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Obama to Take 15-Day Vacation in August

President Obama will embark on a 15-day vacation next month, even as the nation and the world are engulfed in crises from the border with Mexico to the Middle East.

The Obamas will depart Washington on Saturday, August 9th and head for Martha’s Vineyard, staying in a $12 million vacation home until Sunday, August 24th, reports the Martha’s Vineyard Times.

The president will return to the town Chilmark, the site of last year’s Obama sojourn, where he will rest up “in a secluded house off North Road that overlooks the north shore and Vineyard Sound,” the Times reported.

According the the newspaper:

The seven-bedroom, nine-bath, 8,100-square-foot house, sits on a 10-acre lot and is assessed at more than $12 million. It features 17 rooms in total, expansive water views of Vineyard Sound, an infinity pool and hot tub, and a dual tennis-basketball court.

The president’s extended vacation on The Vineyard comes after a 16-day stop in Hawaii over Christmas, adding up to a total of more than 31 days of vacation in less than a year, not counting weekend getaways.

UPDATE: David Martosko over at the Daily Mail discovered that the owner of the home backed Hillary over Obama in 2008.

130 thoughts on “Obama to Take 15-Day Vacation in August”

  1. What more can be said about this feckless President? How many more comparisons to Nero? How much more speculation on his mental state, his lack of ability to defend the USA, his uncaring and entitled attitude? The mind boggles.

  2. There probably won’t be much outrage at this latest show of chutzpa by Obama. Americans have become used to his “I could care less what this looks like” attitude.

    The world and the country and coming apart. It really doesn’t matter. When Obama wants to go on vacation, he goes.

    And, of course, the White House will tell us how the president is always in close touch with what is going on in the world.

    1. The only thing barry will be in “close touch” with will be his golf bag, pack of winstons, cold can of beer, blackberry( for texting his vulgar buddy jay z), and a lit doobie… did I cover everything?

      1. Yes, good account of his priorities.
        Do those lofo voters ever hear news like this? I would hope they can see his hugely entitled life compared to their own meager entitlements.

      2. No, you forgot to mention his ho! You know, that broad butt lady with the snide smile that you see standing behind him? Other than that, I think you said it pretty succinctly!!!!

    2. hmmmm….if is he in such close touch with what is going on in the world, why doesn’t he know about anything until he reads it in the news? Is there contradiction here?

      1. The point is that no one cares that he takes a vacation. It’s encouraged.
        The problem is that when he does work, he seems to either do nothing, or to work against the best interests of most Americans.

      2. Wendy, it just dawned on me that maybe we’re lucky he doesn’t “work” more that he does not, which ain’t much! We’d REALLY be in deep doo doo!

    1. We can’t. I have mention before If we were to get a photo/film of him behind his desk with a files on his desk, it would at least seem…. that he his working hard.
      It is simple if a manager of a Company were playing as much as he does, and the Company was doing terrible, that manager would have to stop taking trips.
      If the Company was doing great, know one would have anything to fuss about.

    2. Yes we can. It is the only time he is not on radio or TV blaming Bush or one half of Congress for everything in the past 6 years.

    3. ‘How can anybody tell he’s on vacation?’

      When the taxpayers are paying exorbitant sums for his rented house, fancy dinners, etc.

  3. He’s exhausted from jumping on and off of AF1. Just this week he avoided anything resembling ‘work’ by hopscotching all over the country playing darts and picking up satchels full of cash.
    He returns to his subsidized housing tonight just in time for his 3 day week-end.
    Barack Hussein Obama: Government Freeloader Extraordinaire!

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  5. Yikes! Have been trying to post for 2 days now, but nothing appears on the thread. No error message – nothing. Is anyone else having this problem?

  6. Instead of a 15 day beach vacation, maybe Michelle and the girls should consider taking a “mission trip” vacation…..they need volunteers at the various military facilities housing the thousands of illegal immigrants.

    I shake my head as I consider the number of families that are able to take a 15 day beach vacation? None or few. But then again, the Obama’s don’t have to pay for their vacations.

    Another vacation on the taxpayer dime while we debate how we are going to pay the high energy costs, increasing gas prices and rising food costs this summer due to Obama’s policies.

    Wait until November, then we will all feel the brunt of Obamacare as health insurance premiums will increase dramatically and high out-of-pocket costs will rise …no worries for Michelle Obama as she will still be able to celebrate the holidays in Hawaii while the stockings of america’s children will be empty.

      1. I DON’T BELIEVE SHE DID, ME THINKS YOU ARE DRINKIN THE KOOL-AID, Barbara Bush never came close to what these two have done…….in eight years, plus the fact she had CLASS, this one is a first class a$$…………..PERIOD.

  7. Just Resign……..he can have a Permanent Vacation………I am sure the Evil Koch Brothers will donate any and all their vacation homes, a 747 and a limo. Then “The Bear” and “The Mooch” can be loose all the time.

    It is just disgusting at their arrogance and disrespect of Taxpayer Money. God knows how much it is coating us for the daughter to live in Hollywood and work on Halley Berry’s new show. If she wanted a job then she could replace the WH Dog Trainer/Walker who is being paid $102,000 per year.

  8. Maybe he will vacation in Southern Mexico and greet all his invited guests as they start their trip North through Mexico.
    He should hop on the top of that train that brings illegals North and see just what his invitations put these people through.

  9. Good for Dictator Obama. He really, really needs his vacation time paid for by we the chump taxpayers. All that lying and fund raising on the taxpayers dime is truly utterly exhausting.

    Ahhhhh! Life so good when you’re a Dictator!

    Ditto for our first Transgender He/She/It. Hat tip to Joan Rivers.

  10. I can no longer get surprised or angry when the Last Family takes another extravagant vacation. I just want them to go away…permanently.

  11. I’m putting money on the illegals still being in the US – the Sgt. Still being in a Mexican jail while Obama is on vacation.

    And Israel will still be going it alone. But Barry will have his snow cone. Priorities.

  12. It’s really no surprise that they’re going to take another lavish vacation at our expense. I’m more surprised that Michelle hasn’t taken a plane load of family and friends on an expensive trip overseas this summer.

    1. Think she’s had a stealth mini vacation? Only things I’ve read are
      articles about her and the damage to school lunches and bake sales.

  13. Speaking of taking long vacations while the world is on fire, I read yesterday that John Kerry is on vacation on Nantucket Island. Nothing much going on in the world, apparently. He’s windsurfing, which is what he does when he’s not on vacation, politically speaking.

      1. While Israel fights alone, and the stupid Jen at State insists Hamas has nothing to do with the unity government, despite all accounts to the contrary.

  14. Vacation? This is what you people care about? Where were all of you when Bush took a RECORD 5 week recess to his ranch in Crawford back in 2005. Let’s see, what was going on in 2005…oh that’s right, two wars.

    Will you let it go. He deserves a vacation. Any senior-executive deserves a vacation, especially a President, as the demands of the job would make them crack. Have some perspective. A President – any President – is not a robot.

    By the way, they work on vacation. It’s the President, not some average Joe who can detach from work.

      1. His ranch exactly.
        When our Country is not being taken over, I would than not mind that you are whining about our right as citizens to voice our thoughts on the way O, Congress, and the crew are handling vital issues. Or not handling vital issues.

    1. Ah, the troll returns. Bush was not spending lavishly in one ritz location after another, the economy was not in the tank for tens of millions of Americans, and he wasn’t using Air Force One as his own personal taxi to hop around the country picking up campaign cash. Look at his scheduled time at some of these events. An hour here, an hour there and millions of taxpayer dollars out the window.
      If his non-working schedule is STILL to hard on him there is a very secure, very relaxing, very nice place called Camp David.
      So no, neither I nor the millions of other Americans who see this fraud for what he is, will give it up.
      You are right though, he’s certainly not the “average Joe”, he couldn’t survive a day in the life of the “average Joe”.
      Now to back to mommy’s basement and turn your timesheet into ValJar so she can validate your parking.

    2. And don’t forget that GWB gave up playing golf because he didn’t think it was seemly as American soldiers were fighting and dying in Iraq. Obama has now spent more time on the golf course than GWB did. As other posters pointed out, GWB went to his own ranch and didn’t mooch off fat cat campaign donors.

      1. Sorry comments twice or never…I think the (formerly) WH has assumed tech control here – nothing else fails like the gang that can’t shoot straight.

    3. Since Obama rarely works when he’s not on vacation (see this week), it is very unlikely that he will be working and engaged while on vacation.

    4. You actually believe Obama “works” while he is on yet another vacation? Good grief, he doesn’t work when he’s in the White House. Late morning meetings, dining with Beyonce and Co., meeting some athletic team or another, mocking Congress–that isn’t work. That’s clowning around.


    6. He went to a property he OWNS. I’m sure that he was given daily National Security updates while he was busy WORKING on his ranch.
      WHO can afford a 15 DAY vacation (especially in this economy)? It is NOT the same as going to one’s personal property. Period.

    7. Everywhere you go one shows up to spoil the party.

      That Ranch. Did you know that that ranch was out fitted with geo thermal heat and cooling. That it used captured rain water, sink shower, laundry, gray waters recycled through and sanitized.

      Didn’t think so.. Now back to a HUGE, massive mansion and all that energy wasted.

  15. I’m no psychologist, but behavior patterns are easy to see with this One.

    Whenever BHO gets stressed, whenever a bio book deadline looms, whenever a ValJar honey-do list a mile long lies upon his desk, whenever a crisis erupts, whenever he feels overwhelmed — he escapes. He runs away. Literally (to the golf course) and in his own mind. He runs. He loses himself in a game of pool. He escapes to the local eatery for a burger and beer. He crawls into his bed, gorges on chips and fudge, and loses himself in “House of Cards”. The next morning, with his 1500 thread-count sheets pulled over his head, he puts off dragging himself out of bed.

    Obama is not only a lame duck. He’s dysfunctional.

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  17. And why should he not milk the taxpayers for everything he can in these last two years! Remember that he said he would have more leeway after the election, and that is what he meant for everything!

  18. We elected this character, though I have never voted for him, nor would I ever vote for him, I still have to endure his wasteful devastating habits that are costing the taxpayer untold millions of $$$ to cover his vacations while the real world is burning up. Thanks to the low informed voters for this one.

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  20. Is there EVER a good time for the president to take a vacation? Will you complain no matter WHEN he takes one? I’m sure you will. #getoverit

    1. The President can take a vacation when there are no major crises to attend to, such as the devastating influx of illegal aliens, the about-to-boil-over unrest in the Middle East, a failing economy, the ever-rising cost of living…shall I go on?

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  22. Fuck all you white honkeys bitchin bout my well earned vacations. You think I like pissin all your tax dollars away….I do!!!!!! This be the best welfare program I ever did see!

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    1. That would be lovely. But the fact is he goes on vacation about every 6 months or so… So there probably be AT LEAST another 4-5 vacations before he moves out of 1600 Penn. Ave.

    1. Expect a lot of selfies from Martha’s Vineyard. Here’s Barry eating clams. Here’s Barry looking at a sunset. Here’s Barry admiring Barry.

  25. poor obama and his family another needed vacation at the expense of the American working people as all the other non working welfare soak up same when will the dumb people in this country admit to the biggest mistake they made the rest of the world is aware but even the supposedly rich and well educated are stupid. Is there justice in this world

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