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Halperin: Republicans No Longer Fear Hillary

Leading political analyst Mark Halperin said on Morning Joe today that Republicans don’t fear Hillary Clinton in anything like the way they did before, and he marveled at the failure by her and her aides to prepare for “the most obvious questions imaginable” as she travels around promoting her book.

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  1. Oh, brother, the Mighty Halperin has spoken. Maybe he and CarlRove can lunch together and decide the political future of the US.

    The Dems might be sticking dainty forks into MrsClinton, but was she ever a serious candidate or was she just playing along to allow the dark horse ticket of Warren/Booker to solidify their position?

    The Clinton Duo might be a lot of things, but politically naive isn’t one of their failings. They know, better than most of us, just how vulnerable MrsC would be out on the campaign trail, and how a second run would be more disasterous than the first considering all of the baggage that she would bring to the stage.

    • I’m still not convinced she’ll run. She’s leaving the door open for now so the big bucks keep rolling into the Clinton bank account, uh, Foundation.

      • She has internal polls already and won’t run if she doesn’t think she’d win. She’s too paranoid and insecure to enter into a fight. It’s hand it to her on a platter or not run.

    • Warren and Booker are both absolute frauds. Of course, the bar is set lower since the o – never mind, the bar has disappeared.

    • She continues to make gaffes. On purpose? I believe Keith has the article up about her comment on political dynasties. Not the way to win votes in America when there’s more than a whiff of populism in the air.

      • Well,if it’s populism they want, what’s better than a commie faux indian princess and a well spoken black man so quick to make a hostage tape of mea culpas that you think he was afraid of being scalped or emasculated.

        • They’re too much more of the same like Obama. I only see the hard left voting for that ticket. There is populism on our side too if only the Republicans would see it and not pick someone like Jeb Bush.

  2. O/T: what is this I hear/read, that the Feds have asked the Catholic Bishops to ask the Faithful to take the poor little “children” into their homes?

    • As well everyone is on Gag order. Doctors, nurses, citizens.
      This is still a Free Country, right?
      There are all types of health issues. By gagging all these people, is unfair to the people who are already sick/ or not, that would like to avoid being exposed.
      They are asking citizens to take these people in, without giving these kids PROPER testing. They are running them though to quick to check for everything.

    • A few posts back I have a link to a Rush Limbaugh transcript with a Catholic couple in California with a discussion of just that — and the man is a doctor so he addresses the very serious health concerns as well. Not good.

      • Thanks, Grace. I wouldn’t have gone back to that post if you hadn’t mentioned it here, and it was verrrrrrrry interrrrrrrrrrresting as the German used to say on Laugh In. That couple knew what they were talking about.

        What about you? I know you’re in FL. Any pressure in your parish to accept illegals?

        • Sure, the Catholics will take them in– anything to get more and more into their church as their popularity has dropped. Are you ready for that they would help Obama after what he is doing to their religion? Nobody has any morals these days, not even the Catholics, they’re only thinking of getting the dirty illegals into their Church, money, you know, even they are just all for show. No one is on the up and up anymore, its all greedYou would help that Obama guy after what he is doing? Thats the reason they would help Obama, they don’t care that he would like to rule them and wants to kill all the babies. Every one is a hypocrit.

  3. MoJoe was sort of surprising this AM. Mika was almost retching and mugging like a fool over Palin calling for Obama’s i mpeachment. That Barnicle guy said thank you, John McCain, for unleashing Palin on us, I guess–but the others pointed out that many had called for Bush’s impeachment–no biggie.

  4. On this fearing Clinton riff, there is another issue–apparently the Reps picked Cleveland and also are either thinking of or have moved up their nominating convention to June-July…giving the machine on the other side more time to define the Rep candidate in their own special way–look what happened to Romney.

    • The Republicans have moved up their convention to shorten their primary season and avoid all the cannibalism which happened in the long 2008 primary. But if you’re saying that they should have chosen to have their convention after the Democrats, I agree. Going first allows (and did allow in 2012) the Democrats more time to attack them. It should be the other way around this time.

      I was surprised at the choice of Cleveland. Do they think they can flip Ohio by holding it there? Did they avoid Dallas because they don’t want to give the impression that Cruz or Perry might be the candidate? Do they think that holding the convention too close to the border might be asking for trouble? Those are all rhetorical questions whirling around in my mind.

  5. OT. But for sheer stupidity and moral vacuity– NOW including the Little Sisters of the Poor on their List of the Dirty 100.

    Say what you will about religion or more specifically about Catholics, this is indefensible.

    • I saw Patricia Ireland on Megan Kelly last night and she was utterly destroyed by Kelly. She would not answer questions but was like a water bug skittering off into all directions every time she was faced with one.

      • I saw that. Did she look sincere or not to you?

        And as a second thought, which of those women would you leave your young children with for a day?

      • Agree. Her insistence that the Good Sisters sign a form that allows what they so basically abhor is another example of the force and pressure the lefty loons put on Christians.

        The Dems in the Senate just showed how mean and petty they are when they want to force, by hook or crook, Hobby Lobby to allow products that offend their faith.
        When did the Democrat party become the mean, petty, and viscous political animals they are today? Sad, truly, sad.

    • Did you see what Harry Reid said about Scotus and Hobby Lobby?

      “The one thing we are going to do during this work period, sooner rather than later, is to ensure that women’s lives are not determine by virtue of five white men,” Reid said.

      • Bloopers all around. First, as many are pointing out, Justice Thomas is a white? Second, what does Reid consider himself to be? Third, weren’t there NINE white men on the Supreme Court when Roe v. Wade was upheld?


    what will she run on? income inequality as she is paid for 30 minutes of talking 5 time the US median income?

    Will she run on all the countries she as SoS repaired and reset our relations with?

    will she run on the “war on women” as she and her husband had their very own “War on Women”?

    Will she run on all the Senate legislation bearing her name as lead sponsor that helped the majority of Americans?