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Video || Boehner Goes Into Beast Mode

Boehner launches a frenzied attack on the president.

Well, kind of.

H/T to the Washington Free Beacon.

28 thoughts on “Video || Boehner Goes Into Beast Mode”

  1. “This is theater. This is not a problem. I’m interested in photo ops. I’m not interested in solving a problem,”

    (Word order “made right” in the interest of journalistic integrity.)

    1. Boehner is a house cat screeching at a bobcat.
      Boehner is a big problem that we have to deal with until November.
      Obama needs to be impeached and Boehner does not have the stones to do it.

      1. He’s going to ‘puff up his feathers’ in order to make a statement in the next six months.
        He has been tested in the last five years and he has proven to be a puss when up against this administration.
        He does not deserve the position that he holds.
        He does not represent the American People, nor does he energize the conservative movement.
        Rather,…he removed the conservative members from key committees.
        Boehner is a RINO and cannot be trusted.

  2. Funny. But in the end Boehner will see no way out for himself and his cronys at COC and he will cavort in the land of comprehensive immigration reform — after the illegal hordes of today are comfortably resettled somewhere in America.

    If they manage to get the border secured and these Central Americans returned then I might be more charitable. Right now, it is every man will seek cover for himself, but no action to solve the problem is or most likely will be taken.

    I am so tired of all this but….but…..but……Obama. How long does it take to prepare a lawsuit when you have all the means disposable to you. These illegals can traverse two – three countries in the amount of time it takes Congress to act on anything.

  3. …Boehner has Another “Special Place in H#LL” (2nd or 3rd Level of H#ll)

    Obama, Biden, Reid & Pelosi… all have a “Special Place in H#LL = 1st Level/the Pit

  4. Take a look ar Drudge. There’s a photo of a cargo train carrying 1300 migrants to the US that broke down somewhere in Mexico! This is what Obama does not want us to see.

    As for Behner, doing nothing is tacit approval of Obama’s tyranical actions. He is an obstructionist and should be indicted and charged with conspiracy. We are officially in a state of lawlessness and there is no sheriff in town.

    1. Gowdy needs to be the Speaker of the House… The people need a representative at the top that obeys the law and vigorously enforces the law.

      1. mark,
        Stop talking sense!
        -Having a ‘Speaker of the House’ that “obeys the law and vigorously enforces the law”…

        What is Wrong with You!!!

      1. Yep,… and how about the trucks that are in the open going toward Iraq.
        All A-10 target practice.
        Bomb the road, stop the flow, pick your target.
        Lock and Load.

    2. Absolutely Girly1.
      Boehner is supposed to be the sheriff.
      He has failed US.
      He runs the house, he has the purse strings.
      The political aspirations of these parasites is disgusting.
      Time to tell them who WE are.

  5. Take a look on Drudge. A train with over 1,500 people hanging off was heading towards the border when it derailed.
    Someone has to get a grip on this. Now.
    I don’t want to hear any more &%$ about a pen and phone when our Country is being invaded. There are more than little cute kids.
    There is the treat of a terrible bad person slipping though.
    There is the treat of sickness.
    There is the treat of our economy.
    He is to chickien to get his tail down there now.
    I don’t care if a vote is coming up on martians.
    This is not a Dem or Rep issue this is everyone’s issue. I have only heard from a couple of Dems who had the guts to critize this whole issue.
    Some people say we should tell Mexico we will not do this or that for them. As well some people suggest we should stop vacationing there.
    The problem with those two ideas is that for years Mexico makes most of the money off the drugs. I have always wonder who gets their cut of their money here, because that issue won’t stop as well.

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