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Obama Heads Out to the Golf Course of Course

President Obama today has eschewed the usual military base golf courses and is instead playing upscale at the TPC Potomac Golf Club, a championship course in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Obama is playing with Glenn Hutchins, a charter member of the .01 percent and previous Obama golf partner, ESPN commentator Mike Wilbon, and White House aide Marvin Nicholson.

It’s his 24th time playing this year and the 181st time of his presidency.

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  2. If Barry cared anything for America and her people, perhaps even he might feel some shame about his constant golfing in the face of crises. Incredibly bad optics!

    1. He is a nightmare. So tired of having to monitor our president..just hoping for a glimpse of class/leadership one day but none. ZERO

  3. What an amazing ride MrO has had in the last 10 years; from a cheap, unknown communtiy organizer working the mean streets of Chicago to the chum to those who deal in high finance, a friend of the a-list of entertainers, and a life of luxury he could never have dreamt for himself and his family.
    Here he is today, golfing at a location he would have been denied access to a decade ago, and as a guest of a man who wouldn’t have returned his calls back then.
    What a ride.

      1. What’s with J-Lo, her career is winding down because of her age and she’s looking to go into politics? Anything for attention, some people, they just can’t let go, gotta be in the spotlight no matter which way. J-Lo must be one of those low information voters if she likes Obama after all he has done, she can’t be too smart.

    1. From a cheap unknown community organizer working the mean streets of Chicago to a cheap over exposed community agitator working the mean streets of America.

        1. He’s still cheap — The First Welfare family, that what they are — even the mother-in-law lives off our dime probably because Obama wouldn’t support her if she needed it.

    1. Oh barf! What a nut that “food critic” is. Probably some sweetie guy who liked the inner moo.
      Who frigging cares where or when she stuffs her manly face.
      People who care about such stuff will be the first to go in any Armageddon situation.
      rant off.

    2. That article by the so-called food editor is enough to make me lose my appetite. The ode to those prehistoric forearms is nauseating. She should be a spokesman for L’Oreal when she leaves the WH? OMG!!!

    3. I’m afraid to read this article. Previous press about Michelle Antoinette has been so sugary and this must be a killer blast of sugar to stand about among the others.

  4. Hmmmmm…Marvin. Watson again? Does Reggie know about this? Remember when GWB gave up playing golf because it wasn’t the right thing to do? BHO doesn’t remember or care. Neither does the MSM.


  6. So he gave up on the military courses for this round? Probably scared of what the military might do to him. As he should be.
    So maybe he bought a friend, after all?

  7. The American version of Caligula and Nero combined into one sorry ass person. Not to worry though Valerie Jarrett is hard at work.

    How does she rate Secret Service protection? How can Biden get away with charging rent on his estate to the government for housing for his Secret Sevice protection? Why doesn’t any of those ace reporters in the White House press pool ask questions about this illegal use of taxpayer money? Nitpicking issues you say? Rudy Guiliano cleaned up New York City by enforcing all of the small laws on the books. Reporters could (if they weren’t propaganda hacks). start asking questions about all of the smaller crimes this communist regime commits on a daily basis and start the clean up process this government so desperately needs.

  8. Not related to golf… but last night I saw the rerun on Fox of Greta’s hour long special about Marine Sgt Tahmooressi in the Mexican jail. This sounds totally wacko on my part, but maybe the reason the Obama is not appearing to help this Marine is because the Marine is a gun owner. I can think of no other reason why this man still sits in jail. Perhaps if he had been a gay soldier or a transgender traitor, it would be different.

    1. Thats what I said a long time ago — Osama Obama won’t help him because he had guns in his car. What a piece of sh… this community organizer is, that is not what he is supposed to do. None of his business if this guy had guns (legally) and not to help him because of that? I can’t wait one day when the military does him in.

  9. Perhaps we’re being a bit harsh on lil Barry. After all, it’s not his fault Valerie Jarrett never bought him fiddle lesson. What else is he to do?

    On another note, the link to his latest ode to himself showing he referred to I, me or my 199 times in his latest campaign speech telling the world how great HE was but it was all the other people screwing things up for him:

    1. Geoff Caldwell that is a very good point.
      In his speech he may as well say, I am going to play golf, and the hell with you (everyone).
      That is a lot shorter of a speech but I would get the same understanding for the ones he rambles now.

    2. I wonder if he pulls that I-me-me-me stuff with Michelle. If so, no wonder she tries to keep at least a continent away from him most of the time!!

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  11. Britt Hume, Karl Rove, Bob Woodward, Juan Williams — the Fox news Sunday panel. Now that, right there,is discouraging. And Laura Ingraham, normally a bright light. Not so today.

    And it looks like the consensus is, sans Rove, if only the Republicans had passed comprehensive immigration reform …. which is so much crap.

    Lots and lots of illegals in the wind today “folks” — on buses, waved through TSA without documentation, settling in on military bases and churches everywhere — by the time Governors, politicos et al act they will be having children themselvers –And the irony is that as I write this there are two ads for disability benefits.

    Welfare Nation.

    1. That panel right there is enough to make any conservative wretch.
      Keep in mind that the CEO of FoxNews is in favor of immigration.
      Murdock still has the say of the opinions that are espoused on his programs under their contracts, and to what extent they push them.
      Laura Ingraham is to wishy washy for me.
      Give me Michelle Malkin any day.

      Hume is overrated, Rove is a snake, and the very sight of Williams turns my stomach.
      Fair and balanced my butt !

      1. Hume is great — she is too — I don’t agree with them today either — who needs this stuff — send them all back and let them wait on line like they are supposed to! What reform? No other country lets so many in as we have, enough already. I can’t stand the fact that Osama Obama won’t close the border. We know he want us to be flooded with them — he’s a sicky — and I REPEAT, NO ONE STOPS HIM — THE REPUBS AND THE DEMOCRATS, THEYALL SUCK, LETTING THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO THE PEOPLE, DANGEROUS AS IT IS WITH DISEASE, CRIME, ETC., ETC., AND ALL THE REPUBS AND DEMS THINK ABOUT IS THEMSELVES, SO AFRAID OF LOSING A FEW BUCKS — F,,,, ALL OF THEM IF THEY CAN NOT STOP THIS STUPIDITY FROM A STUPID COMMUNITY ORGANIZER, Meanwhile, the Republicans and Democrats (communists) are going to lose everything if Obama gets away with this, I predict.

    2. I am appalled that La Raza has received and continues to receive federal money. What on earth for? The money going to it has doubled under Obama, but why was it getting any under Bush?

    1. It should only be true — and that they have to carry him out of the White House to be gone forever. It looks like his hair turned completely white overnight and he looks balding now. Let’s hope he cracks up soon.

  12. Appropos of nothing, pretty much this is what I am hearing.

    The President is lawless. We cannot impeach him. The President is lawless.

    1. I blame congress at this point, especially Boehner.
      He is third in line for the presidency, and given his performance since he has been speaker, we could do far better than him.
      Do you think that Obama would have been under impeachment proceedings by now if Newt was speaker ?
      I do.

      1. Yes, I do.

        I think we just stand by and say Oh My. To the President’s lawlessness, and to the invasion at the border, and to the VA, and to the pink slips in theaters of war, and to the IRS, and to Common Core, and to the corruption of the politicos so painfully obvious in the Thad Cochran prepare for the Barbour rule election in Mississippi. Oh My. We Americans have become not better and no worse than the takers. We took all we could and now when someone wants to take from us we have no idea what to do. We do not use the rule of law we fought for.

        And God only knows what is coming across that crumbled border. In addition to the future Social Democrat Marxists of America there is a goodly number of drug dealers, gang members and terrorists — and they will settle in. And we will say, Oh My.

        The single best thing America can do right now is to get rid of Eric Holder.

        1. I get comfort in reading Keith’s articles. I as well get comfort from reading the comments.
          I cannot understand why I do not see people in public discussing EVERYTHING.
          I guess they are afraid as I am.
          In other words in the past during major things happening, you could see people reading the newspaper with fear or concern. You can see old pictures of films of people discussing a major issue or fear among people on a city street.
          Now that our Country and its laws and Constitution are being ignored. NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING.

        2. Word is that Holder is leaving at the end of this year.
          Question,….does he see his power eroding after the 2014 election ?
          It’s all a chess game.

          1. If Holder has plans to leave voluntarily and is announcing it early we can rest assured either the job will have been done or there is bigger evil in the clean up phase of this Administration.

            Get him out now.

          2. Andrew Napolitano had (then Deputy) Attorney General Eric Holder’s number way back in April 23rd, 2000. Here it is thanks to The Media Research Center:

            Napolitano: Tell me, Mr. Holder, why did you not get a court order authorizing you to go in and get the boy (Elian Gonzalez)?

            Holder: Because we didn’t need a court order. INS can do this on its own.

            Napolitano: You know that a court order would have given you the cloak of respectability to have seized the boy.

            Holder: We didn’t need an order.

            Napolitano: Then why did you ask the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals for such an order if you didn’t need one?

            Holder: [Silence]

            Napolitano: The fact is, for the first time in history you have taken a child from his residence at gunpoint to enforce your custody position, even though you did not have an order authorizing it. When is the last time a boy, a child, was taken at the point of a gun without an order of a judge…Unprecedented in American history.”

            Holder: “He was not taken at the point of a gun.”

            Napolitano: “We have a photograph showing he was taken at the point of a gun.”

            Holder: “They were armed agents who went in there who acted very sensitively…”

          3. Thanks. I saw this also. Truth be known, any honest judge or attorney could rip Holder to shreds on any given point. But now you only find him, if at all, at the MSM and with sycophants.

      2. Yes, yes, and more yes! Boehner needs to go the next time the Republicans choose the Speaker, and though I want the Republicans to take the Senate, I do not want Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader.

        1. Amen !
          Trey Gowdy for Speaker.
          Ted Cruz for senate majority leader.
          My, my, my,….wouldn’t that put a bee in their bonnet !!!

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  14. It’s not the weekly golf. It’s the fact that he uses his time, on the golf course and off the golf course, to associate with low level flunkies and/or sports figures/celebrities. It shows that he has no interest whatsoever in developing relationships with anything pertaining to his job, politics, or expanding his horizons.
    He is, and always will be, an empty suit with no ambtition other than pursuing his own self-indulgences.

    1. He is too stupid to discuss these matters with the corrrect people who could help and advise him. He’s a man/child just whistling in the wind with whatever he wants to do. He’s like a 15 year old spoiled teenager and maybe a little retarded too boot. Most of the things he wants is borne out of spite, and a chip on his shoulder is so evident. Like a child? Give him a lollypop but I think he has had many lollypops in Chicago.

  15. HA! My Congressman just sent out a poll inquiring whether Congress should approve Obama’s funding request for the border invasion.

    Yes — 19.56%

    No — 80.44%

    Oh, and there was a place for additional comments. I availed myself of the opportunity.

    1. If The Obama wants the money so bad, wonder if he would give up a year’s vacation junkets and a half year of golf to pay for it. I’m guessing not.

      1. Here’s another thought… maybe he could get the money from the Clinton “Foundation”…bwahahahaha… cracked myself up on that one. As if….

    2. He is reacting like a cornered animal Grace.
      At least your congresscritter is giving you the chance to voice your opinion.
      People commenting on this thread have noticed that he is becoming more irritated with the progress of his agenda.
      I feel that there is a meltdown on the horizon,…especially if we take the senate and rid this Country of Harry Reid.

    3. Good girl. I’ve contacted my Congress critter, but he hasn’t responded yet. The establishment Republicans are in a bind: they want the Chamber of Commerce and Wall Street money so want to cave on amnesty, but their constituencies are raising hell. We musn’t let up after November but put the pressure on for 2016 as well. They’d like to catch us sleeping after the Midterm.

    4. Our daughter is visiting so I have not been on the blogs much, but I wanted to respond to your comment to me a few posts back. When I said that just because I think Obama is a horror doesn’t mean I think Bush and Reagan were perfect, I was referring specifically to the immigration aka amnesty issue. And I was referring to people who come back at you and say that “Oh well, it was OK with you when Reagan/Bush did it”. I did not agree with Reagan’s amnesty, and as for the entire Bush clan, they’re snakes in the grass on this issue.

      1. Thanks for taking the time Julie. Please know I wasn’t criticizing you or what you said, but I am always most curious about the flexibility of independents. Enjoy your daughter!

      1. Thanks. Funny — my “rants” are pretty much a dime a dozen and way too frequent. So, it’s good to know that from time to time someone gets something.

  16. Want a new subj? I went to the eye doc Fri–checkup on my blind eye (3 surgs-stupid doc trix) and my good one (cataract). He said as long as I could see the screen, don’t do anything. That is my kind of advice. Anyhow–we waited 90 mins in “the little room,” as Larry David would say. We complained and the woman said with a specialist, count on at least two hours. Count on bad scheduling is more like it! And I don’t want to hear the familiar refrain–wouldn’t you want DOCTOR to spend as much time with YOU as necessary? It’s never me!

    1. ‘As long as you can see the screen’? What if you can’t READ anything on the screen? That’s like saying ‘ as long as you are able to breathe’, don’t bother me. Sad.

      1. I must not have put it right–this is what I wanted to hear! I don’t want surgery or scare tactics to get me surgery and put gas in someone’s Lexus. As for the first appt of the day–we tried that with the retina guy a few yrs ago during all those surgeries– first appt was 8 AM. We still waited. Then we learned he did not come in until 9!

  17. Keith: Would it make sense to have two weekend post templates, Obama Plays Golf Saturday, Obama Plays Golf Sunday. Fill in the location and the players, and voila, done.

    What time is he headed out today? He better hurry. Rain in the forecast.

  18. I guess this is serving as an open thread so I’d like to ask Keith and any others who would like to have a Special Prosecutor appointed in the IRS investigation to read Andrew McCarthy’s op-ed on this topic. It’s available on NRO and RealClearPolitics. Be careful what you wish for!

    1. I heard McCarthy on one of the shows last week. He said there would be a gag order put on all witnesses if there was a SP. No wonder Holder is so eager to appoint a SP!

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  20. Comprehensive Immigration Reform does absolutely nothing to address the reasons for illegal immigration, One can routinely obtain a green card through employment requiring a college degree, a family member already legally in the US, the Diversity Visa Lottery (which had education and/or skills requirements), refugee or asylum seeker (often an exaggerated up claim), or be a child born to a permanent resident outside the country (may become a permanent resident upon entry according to specific rules).

    An uneducated, unskilled person with no family member in the US as a family reunification sponsor has no hope of immigrating to the US.

    The reason for the surge is to establish the anchor person for the family reunification. Since US citizens can sponsor not only spouse and minor children but also parents, married adult children and their families, and siblings and their families, it is beneficial to get that “anchor” in the US to be the individual who is most likely to be granted a green card in some amnesty.

    The solution:

    Abolish family reunification with the exception of spouse and children born before the “anchor” entered (or was born in) the US. Abolish preferences for parents who qualify for immediate visas and can then petition for their other children. Stop sponsorship of stepchildren immediately after marriage which fuels the marriage broker business.

    Establish a visa lottery with no education or skill requirement open to all adults. Determine the number of visas to be offered and grant them by lottery proportionally to the number of applicants from the country of birth. A lottery win would permit the immigration of the lottery winner, spouse and minor children if declared on the initial application to count against the country visa quota.

    Only if the current illegal aliens have a legal way to come without the “anchor” can this type of immigration law violation be stopped.

  21. Did you expect anything different from Osama Obama? And all the fundraisers he attends, he goes for a reason, the money that is donated to him at these fundraisers, well, he can take this money for himself when he leaves the White House! Check it out, its true. He’s He wouldn’t do anything for anyone! Just keeps taking money from people. Like the American in prison in Mexico. Mexico is supposed to be our friend? Obama is supposed to get this guy out! And he does nothing. Everything Obama does, he does it AGAINST the American people. One day, no Secret Service or their DOGS will be able to protect him from the masses. He will never be free again and he will be the most hated man in America, I predict.

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  24. Join Americans for Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi Day on Friday, July 18, 2014
    Every Member of the US Congress, the President and the US Secretary of State have failed to obtain the release of US Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi from a Mexican prison when his only crime was making a wrong turn at the US/Mexican border over 100 days ago. American Citizens can join together on behalf of Sgt. Tahmooressi on July 18, 2014 by taking these steps:

    1. Observe Sergeant Tahmooressi Day on July 18, 2014. Circulate this letter to every American Citizen you know – – relatives, friends, neighbors, coworkers, classmates, everyone. Spread the word now so 300 million Americans will be holding our government employees accountable for Sgt. Tahmooressi’s safe return to USA on Friday, July 18, 2014. Ask them to join all Americans to support the immediate release of Sgt. Tahmooressi from the Mexican prison. Americans can show our incompetent politicians and a corrupt Mexican government that we will fight and win when cowards we have in Washington won’t fight for a US Marine who fought for our Country. Show Mexico that We, the American People, are united in demanding the immediate release of Sgt. Tahmooressi so he is safely returned to the US before sunset on Friday, July 18, 2014.

    2. Take the Pledge: I am an American who demands that the Mexican Government immediately returns Sergeant Tahmooressi to the USA. If he is not returned before sunset on July 18, 2014, I will join 300 million American Citizens in boycotting all commerce, products and services of Mexico at the rate of one day for every minute his return is delayed* to the United States. When I shop in food markets, hardware and furniture stores, clothing outlets and the internet, I will check to be sure that no item I purchase came from Mexico. I will not vacation or visit Mexico. I will not employ Mexican workers or enable Mexicans to send American dollars to Mexico. I will not support American companies with factories in Mexico. I will write or call my Congressional Representative and Senators to demand they halt all US foreign aid and assistance to Mexico.

    3. Vote for Action: The attached roster of US Senators, Congressmen and Congresswomen have failed to take swift, justified action against Mexico for the imprisonment of SGT Tahmooressi, but they are sending Mexico our American tax dollars in foreign aid. As an American Voter, I pledge that I will vote AGAINST every incumbent US Senator in my State, and AGAINST my current Congressman because they have failed at even the simplest of duties. They work for me, they have failed, and it’s time for them to leave. I will join millions of American voters to send all 535 Members of Congress packing their bags in November for their failure to take action. I will vote for candidates who pledge to immediately halt all foreign aid and assistance to Mexico because Mexico wrongfully imprisons our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines.

    *Do the math: If Sgt. Tahmooressi is released 24 hours (1440 minutes) after July 18, that’s nearly 4 years of a united American boycott of all Mexican commerce. The entire, pathetic and corrupt nation of Mexico will be bankrupt when Americans stop buying Mexican products and services.
    And ask yourself this: In how many wars did the Mexican Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines join with the US Armed Forces to fight those who attacked the United States? Mexico has no right to accost, imprison and torture any American Serviceman or Servicewomen – – ever!

    Please pass this message to everyone you know; leave a stack of copies on your subway, bus or cafeteria; email this message to your friends and relatives. United Americans will free Andrew!

    1. I hope all Americans boycott Mexico — don’t go there, don’t buy anything from Mexico, etc. I cannot believe how horrible Mexico is to this Marine, Mexico is supposed to be our friend? With friends like that we don’t need enemies (like Obama too!). I really hope that Mexico suffers for what they are doing to our American. And you are right, no one, absolutely no one has gotten him out, they should be ashamed in Washington!

    2. This is the best idea I’ve heard to get Sgt Tahmoressi back home. Americans need to unite and hit Mexico in their pockets. Our limp politicians won’t cut the foreign aid or assistance (our tax dollars), so We The People can on July 18th – Friday. Let’s see how long that third-world country can last when we stop sending our money to them!!!!!!!!!!

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