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White House: Obama Would Just be in the Way

The White House has dreamed up a new rationale for President Obama’s failure to head to the border during his stop in Texas today and tomorrow, saying that while there are an abundance of potential low-wage caddies, there is no decent golf course in the area.

Okay, that’s not exactly true.

According to NBC White House correspondent Kristen Welker:

The official line from the White House is that if he does go there, he could ultimately get in the way of the efforts to deal with the influx unaccompanied children and minors and folks that are coming across the border.

Get in the way? Like physically? He might be standing on the border, and someone might not be able to get around him in order to get in?

He’s doing it for the children. Don’t you understand?

59 thoughts on “White House: Obama Would Just be in the Way”

  1. I am SO PISSED OFF at the “USA” & drunk right now…
    I need to turn off all of my NEWS/CURRENT EVENTS websites.

    See you all on the flip side

    1. My friends and I use to discuss current events and the future during our later teen years.
      I would love to meet with them and listen to the amount of them that are so Pis. off as well.
      Matter of fact if more of us did that and compare what was and what should be, we may turn the road here.

  2. Just make up stuff and see what sticks. It just illustrates how stupid and gullible Democrat drones are if the WH actually believed that these lame lying excuses could fly. What is an insult to a rational person’s intelligence is a perfectly believable explanation to Kool-Aid drunk Obama sycophants.

  3. There is no longer any substantive difference between the musings of Obama’s mouthpieces and media acolytes and the inane rantings of a DPRK Press Release.

  4. Remember that lame excuse when the next photo op comes…


    Isn’t it beneficial to have SOMEONE in the way? It slows down the flood.

  5. What happened to The Bear is loose?

    Dancing bear.

    What idiocy. This WH has no clue what to do or what to say. Spaghetti against the wall — nothing sticking yet.

  6. Keith, the video you need to dig up and post happened today on Andrea Mitchell’s show at 1pm. She was (almost) disapproving of Obama, hard to believe from Andrea, but she was very clear to state that Obama’s optics and reason for not going to the border was silly.

    Then Cecelia Munoz, fresh off her embarrassing appearance with Alex Wagner, dug the hole deeper by speaking gobbledegook to Andrea, using her hands so much I wondered if she might have a deaf child at home (you know, that she was using sign language!) :-)

  7. I wonder if Glen Beck is doing his little thing to show Obama up. I hope so, and it is just not a warm, fuzzy moment. Mixed feelings here, but I’ll wait and see what Beck says.

  8. Oh, btw, I see over on Weasel Zippers that the AFL-CIO is calling the illegals “aspiring American workers”.

  9. Well, it’s true he and his zillion-person entourage is in the way of the LA streets when he goes there to fundraise, or NY, or when he goes to Martha’s Vineyard, etc. So let’s cut out those trips.

  10. Um…isn’t that the exact reason why Bush didn’t land in New Orleans – he thought landing AF1 would cause too much of a distraction for everyone on the ground when they had more important things to take care of than making sure he was secure.
    Whether that was an ‘excuse’ or not, he was still completely lambasted for not landing and taking a personal look around. So now is the media going to let Obama get away with the same excuse, when they killed Bush for it?

  11. Forgive me if I’m not the first to say: GET in the way! Really, what is he doing to hard working Americans as he flounders through their neighborhood on his way to fun-razors.
    I’m sorry for all those not just stuck in traffic, but totally stopped for hours while bobo eats & blabs & shuts down entire metro areas. That is being in the way.

  12. One would think Obama would go with his Staff to the Rio Grande and part it to allow these refugees a direct path to the Promise Land. I guess he is not as powerful as his campaign ads made him out to be……….

  13. If anyone in the WhiteHouse had any more than one brain cell, they would have cancelled this whole trip….a sudden attack of the flu, a hurried and immediate meeting of his foreign policy people, anything would have worked as an excuse.
    The wealthy donors who were awaiting the presence of DearLeader so that they could put their alms in his hat would have understood the situation. They would not spend their tributes on foolishness, but would have waited for a more favorable time to breath the same air as their Leader.

    As for “getting in the way” – he gets in the way of every American the second he leaves the WhiteHouse grounds. On the roads, in the air, on the streets and byways, inside the restaurants, outside the snowcone vendors, and on the golf courses, he’s IN-THE-WAY.

  14. On a closely related theme; lately all the calls I make, or even receive (CVS pharmacy) tell me to press 1 for English. My husband thinks I’m over reacting, but da^^n it! my grandpa learned to speak English after becoming a proud American fighting in WWI. Same should be true 100 years later.

      1. I join this chorus. Why not proceed in English, our national language, and the immigrants that cannot speak English have to go to another channel. Also, why is the other channel only in Spanish? There are certainly many other cultures that have entered our country, just not in droves.
        Verizon is now running a commercial where I live, NM, stating that they have very cheap rates to Central America and Mexico. This ad is new and it pisses me off every time I hear it.
        No business should be capitalizing on the illegal immigrants presence.

    1. Thank you for mentioning that issue. That got swept under the rug as well.
      Most of the time when you are listening to that aggravting recording asking those questions, they can also hear you.

      1. No one made the same accommodation for my family when they came here from Norway in the early 1900s. I speak German because I lived there for six years as a teen, but I’d love to learn to speak Spanish so I could tell them off.

  15. Sorry, I’m full of OTs today, but I went to the NYT to check on the stock market closing, and I read on the front page that Chelsea Clinton gets up to $75,000 per speech.

    1. How? Who’s that dumb that cares what she has to say about anything?
      I wouldn’t walk across the street to hear her speak for free.

        1. But, seriously, what in the world is Chelsea so expert on that anyone would hand over $75,000 dollars to have her spout off—- on living the “poor” life she has had?——- her expertise on Life? Luxury? Living with weird parents? Why the H**l is she being paid such an ridiculous amount for—– WHAT?

  16. He’s missing a “sellfie” with an Obama shoe,, said to be worn by “travelers” entering America…Drudge Report, top left

  17. Has anyone seen the arrival of what’s his name? I turned off the TV, when they announced they were about to show his face.

  18. Keith, do you have any thoughts on Deroy Mudock’s piece about the press restrictions on the photo op at Ft Sill tomorrow? Why would the press corps go along with this with no criticism of the administration’s attempt to control the press?

    1. Why would a Senator or Congressman or even an average normal American go along with the restrictions on information about events on the border? Who has the authority to say that these events cannot be made public? Heck we have better access to Malia and Sasha, then we do the special snowflakes at the border.

      1. Except for the situation in and of itself, nothing infuriates me more than the administration getting away with this censorship. Where is Congress? Crickets.

    2. This is very restrictive, even for an administration event. They shouldn’t bring people in if they are going to do it like this. I don’t know why the reporters accepted this. It’s not a White House event. I don’t think the WH press corps, passive as it can be, would tolerate such restrictiveness.

  19. I find this ironic. Here is what USA today said on Sept. 8,2005, “Bush’s critics say his response to the hurricane proves that he’s not a leader. “Oblivious, in denial, dangerous,” House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday”. I think Obamas response to the border crisis is WAY more DANGEROUS. He acted immediately during the last election cycle (when campaigning meant something) to run up and see his buddy Chris Christie for a photo op. Here….NADA! Zip! Zero! NOTHING!!!

  20. Since when did getting “in the way” bother Obama? For years now, he’s been in the way of liberty, The US Constitution, well managed healthcare, energy production, proper investigation of the IRS scandal, Benghazi, gun running to the Mexican drug cartels, the peace process in the Middle East, etc. ‘Getting in the way” is what this guy does 24/7. It’s his vocation, his calling. It’s what he’s been trained, formed and coached to do from his days as a teenager up to the present moment.

    1. Not to mention his getting “in the way” in Austin tonight during rush hour. This is his normal routine—–disrupt whatever city’s rush hour that he is visiting in order to inconvenience as many people (“working people”) as he possibly can! I have family in Austin who were screaming at his timing.

  21. I wondered how long it would take to make this very excuse.
    These “folks” have resorted to grasping at straws.

    Also, on a previous thread I made mention that every other country -with which I have had first person exposure- teaches English…NOT Spanish…as a FIRST or second language. Now we know why it was SO important for our children to learn Spanish.

  22. I learned a long time ago that it really doesn’t matter what excuse you use, pick any one you want. They are all excuses and everyone knows they are. Pathetic, but I don’t expect anything more from him.

  23. Yep….the road to hell is paved with good intentions; and voters keep giving liberals a pass. Next up….Rodham McGoo, because you know, she works hard for women.

  24. He’s a freaking coward — thats why he didn’t go and his advisers told him not to go because if he went to the border, everyone would know how dumb and stupid he really is.

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