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Live Stream || Obama Statement on Immigrant Crisis

The remarks have concluded.

17 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Statement on Immigrant Crisis

  1. He’s late per usual. Excruciating.

    So if we have more boarder partrol than at anytime, why aren’t the working? Never mind, blame congress.

    • Not to worry. We could be under attack, and Obama would not be listening himself. He would just learn about the same way the rest of us did: next day in the papers.

  2. Elsewhere I see reports of this “predates my Administration”. And he is still talking? Doesn’t that usually wrap it up for this guy?

    • What a moron. He clearly doesn’t want to be there and it’s bugging him. He sounds tired which is inexplicable to me since he never works.

  3. Boy does he want the 3.7 billion. That will “solve” everything according to him. I’m done listening to him -cannot abide his voice for one second longer today.

  4. DeMint is on Fox with some good info on the 2012 EA — Deferred Action on Child Arrivals of non continguous countries, or some such. The numbers went up from single digit thousands to 36,000 to now an anticipated 80,000. So, in effect an invitation.

    Myself I do not know why Congress simply does not write emergency legislation allowing us to return posthaste all of these people from Central and South America posthaste. But gee, I guess that’s why I am not a superior being Congresscritter or President.

  5. The only news conference from Obama that would come between me and my Jeopardy is if he’s telling us he’s resigning from office. Otherwise, I’ll have Obama Impeachment for $2000, Alex.

  6. It would be best & smart & logical to use our ‘unlimited resources’ to fly them home ASAP.
    …butt 0 does not possess Vulcan logic.