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Perry: Obama Doesn’t Know Where the Border Patrol is Stationed

Well, here’s one good reason for President Obama to have visited the border, beyond his contemptuous claim that it would be no more than a “photo op,” which of course is something The One never engages in.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry last night told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that during his discussion with Obama Wednesday, he concluded that the president doesn’t even know where his own border patrol agents are situated, suggesting a gross lack of familiarity with the whole process.

Perry said:

We ought to be stopping people from crossing that border, not apprehending them after they get inland. And the president understood that. And, interestingly he did not know that. He – I’m comfortable that he was not knowledgeable about where his border patrol was stationed.

And, he gave me indications that he would work with them to move them upward to where they could be side-by-side with the DPS, with local law enforcement, with the other individuals who are sending that message all the way down to Central America: Don’t send your kids, don’t come up here, because the border, it is shut down.

The idea of moving them up is to keep Central American kids from coming to the border in the first place, because once they’re here, they are going to stay.

In just the latest example of false information disseminated by the president and his White House, the message Obama is trying to send that Central American children will be sent home is simply not true.

According to a Wall Street Journal story today, titled Few Children are Deported:

Data from immigration courts, along with interviews with the children and their advocates, show that few minors are sent home and many are able to stay for years in the U.S., if not permanently.

In fiscal year 2013, immigration judges ordered 3,525 migrant children to be deported, according to Justice Department figures. Judges allowed an additional 888 to voluntarily return home without a formal removal order.

Those figures pale in comparison with the number of children apprehended by the border patrol. In each of the last five years, at least 23,000 and as many as 47,000 juveniles have been apprehended.

So these kids are making a rational choice based on the untended consequences of a 2008 law that ensures they must have a hearing before being deported, as well as the consistent message of lenience, particularly for children, sent by the Obama administration.

In fact, the number of children physically removed from the United States has declined every year since Obama took office, totaling just 1,600 during fiscal year 2013, less than half the total for 2009.

This White House created a problem. And as usual when Obama crises break out, the administration wasn’t ready for it, despite signs that it would happen.

H/T Gateway Pundit.

34 thoughts on “Perry: Obama Doesn’t Know Where the Border Patrol is Stationed”

  1. Somewhere I read that a whole bunch of moslems approve of the o. Why wouldn’t they?
    EVERYTHING this man touches turns to dung.

  2. I have not heard anyone from the MSM or any polotician make the point in public that this massive amount of people coming here may be a threat. They keep saying children. I feel terrible for these kids that were sent by there families on that long travel.
    However if just one bad person adult, teen, kid gets accross is one to many.
    Does anyone remember what just happen in Boston with those young men?

  3. O’Dumba doesn’t WANT to know where the border patrol are stationed. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Until he reads about it in the newspaper.

    In the meantime, let anyone and everyone who wants to infiltrate our country IN. That’s his policy right there. America no longer exists in his twisted mind (h/t Geoff). He has wet dreams about a global community with borders running through it (h/t Pelosi).

    Keith, I think you are slightly naive (or just your usual generous self) about this administration’s lack of readiness for this crisis. This debacle is playing out exactly as they had planned. ValJar is giddy with success.

  4. Of course he doesn’t know where the Border Agents are located or even what they do in the line of their duty. He thinks they just round up poor immigrants looking for a better life and cruelly puts them into detention somewhere instead of showing compassion and empathy.
    There are some BA’s who patrol the actual border, but most of them are involved in search and rescue, or detention paperwork. Some BA’s are tasked with retrieving cadavers of those who were killed by the coyotes or just died from exertions in 100+ degree heat.

    We’re being blindsided by the photo-ops and descriptions of these latest illegal aliens as “unaccompanied minors” from South America. How do we know they’re from South American countries and not just Mexican children- we don’t.
    Are these children/minors just a matter of Mexico dumping unwanted foster or orphaned children in our laps? It would take a cold-blooded, uncaring parent to send their child on a 1,000 mile journey into the unknown, to an unknown future.

    PeggyNoonan (WSJ) describes these children/minors as silent, blank faced, and still. What few photos or film we’ve seen of these aliens shows that to be true. A lot of these minor aliens have serious illnesses, serious issues that are left to Americans to deal with.
    What parent sends seriously ill children on such a journey – answer – none.

    When the alien minors are released to their American bases families, who checks to see if they are really “Auntie and Unkie, or Mommy and Daddy” – no one. Are we enabling child and sex trafficking for nefarious cartels?
    We’re being fooled, tricked and used by Latino evil-doers in concert and approval from the governments of Mexico and the US.

    The Uber-Billionaires who are ardent supporters of lowering the bar for immigration into the US are not the ones who will be living next door to illegal aliens. Their children will not be going to school with children who only speak Spanish and identify themselves as citizens of another country.
    The Billionaires are only concerned with adding to their personal wealth by using the intelligence of highly educated foreigners and have no concern for the illierate, diseased aliens that are pouring over our border.

    1. I would sure like to see more evidence, much less proof, of these serious illnesses–certain TB would be one, scabies not. I heard mention of typhoid–but there are never any details. I say vaccinate all–adults, too–then if they go back, they are ahead of the game. I have explained elsewhere what I, at least, think the parents are thinking–and I do not think they care cold-hearted. They may even be rolling the dice, some of them, to get the child medical care if the child really does have an ailment.

      1. I don’t mean to be flip, but I live in a border state and I have a better chance of getting something from a date on than from these crossers.

      2. The fact that information and photographs on the true health status of these individuals is mostly unobtainable. Obama has imposed a strict censorship on what gets out, what people involved are allowed to say (nothing) under penalty of prosecution. A few courageous people are exercising their First Amendment right and speaking out nevertheless. I do not impugn what they have to say. My suspicions are on the cover-up.

      3. The state of TX has confirmed 3 cases of TB and usual rates are elevated in several counties. HHS denies that illegals are bringing in TB but they can’t be trusted because they also lied about scabies and lice. The strain of TB from Central America is different than what we have in the US, it’s more drug resistant and harder to treat, so there is that concern too.

        1. On top of that a lot of people are being put on a
          GAG ORDER!!!
          Which is not fair to the people who may want to leave the area. No thought put out for people who may be elderly or suffer already with a sickness and more so than others can not afford to be exposed to other things.

  5. There’s another under-reported law giving illegals of every stripe the upper hand. Border jumpers are not allowed to be stopped and questioned if they are spotted a couple of miles or so inland from the border. In other words…wet foot, dry foot type of thing. If they’re not apprehended at the border – they’re home free.

    It’s not surprising that Obama knows nothing about the location of the border patrol – he believes in open borders. I’m surprised that Perry is surprised.

    By not going to the border, if only for a photo-op, Obama has tacitly given his seal of approval to the invaders and unwittingly implicated himself in this pre-planned invasion. Everything is cloaked in secrecy, including the fact that there are some very bad hombres on our soil now. Children – my foot Has anyone seen some of the photos that are showing up? The boxcars full of teens and adult men, btw, have been comng in droves for the last 3 years. Obama has left the door open and the lights on. it’s the crime of the century – ask any border agent.

    1. I mentioned the picture of the train heading here that did derail.
      It had over a thousand people handing off. I did not see cute children hanging off that train. It is ashame there is not a railway right to one of his golf courses.

  6. One other thing I liked about Hannity’s program last night was that he pressed the nun and priest who is the CEO of Catholic Charities on the point that the best place for the children is to be with their parents. Of course, the administration’s ultimate goal is to use these illegal children as anchors, give them asylum, and then bring their parents over here.

    1. It was also interesting that the priest said they were doing fine in terms of money to handle the situation. Made me wonder where their money tree is located

  7. As despicable as Obama’s attitude toward the situation at the border is Diane Feinstein and other people who have outlasted their usefulness in any responsible role are now charging that returning them to their countries is like turning the Jews away.

    The Democrat Party uses the Jews and the Blacks when convenient. But then again, these groups of people vote Democrat and we are treated the way we allow people to treat us so no sympathy from me. I am decidedly lacking in sympathy these days.

    Watched Hannity with Perry at the border last night. Say what you will about Rick Perry he understands the problem at the border, people in Texas and other border states live with this daily, and Rick Perry has a plan. Barack Obama should be charged with every death of one of these “children” and with every crime committed as a result of his failure to deal with a crisis for which he and his policies are responsible.

    Of course, Obama and Holder break or fail to enforce our laws on a regular basis and they are permitted to do so. I have no expectation that this current crop of illegals and the problems they bring will be anything but absorbed and the nation will go into further decline. Obama has squandered and pillaged this country.

  8. It occurs to me that Obama refused to go to the border because he knows he is out of his depth, he knows nothing about it, and he has no solutions. He would not put himself in that position.

    I don’t know that much about psychology or narcissism but most human beings will not willingly expose their ignorance or incompetence. And Barack Obama would never allow himself to be shown up by Rick Perry.

    He expects sheer inaction or magic to solve the problem as some mysterious hand full of money and honey has solved every problem he has ever had. He just keeps on keeping on and somewhere behind the scenes someone/something will clear the path.

    This time it is taking longer than he expected and he is becoming more unhinged and floundering. The longer the process toward a solution takes, the more unhinged and bizarre he will become. He knows nothing else.

    1. Would that legislators and the media highlight this real threat, and the threat of terrorism that walks across as well, instead of moaning about the children whose parents sent them on this long and dangerous trek.

  9. I generally never watch Anderson Cooper but last night I just happened to have that channel on and his show came on.

    He had sent a reporter to the Venezuela/Mexican border to show us what these people are up to. The reporter stood on a bridge and said I am now in Venezuela-then he took two steps and said now I am in Mexico-it’s that easy, folks. Then he panned his camera down under the bridge where there is a VERY shallow river. The Venezuelans were actually WALKING across the river-some of them had bathing suits on and were carrying plastic garbage bags over their heads -probably with their clothes in the bags and once they are across the river they are in now in Mexico. They then go up a hill and walk 20 or 30 feet and there is a changing station there along with hundreds of others waiting for buses to take them on the long trip to the US border.

    The reporter showed some of the people on the buses and milling around waiting for the bus which he was told sometimes takes 2 or 3 days to actually get on a bus because there are so many Vennies waiting in Mexico to go to our border. ALL of the people the reporter talked to were older. NOT one child-people of all ages from about 18 to 60 years old coming to America. The reporter was told that there are rest stops along the way once you get on a bus and the rest stops serve full meals, have rest rooms and a place to clean up if needed. There was a Catholic priest at one of the rest stops that serve everyone a full meal and he said he was glad to do it.

    Then the reporter took us to the train(which is now derailed and they did mention that). Not one child in the train, on the train, near the train. ALL older people who when asked said “yes, we are going to the US to live”.

    Believe me, I was very discouraged by all of this and I think the media is just showing the same photos of little kids to get our sympathy but Anderson Cooper and his crew are proving that more than that is going on.

    1. Thank you Carol for that information. I did see a picture of that train on Drudge. I am not kidding it was filled to the max, inside and out. People were lined up on the outside hanging on sideby side.
      This picture is NOT being shown on MSM. These people are coming here on purpose. Our fine American soldier makes a wrong turn and is locked up.

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