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Washington Post Zeroes in on Obama’s Silliness

Well, the newspaper doesn’t call it that. But they are at least addressing that there are questions being raised about President Obama’s priorities. Could it be that Washington is finally catching on that this president isn’t particularly serious or competent?

A Washington Post article by veteran reporter Juliet Eilperin opens with the question:

Bears, beer and horse heads: What exactly is going on with the leader of the free world?

She gives the White House ample space to make its argument that getting the president out of Washington and into informal situations generates great PR and lets him talk directly to real people:

Obama consigliere Dan Pfeiffer noted that Obama’s pool-playing session Tuesday with the governor of Colorado got some nice press:

“That’s exactly what you want. There’s no question in my mind that more people will see the images of the president playing pool and sharing a meal with ordinary people than will hear Ted Cruz or Governor Perry criticizing the president for not going to the border,” Pfeiffer said . . .

Pfeiffer said in a phone interview the president is talking directly to Americans about “the issues facing them, doing it in a way that’s compelling and interesting and breaks through a very cluttered landscape.”

That’s exactly what you want. Is it really? Pfeiffer is inadvertently proving the point of Obama’s critics. I think by now, exactly what Americans want is some leadership. Obama and his peeps truly are trapped in some parallel universe where the inhabitants only talk to – backslap – each other.

Eilperin she doesn’t let them off the hook:

Still, some elements of the trip — from the unscripted moments to a spate of Democratic fundraisers — have provided easy fodder for the president’s opponents.

Well that’s the understatement of the month.

The story was accompanied by this video, which contains more than a trace of irony. Prepare to be outraged, since you’re paying for this.

53 thoughts on “Washington Post Zeroes in on Obama’s Silliness”

    1. I thought that about Ann Coulter and her latest post which is about the Mississippi run-off travesty. I always thought she had a horsy face, and now I know it fits because she is a horse’s ass.

  1. I’m befuddled at his lackadaisical attitude to the problems in this country. It’s another trip to do some fund raising, greet folks, drink beer and appear al composed. Meanwhile, we have BIG problems in this country.
    Is this ineptitude, disregard to his job or what?

    1. I’m befuddled that his flacks will come right out and say, without a hint of embarrassment, that creating sympathetic images of himself is what a president should really care about.

  2. One could quip that Obama is every bit as shallow and vacuous as those who voted him into office, but I fear that such humor might detract from the horrific fact that this man is deconstructing the United States of America from the inside out, by grand design.

    No administration could be this incompetent by accident.

    1. Someone once wrote “Nations aren’t murdered, they commit suicide”.
      The first time Obama was elected, the gun was placed against America’s head. The time he was reelected, the trigger was pulled.

    2. In a way, he’s shallow and vacuous, and motivated largely by a grossly inflated sense of his own merits and destiny. But he is also motivated by racial resentment (despite the advantages that white people have handed him for racial reasons) and by a deep hatred of our constitutional republic.

      Behind him is a deadly serious agenda, and its implementation is being orchestrated by a woman who is foolish in her own way — e.g. she thinks he is brilliant — but also ruthless. Unlike him, she has little interest in the limelight, but is likewise driven by a burning hatred of America as we have known and loved it.

      ValJar and the other malignant Marxists and Islamists and La Raza chauvinists who infest the White House today are greatly multiplying the Inept One’s capacity for inflicting harm. He may be checking out of the serious work of governing (insofar as he had ever checked in), but the cabal is doubling down in its mischief.

  3. Could it be that Washington is finally catching on that this president isn’t particularly serious or competent?

    Keith, I admire your optimism. And I will hope for your hope.

    We are in for a long ride down.

  4. Oh, BTW, in other breaking news, Michelle Obama and J-Lo posted a selfie on Twitter.

    Squirrel! Squirrel! Look, it’s a squirrel!

  5. The writer wants to know what’s going on with the “leader of the free world”? : I assume the last one was replaced by B.Obama in 2009.
    She couldn’t have been asking after the current US President who has abdicated that role as either being too hard, or he’s just not interested in traditional US policy.

    If the one-brain celled WhiteHouse operatives think that Americans just go ‘aww’ when they see the Preezy playing poor and having a cold one, they are just as deluded as he is as to what we’re talking about today. No jobs, higher prices, illegals overrunning our cities and towns, our government agencies loading up on firearms and ammo to shoot at ? us?, and no one in charge anywhere.
    We haven’t forgotten or left aside the horrible VA actions that have so devastated so many of our honorable veterans and their families.
    We are still outraged at the abuses of the IRS, the DEA, the DOJ and every other alphabet agency that has gone so far off the rails of their missions that they’re now our new “government”.

    1. And the memory of those Palestinian call centers that raised millions in untraceable cash for the Obama campaign in 2008 has been all-but-erased from the Google archives.

      Barack Obama is really, really good at making things disappear from the internet.

      1. I doubt that Barack Obama knows the first thing about making things disappear from the internet, but he’s got some tech whizzes who are deluded enough (are selfish enough) to do it for him.

  6. If the Republicans were serious at all they would respond point by point to each one of these ridiculous statements by an out of control incompetent executive. They would talk about bills submitted and never brought to the floor by Reid, they would talk about a non functioning Senate, about an out of control bureaucracy, by a Department of Justice that refuses to enforce the law, but they do not. They let Obama spew forth with this childish nonsense that he is doing his job and no one else is.

  7. Keith,
    I wonder what happened. Isn’t this the same Juliet Eilperin who wrote the now discredited story using a far left environmental groups numbers that the Koch brothers were heavily involved in Canada’s tar sands and tried to make a link to the Keystone pipeline as helping them when in fact it would be against their economic interests?
    While this story does take Obama to task I’m wondering how Eilperin has been able to keep her job in the firs place. Her articles have been slanted to the environmental left for years. Don’t know what she has on the Post that they still keep her on but I just can’t respect her as a “journalist” by any means.

  8. I’m convinced. He’s insane!!! Declare him mentally unfit to serve and he’s gone. Easy peasy. Megalomania/malignant narcissism are serious mental diseases.

    1. This administration, either Jarrett or one of the Obamas, pulled a life-long Democrat donor ($87,000.00 over 24 years, $7300 to Obama himself in recent years, not a SINGLE contribution to any Republican) in Koskinen out of retirement to run the IRS. 150+ personal visits to the White House later, we learn that all of the evidence connecting Koskinen and his minions to years-long harassment of Obama’s political enemies has mysteriously disappeared due to “hard drive failure.” These people are orchestrating a criminal enterprise and getting away with it. Everything they do is a colossal middle-finger toward sensible, moderate Americans. Now they’re bringing a little piece of the Third-World which their parents and mentors so romanticized to a city or town near you. What could possibly be done to stop these people if it hasn’t already happened?

    2. His statements of belief in his own superiority go well beyond self-confidence and into the “delusional” category — e.g. he’s a better speechwriter than his speechwriters better on any given policy issue than his policy advisers; he knows more about the world than anyone he’s running against; he’s the best retail politician in the country; the best campaign advice he got was the advice he give himself; Democrats in 2010 didn’t have to worry about another big midterm shift like 1994 because “Guys, the difference now is, you’ve got me” (whereas in 1994 they merely had that slacker Bill Clinton — the guy Obama later had to bribe to save him in 2012).

      Most of this, of course, was not widely reported. If a Republican made such absurdly conceited statements, we’d be hearing about it, accompanied by huge guffaws, even more than “potatoe.”

      1. To your point: During the transition period between Bush2 and Obama, there was a meeting scheduled whereby the Bush people, including Bush, were to meet with the Obama people, including Obama. The purpose of the meeting was to discus the true state of domestic and international affairs. This exchange has been a tradition for incoming presidents for many years. No politics, no wise cracks, no spin, no BS. Just the plain facts. Obviously, it helps the incoming president get a leg up on what’s going on. And guess what? Obama cancelled the meeting. Wasn’t interested in the meeting. Had no time for the meeting. The Emperor of All He Surveys already knew everything. Amazing.

  9. Here is another take on the border crisis and what the WH and the Dems might hope to gain for it. I found it to be most interesting. And if you look at it, look further for the piece about Black peonage. It puts a very interesting light on what happened in Mississippi as well.

  10. THIS, says it all:
    “Senior White House officials say they cannot tear up the president’s schedule every time a domestic or international crisis erupts,…”
    That this administration is more concerned with keeping the political schedule than dealing with the very real issues that come up un-announced shows just how shallow and pathetic it truly is.

    1. In other words, they can’t expect this president to give priority to the first obligation of a president, which is to deal with crises.

  11. OMG! Obama regime to pay up to $6000/mo for foster families to house the ‘unaccompanied minor illegal alien REFUGEES.
    The ad was placed in a local Murietta, CA newspaper by a legitimate agency.
    One resident called on the ad and was told there were no ‘children’ under 12 years of age! When asked ‘why’, the counselor replied: “I was wondering the same thing”.
    I just called the phone number – they are legitimate. I didn’t want to give my name and phone number, so I said I would get back to them.
    This bears investigating!!!

    1. We have a new problem on our hands – ‘refugees’ v. ‘illegal aliens’. If anyone thought Obamacare was full of loopholes, wait til the states have to start sorting out the pecking order with these invaders. ‘Refugees’ receive much more in terms of benefits!

  12. ” …the president playing pool and sharing a meal with ordinary people ….”

    Am I wrong to be offended by this description? After all, BO and I are both American citizens and that makes him no more than my equal.

  13. The train has already left the station; but what we American would like, Dan, is for the president to do his damn job like the rest of us. But that is way beyond his scope of ability, so maybe he should keep with like company and keep socializing, because it is clear that is just about the only thing he seems to be any good at.

  14. I think that Barack is just a one trick pony: all he is good at and cares about is campaigning and getting elected to a public sector position. Six years later he’s still campaigning because that’s all he’s able to do. It’s no secret by now that he’s totally inept as as president, and that he has zero qualifications for the most loftier of all positions.

    He constantly campaigns because that’s all he’s able to do. He golfs to kill the time he should be spending being president, but sadly he’s unqualified and unable to do so, and he knows this in his heart. Very sad and tragic for the rest of us.

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