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Koffler Appears On Newsmax Again

I did an appearance on Newsmax TV Friday, thought maybe you’d like to see it.  We talked a lot about immigration and President Obama’s trip to Texas and his failure to go to the border.

I was on the Ed Berliner Show, which can be seen on DIRECTV Channel 349 and DISH Channel 223 from 12-3 Monday through Friday, and of course on the Newsmax website.

BTW, I’m broadcasting via Skype from White House Dossier World Headquarters in Northern Virginia . . .

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  1. Great interview Keith. A lot of good points were covered in a short time. I will try pulling up Newsmax on my computer to catch news.
    Now I would like Fox to have you on as well. I do not need the one side or the other interview. I would like to hear just your thoughts and the news person asking the questions.

  2. Always good to see/hear you, Keith – and you’re good on your feet – no teleprompter, and it looks to me as it you don’t work with pre-submitted questions.

    • Thanks Sportinlife. Questions aren’t pre-submitted but they do tell people who are going to appear on TV talk shows generally what the subject will be, although they often throw things in that they don’t warn me about!

  3. Hey Keith, I agree with you that the lawsuit serves to mitigate some of the appetite for impeachment on the right. But it appears that Obama is now going to run with this why-me-worry so-sue-me rant all the way up to the fall elections. And the complicit media will be broadcasting that message in full color 24-7. The low-info voters will have no clue what the lawsuit is actually about. They’ll only retain the message that the Repubs are do-nothings squandering tax dollars for a lame lawsuit.

    My question to is: What do you think the Repubs should be doing to counter Obama’s message?

    • It’s a good question. I guess they just have to keep hammering away at the facts that underly the lawsuit. It’s not going to go anywhere probably, but it’s not a waste of time to engage in an exercise in accountability.

      • Maybe not a waste of time. I dunno. I sure do miss the Newt right about now. He had a mighty big hammer hanging on his belt. Boehner only has a 9-iron.

        I have a feeling that this lawsuit will not come across as an exercise in accountability for Obama’s lawlessness. More like the Congress trying desperately to hold onto their constitutional power. All while Obama remains in control of the narrative.

    This is the correct link. Indianapolis, Indiana is in the middle of a drug war as local gangs fight over the control and distribution of heroin smuggled from Mexico. Homicide rates are dramatically on the rise rivaling those of Chicago.
    Thank you Dear Leader

  5. Very good interview! However, Ed Berlinger characterized the Speaker Boehner’s lawsuit as ‘frivolous’ and you agreed.

    While the lawsuit may never see a court, the attempt to emphasize and educate citizens about the WH Adm’s disregard for the Constitution and bho’s blatantly ‘dictating’ delays and changes to obamacare, in particular, are relevant to expedite efforts to ‘reign in’ Executive power-grabs which SCOTUS has just issued rulings in favor of ‘the people’ and against WH over-reach for ‘invalid recess appointments.!

    The ExecBr of Gov’t completely by-passes and ignores the Congressional Branch that represents the American citizens’ elected leaders. Sadly, the LameStreamMedia will NOT full-fill their obligations to inform the citizens about the numerous specifics of the ‘lawlessness’ of our Imperial Prez.

    Readers of your Blog have often listed their thoughts on bho’s decisions that reflect his ‘trans….’ agenda! I would like to see Billboards across America with: Prez BHO Ignored Constitution 99 Times in 6 Years! Do You Feel SAFE? SECURE? HAPPY? FREE?

    • Nice thought.
      And someone has a photomontage of the o and his famous finger ; the caption says “Obama – giving the finger to America since 2008.”

    • Why couldn’t he win the lawsuit? I guess I’m naive. Dealing with Chicago criminals and so I guess people feel that everything today is fixed for Obama. Why? If he broke the law he should pay? I don’t understand? even the mafia goes to jail? Why can’t Obama? It is no exaggeration that he has commited crimes against America? Many of them. We can’t let him keep doing this to us. He’s a skinny, stupid guy, why can’t he get his due? Everyone else does– a criminal, in the White House, we should be ashamed, having an Anti-American as President. If the Republicans and the Democrats had any integrity and morals, he would be impeached. Everyone is afraid of losing their money– thats a heck of a way to run a government. Politicians are supposed to protect us — and if all of them stood together and acknowledged the truth of what is going on, they could do it. It is a matter of survival for all of us including the selfish politicians. Get going guys, you won’t have anything anyway if you don’t get rid of him and soon. Make a plan, like Obama did, but not an evil plan like his, do it for the good of all of us and that includes everyone.

  6. Keith —

    A screen, a sheet, something… I couldn’t concentrate on the clip waiting for Mrs. K or one of your kids to come through the front door!

  7. Keith, so good to see you on Newsmax TV and I think Fox News should take notice, I have been following them on my Direct TV and think they might be a big help for us. BTW: I think Google has blocked me from your website for the last 3 days! Anyone else having this problem?