In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Flashback: Obama Demonized Bush for Katrina Flyover

Now isn’t this special. Referencing his failure to head to the site of the 2005 Gulf Coast hurricane, candidate Barack Obama in 2008 skewered George Bush as “a president who only saw the people from the window of an airplane instead of down here on the ground, trying to provide comfort and aid.” Gosh, Megyn Kelly looks good in her turquoise toga outfit. Is it

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Washington Post Zeroes in on Obama’s Silliness

Well, the newspaper doesn’t call it that. But they are at least addressing that there are questions being raised about President Obama’s priorities. Could it be that Washington is finally catching on that this president isn’t particularly serious or competent? A Washington Post article by veteran reporter Juliet Eilperin opens with the question: Bears, beer and horse heads: What exactly is going on with the

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Perry: Obama Doesn’t Know Where the Border Patrol is Stationed

Well, here’s one good reason for President Obama to have visited the border, beyond his contemptuous claim that it would be no more than a “photo op,” which of course is something The One never engages in. Texas Gov. Rick Perry last night told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that during his discussion with Obama Wednesday, he concluded that the president doesn’t even know where his own

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The Obama Morning News || July 11, 2014

WH presses passage of immigrant bill . . . Washington Times President Obama’s border spending request will pay for schooling, health care and lawyers for the unaccompanied illegal immigrant children surging across the border, officials told Congress as they pleaded for quick action on the $3.7 billion package. GOP leaders blast request . . . Associated Press Congressional Republican leaders on Thursday blasted President Barack Obama’s emergency

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