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Flashback: Obama Demonized Bush for Katrina Flyover

Now isn’t this special.

Referencing his failure to head to the site of the 2005 Gulf Coast hurricane, candidate Barack Obama in 2008 skewered George Bush as “a president who only saw the people from the window of an airplane instead of down here on the ground, trying to provide comfort and aid.”

Gosh, Megyn Kelly looks good in her turquoise toga outfit.

Is it so wrong to say that? Is it not usually part of the job description for news for anchors to look great, whether male of female?

Kelly also happens to be one of the sharpest interviewers around, bringing her skills and knowledge as an attorney to bear, and she has an informal, spontaneous, yet no-nonsense demeanor that’s perfect for the format. So if I’m sexist to also say she look great, which is part of the point, then I’m sexist.

Anyway, I got, uh, distracted, and strayed off topic.

Sure, this is Obama’s Katrina, with the big difference that much of the criticism of Bush came after he failed to visit, not before. And he eventually corrected the problem, though he got himself in deeper doodee with his ‘Atta boy, Brownie comment. And at least Brownie eventually got the boot.

And Obama didn’t even bother flying over the area. Although I guess the Mexican air force might have escorted him out of the area.

I don’t know, maybe he owes someone money down there. Got to be some reason why he didn’t make the trip.

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  1. To your first point, I am still waiting for a moment when Megyn Kelly DOESN’T look great. I know, sexist. Deal with it.

    Obama’s purpose is being accomplished at the border. If he were to go there and actually draw attention to the thugs crossing the border and what is actually going on, it would detract from his purpose. He’s winning more than he’s losing by staying away, especially since most of the media would give him a pass no matter what he did.

  2. The big difference in these two situations is that Katrina was a natural disaster, the border crisis is man-made. So, you’re correct about 0 avoiding a very negative photo op.

    I’m sure Ms. Kelly doesn’t mind being called attractive; it’s the simple truth, after all.

        1. She readily admits she has help to look so great. Having g the I intelligence and legal background just make it all even better.

  3. There were lots of mistakes made local, state and Federal before Katrina even it. There was a “Five” Hurricane in the Gulf. No one called a mandatory evacuation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The last place for the Pres. of the US to be was walking around after a Hurricane. It was unsafe because of criminals, it was unsafe for a hundred other reasons.
    Let me add there were MANY regular citizens though out the US that helped. Stopped what they were doing, packed the truck full of helpful things and drove down.
    Fema was a joke.
    After Hurricane Betsy part of N.O. was under water. The water did go down faster. However there were people in the Attic, and on the roof. My point: The Red Cross helped out a whole lot better than Fema. Regular citizens helped back than as well, better than Fema.
    They had people on their small boats throwing up loaves of bread, etc to people stuck on the roof.
    Upteen buses were not left to sit under water like Katrina.

    1. By the way Keith. Nothing wrong with your thoughts on Megan Kelly. There are many good looking men I would rather stare at while I am getting imformative news.

    2. In addition, the Navy, Coast Guard and National Guard were all on the scene shortly after the storm passed aiding the wounded. It still pisses me off that liberals always fail to acknowledge that irrefutable fact.

      1. I did leave them out. They risked their lives as well going into some areas.
        Main issue: If a hurricane is heading towards you, get out.
        If you have to pay for a hotel, or sleep on a gym floor out of town, that’s OK.
        When the 5 hurricane was in the gulf, I was crying wondering why they were not going to the neighborhoods and asking with a blowhorn if you can’t drive: Do you need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. It was also the Bush administration which had to tell the idiots to evacuate because Ray 10 year Nagan did not want to take the economic hit.

  4. I am an independent so naturally I am peeved when people assume that when I say everything from Obama is wrong, it means I think everything from Reagan and Bush was perfect.

    1. same thing happens to me, Julie! people don’t seem to understand that you can dislike both Bush AND Obama. (to be fair, progs don’t understand how anyone can dislike Obama in the first place…but that’s another story.)

    2. Julie, no offense, but that is the thing about Independents that I don’t get. Nobody is, was, or will be perfect. But by being non affiliated this “out” always seems to be available.

      Not even true blue registered forever Republicans would go so far as to agree with everything Reagan or Bush said or did. But adherence to core values is usually consistent.

      I have a lot of respect for your opinions and enjoy your posts, but this is an independent thing that always keeps me at a distance.

      2 cents you didn’t ask for. :)

  5. Katrina was a force of nature. This crisis on the border is a force of Obama and the Democrats.

    I heard a clip the other day of Obama’s comments on Bush — it should be the intro to news show with commentary on the border crisis following until our borders are secure or we are a third world nation.

    Commenting on how attractive someone is is a compliment and does not take away from their substance. Megan ripped Nancy Pelosi on every legal point on the Freedom of Religion/Hobby Lobby/War on Women thing Pelosi has been spouting. Ripped her soundly and deservedly.

    Any interviewer with 1/4 the intellect of Megan could rip Pelosi , the old hag, to shreds.

    Oh dear, a rant. And the topic was ….. oh yeah, little dik and what he said in the past, like dude, years ago…..

    1. Good distinction, Grace. The border crisis is a man-made catastrophe, made by one man, Obama, or more likely by one woman, Valerie Jarrett.

  6. On a shallow note, I can’t stand Megyn Kelly’s new hairstyle. She needs to go back to her usual style, not that she asked my opinion, ha.

    In Moochelle news – she was in NYC with Jennifer Lopez, (they took a “selfie”, as someone else noted in another post here today), and she’s sounding an awful lot like Obummer these days. The whole “we can’t wait for Congress to act” BS:

    Michelle Obama talks Reach Higher initiative at LULAC’s Unity Luncheon, Jennifer Lopez introduces her

    First Lady Michelle Obama told a roaring crowd of nearly 1,500 Latino leaders, activists and students on Thursday that, “I believe in you. The President believes in you.”

    The First Lady headlined a luncheon of the League of United Latin American Citizens, which is holding its annual convention in New York for the first time in the group’s 85-year history.


    “Make no mistake about it,” the First Lady said, “we have to keep on fighting as hard as we can on immigration, and as my husband said, we are going to do whatever administrative action it takes to fix this broken system.”


    “We cannot afford to wait on Congress to lift up our next generation,” she added. “We can’t afford to wait on anybody when it comes to our kids’ futures. Your grandparents and parents didn’t wait for opportunity to come to them, no, they packed up their families and moved to this country for a better life.”

    She called the Reach Higher initiative a “personal” journey. One that makes her reflect on her own upbringing when her parents set everything else aside to focus on her and her brother, Craig Robinson’s educations. The First Lady also acknowledged that some families are forced to put education on the back burner because of their day to day needs.

    “Those are crucial issues and nothing is more important than taking care of family,” she said. “But what we need every parent to understand is that the most important thing any child can do for themselves and their loved ones, is to get an education.”

    She explained how education is the road that leads to a more secure future that will open up the opportunity to care for one’s family better.

    “That was certainly true for my family,” she said, proudly. “And today my mom doesn’t have to worry about a thing because my brother and I, we got our degrees, and achieved financial stability and now we can take care of her.”</b

    Hmm, living in the White House on our dime and traveling on our dime is Mooch “taking care of ” her mother? I think not.

    After her trip to NYC yesterday, now Moochelle is headed to CA next week for another vacation disguised as an official trip:

    Michelle Obama heading to California again to visit Malia
    Her itinerary for her trip next week to Los Angeles includes a DNC event on Tuesday, July 15, followed by an appearance at a Veterans Summit on July 16.

    Michelle Obama will once again head to California this summer, where her eldest daughter Malia is spending her school vacation.

    The First Lady will return to Southern California next week, one month her trip to Rancho Mirage, California for Father’s Day weekend with the President.

    The itinerary for her trip to Los Angeles includes a DNC event on Tuesday, July 15, followed by an appearance at a Veterans Summit on July 16.

    Meanwhile, President Obama is traveling to New York City next Thursday for a DNC roundtable.

    Malia, 16, is an aspiring filmmaker and was spotted working on the set of CBS’ “Extant,” starring Halle Berry, earlier in the summer.

    It is not known how long her CBS gig lasted but she was spotted around Los Angles last weekend when she celebrated her Sweet 16 on July 4th.

    Her parents spent the holiday hosting military families at the White House.

    In August, the President will travel to Martha’s Vineyard for a family vacation from Aug. 9 to Aug. 24.

    Malia and Sasha didn’t join their parents last year for the Massachusetts getaway and it’s not known if they will tag along this year.

    1. My dad as well as many of the other men of my youth had a saying… and these were WWII vets… “Play the cards you’re dealt”

      Which means — you knew what you were getting into Mr. Obama and you knew the situation you were getting into…. or should have.

      Complaining and whining is so unmanly.

      1. I am a fine woman. I have had the right to disagree on many Pres. prior. If I do not agree that is my right. If I don’t speak my mind the so called Reps would not know how I and other citizens feel about many things. They do work for us.

    2. Too bad for mooch – what she forgot to mention was this:
      Her ‘affirmative education’ courtesy of the American taxpayers and all her life supporting taxpayer contributions – being ‘forcefully’ disbarred by the courts in Chicago tells you all you need to know about her character.
      She can’t make fair and square on her taxpayer funded accolades – she still had to continue her ‘fraud’ schemes against various defendants which resulted in her being ordered ‘disbarred’.
      Not to leave out her other half – he too is disbarred; although he was a bit more slick about it – a investigation in his bar license application was commencing – so he decided to voluntarily surrender his license to avoid his fraudulent past from coming to the surface.

    3. So she’ll use the Vets as an excuse to pay for her trip to see Malia. By the way, what kind of chaperone does Malia have in Hollywood and how many friends are staying with her on our dime?

    4. I’m so glad to read this thread. I cannot STAND Megyn’s new hairdo. someone should send her this link so she can read our comments and change it back to its usual beauty-ocity.

      but as long as we’re talking about superficial stuff:

      am I the only one who thinks Fox needs a new stylist for their female guests and on-air talent?

      The Fox ladies are at least as smart as any other cable news women, but Fox ruins it by dressing them in the weirdest shmatte. you know, here’s Jennifer Griffin talking about the situation in Kandahar, and she’s got on some sherbet-orange cap-sleeved rayon blouse that looks like she sewed it herself from a Butterick pattern back in 8th grade.

      I just had a mental picture of Rachel Maddow in a sherbet-orange cap-sleeved rayon blouse. heh-heh.

  7. More of the same:

    Barack, Michelle Cordially Invite You for Dinner With Shonda Rhimes: Cost $25,000

    President Barack Obama is going Hollywood — again.

    And you don’t have to be a Tinseltown VIP to meet Obama and first lady Michelle face-to-face.

    But it will cost you – and big!

    On July 23, the president will attend a photo reception and dinner at the home of Shonda Rhimes, producer of the ABC medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy” and the political thriller “Scandal,” with “Scandal” star Kerry Washington hosting.

    The price for attending the photo reception and taking a photo with the president is $5,000 per person.

    For a mere $10,000, you can also sit down to dinner with Obama.

    Is Obama running again? Not exactly, but he is filling the coffers of the DNC.

    Earlier, on July 15, Michelle Obama will attend a small roundtable discussion and field questions for an hour. Attendance will set a guest back $5,000.

    Packages are also available. The $15,000 special includes attendance for two guests at the Michelle Obama roundtable and the July 23 reception and photo with the president.

    And the $25,000 package includes the first lady roundtable plus a seat at a small roundtable with President Obama on July 24.

    And for a tidy $32,000, two guests can attend the photo reception and dinner with the president, and one can claim a seat at the president’s roundtable on July 24.

    The July visit will reportedly be President Obama’s 18th fundraising trip to Los Angeles since he took office.

    In September, he appointed Rhimes to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Board of Directors.

    1. $25,000 for a seat at a ‘small roundtable’? Is that because few are expected to fork over the money?

      And, the Dems criticize incessantly any Conservative, Republican, Independent, or whatever, for supposedly being RICH…! Most very wealthy Dems live off the taxpayers’ monies for a ‘lifetime/lifestyle/long term/family legacy’ of working in DC. Vote them Out! jb

    2. Snark, you might want to check where all that money he’s raising is really going. Barry and Mooch can keep every penny donated directly to him when they leave office. I think that’s what ll this fundraising is…a feathering of their post-WH nest.

      If what we’re hearing from Dem representatives is anywhere near the truth, Barry’s not exactly generous.

  8. POS. Administration.

    We can’t fire IRS, or VA, or DOJ corrupt officials and ne’er do wells. But Obama allows pink slips in the field to men and women who are our best and who fought two wars since 9/11 and are being left with no pensions.

    I spit on every bureaucrat and every Democrat who serves this fundamental transformation of America garbage.

    1. I saw that Grace.
      Many of these people possibly wanted to be career military.
      Maybe he’s clearing out the ranks for the transgenders.

      1. Plus a lot are post 9/11 trained and excel in counter insurgency — seems like terrorists are still a threat in my book.

        Moreover we are housing these illegals on military bases while families and soldiers are being kicked out via the new pink slips.

  9. Megyn is a looker, and a fighter.

    I saw Keith on Newsmax tonight and he echoes the thoughts and the comments that we espouse here everyday.
    Well done Keith !

  10. I would equate today’s border crisis more like the Mariel boat lift than to Katrina. Castro emptied his prisons and mental health patients onto Carter. No different than what these Central American countries are doing now.

  11. I had forgotten and then I received a refresher how Eric Holder was the jerk responsible for sending Elian Gonzalez to Cuba. Now he’s all compassionate for these illegals.
    There’s a conversation between him and Napolitano on this issue.

  12. I’m not a fan of this idea that the President should fly around dropping in on bad situations. There’s no need for it. Let him/her stay in Washington and do the job of President.

    It’s sicky-sweet and phony to see the head of the executive branch of our government pretending to be the national father figure.

    1. I’m with you, Annona. It didn’t bother me when Bush stayed away from NOLA. They had enough trouble as was.

      It would be nice to be able to apply the same reasoning to the border crisis but there’s a slight difference…George Bush didn’t create Hurricane Katrina.

      1. I think it’s obvious that BO doesn’t want any photos with kids who turn out to be Mexican gang members or who are returned bawling to their parents in Guat or who end up dead on their next trip across Mexico to the Dreamer Dreamy Dream that BO has created for every family in the world who has money to spare to pay coyotes.

    1. The rest of his life. I have a chronic illness and I know how hard that sentence is. Poor man. I’d send him a part of that $3.7 billion being spent on the illegals.

      I wonder how many of those teen gang members are preying on the little kids, the girls, each other? I wonder what is really going on in some of the detention centers.

      And why do we need more detention centers if these youth are going to be immediately deported?

      1. I recovered from bacterial pneumonia recently and now no longer use my inhaler–anecdotal–but I think they ginned this one up somewhat to feed the beloved diseased border crasher meme.

        1. Star, I am happy that you recovered from pneumonia and you no longer need your inhaler! Since it is very late, I am not certain that you will read my comments.

          However, the USA volunteer medical team of physicians, with whom I am very familiar, report that far too many Central Americans in villages and larger towns suffer from ‘difficult to treat’ strains of pneumonia and TB.

          Drug-resistant diseases are major problems, because meds & treatment protocols are not always carefully followed by patients. The local physicians in clinics and hospitals report that some patients return even more ill than before.

          In the US, the possibility of diseases being spread by immigrants is real. Despite our best efforts and resources, Americans will be susceptible to those illnesses entering into cities and towns via immigrants. Health screenings and proper care have always been required for ‘legal immigrants’ entering on legal visas. jb

          1. POSSIBILITY of disease–I didn’t get mine from a crosser, maybe the health worker or EMT or whoever it was didn’t either. Yes, there is antibiotic-resistant TB here now–maybe some from someone who came recently. I have heard measles cited–we already had a measles epidemic in some places in CA. Keeping people in close confinement in auditoriums with limited bathrooms could get noroviruses started–could–haven’t heard it has yet. I skeptical of some of this as a way of disdaining these people. Let’s vaccinate everyone for everything–can we afford that–at least it will help them and maybe those who come into contact.

          2. My prayers are for that not to happen! The criminals should be in jail! I completely support vaccinations and health screenings as quickly as possible, but many immigrants have ‘disappeared’ without any records available for months and even years.

            Young gang members who admit to horrendous crimes in their country should at least be separated from others! Our US juvenile system of laws ‘unwittingly’ protects the young criminal immigrants who are considered ‘under-age’ and who have not YET committed a crime on US soil!

            Entering ‘illegally’ doesn’t count for some reason!
            Admitting to murder doesn’t either! Very disturbing!

  13. Obama managed to look very down and out at his I’m-not-into-photo-ops presser in Texas. All tired and sweaty. Did they mist or grease him before he went on? But he looked OK at the pool hall in Colorado, laughing, drinking beer and posing with a big bronze statue of his wife. And I’d bet he didn’t look down and out at his big fundraisers.

      1. Grace, she’s talking about that fist bump the preezie had with a gorilla statue at the pool hall. You know, one of those photo ops that he avoids. Nice stab, Julie!

  14. “Is it not usually part of the job description for news for anchors to look great, whether male of female?” — Perhaps, but if women feel a need to comment on the hunky appearance of a male reporter or commentator before dispensing any serious thoughts about the subject at issue, men say we’re displaying a typical female silliness and unseriousness — even though women don’t make such comments with anywhere near the regularity that men do.

    I’ve often heard men complain that women are excessively swayed by good looks in male politicians. My brother once said that Sarah Palin was elected governor only because “she’s cute,” and I disputed his claim because it seemed like a silly reason to vote for someone. But later I realized that he was actually revealing a man’s way of thinking, and maybe he was right.

  15. He’s the demon! Constantly we hear him skewer Bush — he couldn’t shine George Bush’s shoes — doesn’t have a drop of empathy or intelligence, just has cunning and miserable evil thoughts that he shares with us every day.

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