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Biden Hits the Chicken Souvlaki Circuit

With Hillary looking weaker by the day, or at least by the interview, Vice President Biden has made clear that he’s not standing down from the presidential sweepstakes. That’s my take on his otherwise inexplicable trip to Philadelphia today to show how much he likes Greek people:

At 8:00 PM, the Vice President will deliver remarks at the Grand Banquet of the 42nd Biennial Clergy-Laity Congress of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. The Vice President’s remarks at this event are open press.

Pennsylvania is also am important Democratic primary state.

As long as Hillary has seized the Gaffe King mantle from Biden, there’s little reason for him to back off. Stranger things have happened  in politics than a Biden presidential nomination.

I mean, not much stranger, but it could happen.

The VP has made sure to consistently present himself as an ultra-liberal firebrand willing to attack Republicans in the nastiest manner possible. The Democratic base really likes such meanness.

There will be an opening on Hillary’s left, and if Elizabeth Warren doesn’t run, Biden may be the one to jump right into it. As much as Hillary’s been too esteemed as a candidate, Biden may be this cycle’s victim of misunderestimations.

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    • This needs to happen…it will bring finality to things.

      a. Joe wins… I then confirm that it is time to leave ‘Merica
      b. Joe loses….There is hope for ‘Merica

  1. Chicken souvlaki circuit. Hillary has seized the gaffe mantle. Made me laugh this morning.

    Maybe Biden will be the sacrifice candidate for the Democrats when no one else wants to throw his/her hat into the ring for fear of certain losing. The Democrats will have reached bankruptcy status by 2016. But you never know with the Republicans’ ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    • The Democrats don’t need money — they have votes — many times over, legal or not — and then they have the taxpayer treasure chest once in office.

      Plus they have this — a very interesting look at the dark money of the Democrat Alliance — 100 rich liberals advancing a very radical liberal agenda. And they have some pretty substantial tentacles. But, hey, Koch.

      • I don’t agree with that conclusion, but it’s good to keep the Republicans honest. The group I belong to, the unaffiliated voters, is a larger group than either the Republicans or the Democrats. It’s true that Dems outnumber Pubs, but the leaning of my group right now is heavily conservative.

          • oops — I find unaffiliated voters and “independents” interesting. It seems to be — in an admittedly unfair and broad sweeping generalization — they heart the Dems, villify the Republicans — and tend to vote conservatives. At least, that’s a lot of what I see at places like I find it uneasy.

          • Thanks. I hope you are right. I didn’t mean to imply that they did, but they are a pretty formidable foe. They are institutionally entrenched, well financed, have the media behind them, and don’t have too much trouble with staying on message point, no matter the veracity of the position. Plus — Free Stuff! :)

      • Of course Democrats don’t need money, they have ours.
        3 quick examples.
        Gov. Pat Quinn gave $50 million to various “civic” groups in what was called a Violence Reduction Program. That program is now under investigation after it was discovered that the money went to groups politically aligned with Quinn and Chicago Democrats.
        2nd, Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago gave $1 million to a group called Cease Fire, again to stop gang violence in Chicago. Money gone, the organization kept no records of how and what money was spent on.POOF!
        Lastly, Democrats in Springfield, Illinois capital voted to spend $100 million to bring and help build the Obama presidential Library to Chicago. No taxpayer money has ever been used to build a Presidential Library, only private donations by individuals or groups. Again, it’s not their money.
        Sorry to get long winded.

  2. If he goes one word off-script, guaranteed he will offend the Greek community, the Greek Orthodox Church, and everyone in Philly.
    The MSM will give him a free pass with their-ol’ Joe, what a riot- excuse

  3. OT, but my husband and I are having a hard time calling the Drudge site up. Anyone else having that problem? Either it’s very popular or it’s being hindered.

    • No problem for me opening Drudge.

      As for Biden, I think I’ve shared that I have a lot of family in Delaware, near where Biden lives. Once Joe decided to actually join the Wilmington CC, most of us said that likely meant he WOULDN’T run for President. He’s always been able to play as a guest of his son-in-law, as a guest of other members but to join says to me that he plans to return to Greenville, and enjoy the sweet life of a government retiree, on our nickel!

  4. The guy is a complete fraud and got nowhere in previous Dem presidential primaries, rightfully so. If he were to be successful this time, well, that would say a lot wouldn’t it?

  5. You actually have to hand it to the Democrats, in retrospect. Running Biden as VP was a MASTERFUL move on their part. Pure political genius.

  6. How can Obama possibly go to the border? He’s been talking out of both sides of his mouth ever since his carefully orchestrated plans to get a de facto amnesty going for a few million OTM’s got messed up. Guess he thought no one would notice 90,000 illegals showing up at the border with engraved invitations from Obama.
    All he needs is one little bedraggled kid to ask him why he said he was going to send everyone back. He can’t very well let the cat out of the bag by telling the kids they will never have to leave, can he? He really stepped in it this time, lol!