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Obama’s Immigration Implosion

I have an article running in Reuters today that rebuts claims by the White House that Republicans are to blame for the failure of immigration reform. It’s not them, but President Obama, incompetent at political discourse and contemptuous of his opponents, who failed.

From the piece.

The demise of his immigration agenda was predictable because it was killed by the same incompetence and false assumptions that have characterized his entire presidency . . . 

Obama doesn’t think conservatives particularly like immigration, that they are nativists at heart. That’s why he directed them last week in remarks made in the Rose Garden to “remember” that immigration “makes us strong” and “makes us Americans.”

So he never seriously sought to lay the groundwork for a deal with the right. Because he thinks they don’t want one, that demands to seal the border are a way to avoid action.

I hope you have a chance to take a look. You can find the article here.


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  1. Read it and agree with it. It’s good that an influential news agency like Reuters is allowing a conservative voice to be heard. Reuters is a not-that-much conservative voice itself (McClatchy is more fair), but you are thereby reaching a broader public.

    There is one thing I would like to add: I don’t think the issue is a strictly left/right, Democratic/Republican issue any longer. More and more Democrats seem to be disturbed according to polling, and I hope the Chamber of Commerce Republicans are being outnumbered by conservative ones. (Hate to use that word “hope” anymore. It has been tainted for the rest of our lives.)

    1. Surprised as well that Reuters gave us a voice.
      On a happy note, Baghdad, Iraq is in my rear view mirror, thank God!! Welcome home Smokey, even my dog remembered me…LOL

  2. Even that smirky Mika on MoJoe could not take the comment that he disdained photo ops and she played a series of his most blatant publicity grabs–incl being at the border in 2011 and bashing the old straw men mercilessly–they will more the goalposts, they will want a higher fence, they will want a moat–with alligators (pause for prompted laff). Just seeing that again made me cringe again. We are saints to stand this everyday! Saints, I tell you!

  3. Well done, Keith. You highlighted the fact that Obama “abhors his opponents” and truly “believes” they are anti-immigrant. Not only that, he makes sure that these feelings and beliefs are shoved in the faces of every American with every excoriating speech. Not something you want to do if you have compromise in mind. The typical radical ideologue.

  4. “A whole new crop of poor immigrants, also known as larval-stage Democratic voters, will enter the country.”

    Keith: You’ll be pilloried for this quote. Spot on and brilliant!

  5. Another element is that Obama seems to have no understanding that people act in their self-interest without regard to principles or the cost to others.

    People in Central America believe one of their children can be an anchor to hook the United States into accepting the entire family — the kid is put on top a train and sent north.

    Central Americans don’t care what the cost is to the United States — they are out to better themselves and are interested only in themselves.

    BO is surprised that the Dream Act order led to an influx of children because BO has always had more than enough, always had his way, has always been so comfortable and such a winner that he can’t anticipate that others will take the low road to benefit themselves.

    Same reason that he believed that democracy in a muslim country means something other than “my tribe in charge.”

    1. I agree Central Americans (lumped) may be thinking of themselves and not our financials…But Americans think of themselves and not our financials when they expect a lot of handovers. Isn’t that human nature? I have been thinking about those parents. I can’t really put myself in their place–I have learned over a long life that the world is random and kind of awful and dangerous, but not to the extent people in real povery realize this. I think people in those countries have a lower expectation of everything “being OK”–they have a diff frame of reference. They think there will be adults shepherding the kids–even if it’s the smugglers. They take a chance. It is not like they are thinking, “Here’s my spare kid–do whatever you want with her.” I hesitate to liken it to putting your kid on the bus to camp–you turn them over to adults you don’t really know and assume it will work out. It almost always does with camp–but as I said, parents in those countries have a different tolerance for risk. Oh, well–tell me I am an idiot. But this is what I think.

      1. My point is that human nature is often self-interest — and I don’t exempt Americans. Remember how welfare was supposed to help widows with kids – and some teens now see it as a cool way to get a free apartment with a baby.

        My point is that BO seems singularly blind to this aspect of human nature.

        As for parents and putting their kids in the hands of smugglers, I suspect that the many, many success stories of illegal aliens getting safely to the U.S. makes the risk seem lower. Kids are being smuggled into the U.S. all the time — remember the Dream Act? It’s just the number that makes this news.

        We don’t know how many of these kids actually have been sent under the guidance of teens or mothers of other kids.

        These parents seem to find money to send the kids, so they can’t be entirely impoverished. The smugglers may have been dealt with before so are not entirely unknown or have good reps for getting people there.

        all kinds of stuff going on here, but the relative assurance that a kid who gets across the border will open the jackpot has to be a factor.

          1. A percentage of the illegal immigrant children already have a parent or another relative in the US. Major problems will occur when or if immigration authorities attempt to unite illegals with illegals!

            Additionally, some observers report that an unknown & unrecorded number of children, youth, young mothers with babies have already ‘disappeared into the illegal immigrant communities’ with relatives, friends, or with someone(?). No protection & no records & without a trace!

            THIS is disturbing on so many levels! When I see news videos/reports of buses traveling all over the Country, I am concerned more and more as TIME goes on! Such activity has been going on for too many months/years! jb

  6. Your broad swaths are painted with distorted strokes and without any substantiation. Stating that the president is not capable of presiding is to simply ignore that he is elected by a majority, twice. You don’t provide rationale to support your statements, just invective. You are not a journalist, but a highly politicized web site publisher. Where a journalist should demonstrate independent thought, you fail, utterly and totally.

    1. Elected by a majority of whom ?
      The results of his tenure should tell you that Star is correct.
      I will echo Star’s welcome.

    2. It’s an opinion piece, which reflects the President I know of. Keith’s right on the money with his “invective” which, imo, wasn’t “mean and abusive” enough.

      Santa Claus won the election twice, not this guy who calls himself Obama ;)

  7. Well done. This issue may be a tipping point he never envisioned. He wants to do so much for the “illegals” (yes, that is what they are).. and suddenly, Jesse Jackson wants money for Chicago crime. A woman in Texas in a black neighborhood is asking, why money for them? Why not money for the neighborhood, the local kids. She asks “Am I the only one watching the news? I feel so alone.” (paraphrasing)… She sounds like us….
    That was here:

    1. The outcries of the Texas mother in Houston reflect the ‘real story’ of the Border chaos and the results of transporting illegals to communities already struggling to meet the needs of their citizens! Tears and heartaches courtesy of ‘bho & Company’!

      Every American citizen, especially those living in poverty, will feel the negative consequences of bho’s schemes to force ‘submission’ to his ‘socialists dreams’ of gov’t dependency and of an ‘Imperial Presidency’ – his and of those to follow! jb

  8. Not making friends with that Reuters piece Keith. I thought it nicely done and well argued, but you still seem to believe Obama actually believes in immigration from some goodness in his black heart. I disagree. Politics all the time.

    I liked larval stage — but apparently this will take you on the fast track to “racist” — go figure. Sad that.

  9. Well. Wow.
    Nicely, and pointedly, said.
    The two commenters seemed to think that the border crisis is either the fault of a GWBush action, or of the tea party who apparently has become a militant terrorist group killing innocent immigrants and local policemen.

    These two comments after MrK’s thoughtful piece are exactly the response by his supporters to any critic of MrO’s actions or non-actions. Those kind of supporters never look beyond the politics or personal actions into the big picture of what this kind of thing will mean to all of us, not just MrO’s so-called legacy.

    Nice one, MrK. Thanks to Reuter’s for publishing alternate views, too.

  10. Well said, Keith.
    I have a slightly different take on the current invasion. Obama & Co. made arrangements last January to transport hundreds of thousands of ‘refugees’ from Central America. The majority, as evidenced by photos and the fact that no one is allowed inside the ‘refugee’ facilities, are not ‘children’…but teen-agers and twenty somethings.

    The invasion was orchestrated to put the R’s in a bad light with hispanics just before the Nov. election. If the R’s demand to deport the ‘children’ they will look like hearless beasts. Obama will look like St. Christopher. This is the very reason he refuses to visit the ‘children’ at the processing centers. He doesn’t want to be viewed by hispanics as being ‘anti-immigration’. And, of course, he can’t afford a photo-op where he is hugging the invaders.

    Obama doesn’t give a rat’s patootie about illegal immigration. He only wants the hispanic vote. He also knows that Boehner is a ‘do-nothing’ SOB!

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  12. This reminds me of prohibition. It blew up in the faces of the kkk. It had a completely opposite result making the “targeted opposition” filthy stinking rich. It ended up being repealed anyway in 1933. This is an example of an intended action with an unexpected consequence. They (kkk and their supporters) intended to wipe out a certain party/group, but that certain party benefited greatly and flourished like nobodys business. I see Obamas agenda backfiring in his face in the future. He knows the illegals are crossing the border. Its not a matter of not caring not is it incompetence. He wants illegals to cross. Its part of his plan. These illegals are to be future democrats. His goal? A one party democrat/communist system. I see this plan backfiring in his . When the truth is finally released to the entire world about obama, there will be an extraordinary result. You want to talk about unintended actions consequences?! Not only will the rest of America know the truth, but the illegals trying to infiltrate will also know the truth. His goal of a one party (democratic/communist) system could end up being a one party (independent/republican/capitalist) system. Prohibition all over again. History proves over and over again that communism and liberalism is not only guaranteed to fail, but it is guaranteed to destroy. This arrogant idiot obviously knows nothing about history. Instead of tuning into the military and history channels, this bum would rather watch the view and dancing with the stars. History shows liberals have almost never done anything practical. Obama is the poster child of liberalism. I don’t know who’s worse: barry or hilary. That’s the question of the year.

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