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News Alert! An Unscheduled Stop! Obama Heads for . . .


Did you think he would go to the border? Nuh uh. I thought he would. But I gave him too much credit. Instead, the president headed for a rib joint!

He cut in line, but paid off the unlucky barbecue seekers.

From the pool report:

After POTUS finished at Austin’s Paramount, motorcade sped east just past I-35 to Franklin’s, a hugely popular barbecue spot that was packed. Pool squeezed in just as POTUS reached the head of the line at the counter to order.

He apologized to the two at the head of the line for cutting in front of them, but offered to buy their lunch — along with the takeout for the rest of his party. The tattooed workers patiently waited for POTUS to sort out his order.

Uh oh. Not enough money.

When POTUS got to the register to pay, he produced a wad of 20s for an order that came to exceed $300, then asked trip director Marvin Nicholson if his (the president’s) credit card is good. MN assured POTUS it is, so the bill was paid on credit, a JP Morgan card.

Looks like the folks decided they’d won the barbecue lottery and better cash in:

Couldn’t hear POTUS’s complete order (or exact total), but can tell you that the two lucky people he cut ahead of — Bruce Finstad of Houston and his daughter Faith Finstad of Austin — got as a presidential gift 3 lbs of beef, 2 lbs of ribs, a half-pound of sausage and a half-pound of turkey for themselves and two other family members already seated.

When POTUS heard their order, he got up close and said, “Hold on — how many folks are y’all feedin’?”

At 2 pm, motorcade is enroute to Air Force One for return to DC, packin’ BBQ.

Meanwhile, Obama got heckled during his speech, rewarding the rude interrupters with A PRIVATE MEETING.

I’m on your side, man!

Take that, White House reporters, most of whom can’t get three words with the president. Remember when the Daily Caller’s Neil Munro was accused of trying to stick a question between Obama sentences? He was nearly drummed out of the White House press corps.

37 thoughts on “News Alert! An Unscheduled Stop! Obama Heads for . . .”

  1. He did it again, flabbergasted me speechless. lol!
    Wait. He carries a “wad of twenties”? Really, for what …to pay the tow-truck driver in case his limo stalls, or to tip the mechanics at the airport for making sure no one parks in front of AF1? lol!
    Good gravy, the Finstead’s order is a classic, KUDOS to them! The guy cuts in front of them, they make him pay for that. lol!

    I know, I know, he should have gone to the border or some military intstallation to assess the crisis, but this is too too funny, or I’m finally over the edge.

      1. You’re so right. This could have been a SNL skit:
        Big bully politico pushes to the front of the line in a busy bistro, promises to buy the little people’s dinner. The little people order enough food to feed their whole neighborhood.
        Big bully politico doesn’t have enough cash in is ‘wad of twenties”, asks if he can use a credit card. After paying for the food, he complains that the little people ordered too much.
        Little people smile as they take their booty home.
        Golden, pure gold comedy.

        1. Not as funny as the classic SNL Phil Hartman as a chubby Bill Clinton jogging into a McDonald’s and picking fries off customers’ plates (don’t tell Hillary, there’s a lot we don’t tell Hillary).

          Doesn’t BO have “people” to pickup these orders? Was it a photo op? Heh? Did Michelle approve of his food choices?

  2. “Hold on — how many folks are y’all feedin’?”

    They should have all stood up in unison and shouted, “56,000 Central Americans! – Don’t put YOUR credit card away anytime soon!”

    1. And the more arrogant he becomes.

      I have this sense that the worse it is, the more arrogant and cheeky and disrespectful he becomes because he believes this stuff about himself and because he has no plan — hence no place to go with it all. But we all know it has to end somewhere — you can’t keep running …. and I do not think it will end well for America. Everybody and their brother are chiming in because we have no leadership whatsoever — heck, even Schumer says you can choose to practice your religion or have a corporation but not both if you don’t offer contraception coverage. I mean the Democrats are actually saying — oh posh on the Supreme Ct. and the law — we’ll just write a new law. I mean, who does this?

      Usually when you have this vacuum at the very top you have capable lieutenants — elected ones that is, not the Valerie Jarrett kind who apparently hangs out either under Obama’s bed or in his closet — not sure which. Anyway, just passing through the wreckage.

  3. It’s official…Obama has lost what little was left of his damn mind! Is a hipster douche image more important to him and his supporters than actually being presidential….never mind, I don’t know what I waste my energy.

  4. Dictator Obama is truly a pathetic, sickening, pandering jackass. We’re all supposed to think, Gee he’s just like us and so generous buying those people some barbeque. If they had any dignity they would have said “No thanks we believe in paying for our food out of our own pockets and unlike yourself not with other people’s money that you have seized from them.” What an absolute communist buffoon.

    1. ………..instead, the people he bought lunch for “porked it up” (no pun intended) just like Obama’s regime. That was enough food to feed three families.

    2. This federal reserve stooge is nothing like me! He is way low class for me; has no manners and doesn’t have a clue about ‘etiquette’.
      He may fit into Compton more than anything – they are jack asses there too.

  5. I forced myself to watch some of Obama’s rantings at the speech you have posted. I couldn’t decide if I should

    (a) throw tomatoes at the screen
    (b) throw up
    (c) scream
    (b) all of the above

    His demeanor was beyond the pale, his mocking tone, his “so sue me” crap is like he thinks he’s on some comedy tour, that he’s Bill Maher or David Letterman, that he’s president to get laughs. God give me strength to find one reason to accept this man as the President of the USA. HE’s the JOKE, not his words.

    1. No, no, no – no tomatoes. Too messy.
      I tried cheetos but they left an orange dust on the TV screen.
      Popcorn is good (as long as it’s not buttered).
      You could try the MUTE button and wonder why he’s waving his arms.
      Just trying to help here, N.Y.

      1. Some days I think if I could just invent the perfect Cheetos tool — like a tweezer or a tong — picky picky. I have a lot of experience with orange fingers.

        I would never waste even one Cheeto on this jerk.

  6. A wad of twenties? Uh…must be a throwback to the old days when he actually had to pay cash for his recreational drugs. Old habits never die.

  7. So let’s see. He paid with money from his salary as president, and again Obama uses tax payer money for self glorification.
    Was kool-aid the beverage served?
    Once again, “free “beats common sense.

  8. the two lucky people he cut ahead of . . . got as a presidential gift 3 lbs of beef, 2 lbs of ribs, a half-pound of sausage and a half-pound of turkey for themselves and two other family members already seated.

    Hilarious. Sounds like a couple of Ted Cruz supporters.

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