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The Obama Morning News || June 10, 2014

Lerner warned Congress might read emails . . . Newsmax
Former IRS supervisor Lois Lerner emailed colleagues urging them to be careful about what they put in their own messages because the information could be discovered by congressional investigators.

Obama resists calls to go to border . . . Washington Post
After meeting with Texas Gov. Rick Perry, President Obama said he’s “not interested in photo ops,” as pressure mounted to witness the crisis caused by an influx of tens of thousands of foreign children.

Obama hits GOP on immigration . . . Politico
Obama on Wednesday called on Congress to swiftly approve nearly $4 billion meant to address the influx of child migrant and hit House Republicans for failing to pass an immigration reform bill.

Perry: Not sure Obama heard my advice . . . Newsmax
Obama said he has no philosophical disagreements with Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s advice on solving the border crisis, but Perry says he isn’t so sure the president heard him.

Hagel: Extremists pose “imminent” threat . . . Newsmax
Sunni Muslim extremists on a land-grab and terror rampage in Iraq are an “imminent” threat to the United States and “every stabilized country on earth,” Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel warns.

Conservatives oppose impeachment . . . The Hill
They argue an impeachment trial would be a doomed effort, with a Democratic Senate, that could hurt Republicans in the midterm elections.

Boehner suit faces legal hurdles . . . Bloomberg
Legal scholars say Republicans will have to clear a high hurdle to get the judiciary to rule on whether the executive branch abused its authority.

Purchases of Obama’s books wane . . . Washington Times
Obama took a big hit financially last year because of plummeting book sales that cut into his royalties, but he still has his State Department as a customer.

Obama’s secret ocean policies under fire . . . Fox News
The Obama administration is using its “phone and pen” method of governing by executive action to push its agenda and extend its powers in a huge new area: the Pacific Ocean.

Julian Castro confirmed to lead HUD . . . Politico
The Senate voted Wednesday to confirm San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro as secretary of Housing and Urban Development, putting the rising political star in the middle of the thorny debate over housing policy and providing him with a platform to boost his national profile.

Sen. Coburn: Price tag for VA “ludicrous” . . . Newsmax
The Congressional Budget Office has said that providing such care would cost an additional $54 billion. 

Udall snubs Obama at own fundraiser . . . Associated Press
Colorado Democratic Sen. Mark Udall opted to work in Washington while the president, whose poll ratings hover around 40 percent in Colorado, headlined a fundraiser on his behalf in Denver.

Paul starts to build lead over rivals . . . Newsmax
Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has pulled ahead of the crowded pack of Republican presidential contenders and has 20 percent support for the first time, Zogby Analytics said.

10 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || June 10, 2014”

  1. She warned. I would like to guess how many people are sitting on emails that may have been forwarded to them, and forwarded again, or save under something else.

  2. I made a comment about Emails. It did not appear.
    We need to be careful about what we say in emails.
    There has to be people now who have such emails that were forwarded under another subject, or saved under another title.

  3. Oh yea La Raza boy at HUD. Kiss your neighborhood goodbye and say hello to carrying a mortgage for an illegal in the house next door. Put Fauxcohauntus in office and it will be done faster than you can blink.

    1. The whole country needs to react like the good citizens of Murietta, CA. Let’s adopt that old slogan from the Spanish left during the civil war: they shall not pass.

      1. I agree that people do need to stand firm that these illegals should not be accepted further into the fabric of America, into their communities. It will take organization and courage, but often people will react if it is in their backyard. And they should. If not, they will have to live with the repercussions.

        I heard McCaul (I think) this morning — he went to one of the centers. Believes they should be sent back. But, while he is compassionate, he noted that about 80% of them are not children, but “yoots” of 16,17 years old and perhaps older.

        As an aside, I gather from your comments, that you share my concern about the information blackout — I don’t even know that this is legal, but it seems to be coming from DHS and HHS — bureaucracies with guns and power.

  4. Aw, no one wants those adolescent, stilted, “composited,” ghostwritten books? I can’t read books anymore and must listen–can you imagine my lying in bed listening to “him” read to me? OMG!

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