of any other persuasion’!

          However, he was also reminded that the ‘muslim birth rate’ will eventually outpace’ any other identifiable class of citizens, and THEN America will, as he has promised, be ‘funda……..!’ My fellow American friends in Europe and Israel are watching bho with us with the same extreme level of GRIEF and frustration as he makes such strides toward accomplishing his AGENDA! jb