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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, July 9, 2014

10:20 am MDT || Delivers remarks on the economy; Cheesman Park, Denver, Colorado
12:20 pm || Delivers remarks and answers questions at a fundraiser for Senate Democrats; Westin Denver Downtown, Denver
1:30 pm || Departs Denver
4:15 pm CDT || Arrives Dallas, Texas
4:55 pm || Meets with local elected officials and faith leaders; DalFort Fueling, Dallas
7:15 pm || Speaks at a fundraiser for Senate Democrats; private residence, Dallas
8:40 pm || Departs Dallas
9:30 pm || Arrives Austin

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  1. Off topic again:

    About that Malia Obama Hollywood internship article that I posted in another post earlier today but The Daily mail scrubbed – I just noticed that I had left it open in another tab. So, i just screenshot it and uploaded it to imgur (click on any image to enlarge it):

      • Yes, that article is from June. There were a few articles last month based on a story at The Wrap that simply said Malia was on the set acting as a production assistant for a day:

        That story sounds like someone, (“an insider”), leaked the info that Malia was there for a day last month. But, now we know she’s there doing a summer internship. And, the quick scrubbing of today’s Daily Mail article clearly shows the O’s don’t want us to know about it.

        • If you read the article, you can guess she has been out there for a while, as it referred to BO and MOTUS seeing her over the weekend when they were campaigning (oh.. sorry, speaking engagement) in CA

          • Yes, I remember when they went out to CA on Father’s Day weekend, articles said Malia met them there. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s flown back and forth a few times already, (as she did for the Fourth of July/birthday weekend). You know, ’cause that’s how the 1% do it.

        • I don’t recall where I read ab the summer job, but it led me to understand she was there for the summer.
          O/T. I couldn’t get a job in CA until I was 16…!
          (30+ yrs ago)

    • If Malia’s mama doesn’t want her photographed then Malia best not be out and about on the playgrounds of the Hollywood hoity toity — comes with the territory. Wants to play at having a part time teen job — this is the price you have to pay.

      And what is this garbage about her not being able to be photographed unless she is with her father????

      • Interesting….this morning AOL (liberal-biased) headlines a story from TMZ (liberal) that the White House “strong armed” the photo agency to delete the pictures they took. Since the story is now becoming the absence of pictures and stories that used to be there,.. well she’s not so much under the radar now, is she? Oh, well. I agree– don’t go where the celeb photogs are and then whine about the pictures being taken.

        As for the prezzy’s schedule today, isn’t that 8:20 EASTERN time? How on earth will he make it that early…

    • Thanks for the link. I’m not sure why it had to be scrubbed, unless there are security reasons, but I can’t imagine she’s there without SS agents. Maybe they don’t want us to know how much that’s costing us? It seems that Malia is growing up normal, despite her parents.

      • Growing up normal? Hmm, to me it’s not that normal for a teen for a 16 year old from the east coast to spend the summer out in LA doing an internship on the set of a TV show starring and produced by Halle Berry and produced by Steven Spielberg. Oh, and being there all summer staying in a hotel without her parents, but with taxpayer paid babysitters/WH staffers and her own private bodyguards/Secret Service.

  2. The Cheese Man makes remarks in Cheesman Park. Hilarious. And in Colorado it appears that the Cheese is standing alone.

    • Except at the fundraiser — where the Dem politicos who were afraid to be seen in public apparently showed in private. Can’t have the commoners see them with the Big Sleeze Cheese but behind close door where the money changes hands ……

      • By the by, on MoeJoe this AM, I think the Politico guy with the wild eyes or someone said the WH doesn’t like to indulge in optics. First, optics is a stupid term–appearances is what they mean. And second, LIE!

  3. Here is a lengthy transcript of a call in to the Rush Limbaugh show from a Catholic couple in So. California who was asked by their church and bishop to take in some of the illegals. The husband here is a doctor and he addresses the health concerns and there is talk of something like 600 FEMA camps as well. It is a most informative conversation. IMO.

  4. Joy! I live in Dallas, lots of cops eat at my restaurant, they love it when he arrives, not, it is such a waste of time.
    Tickets for the event start at $10K, rich people are bad don’t you know. Oh, and the host, Marc Stanley is a lawyer and Jewish. I still have no idea why the Jewish population supports people who really dislike Israel?
    Can anyone clear that up for me?

  5. His use of taxpayer dollars to fund raise is blatant and disgusting. Every stop he has a quick and easy “official visit”, then off to collect money.

    It’s pitchfork time, folks.

    • Yep, hes been doing this ever since the 2010 midterms, Throw in an “official” event some dumb “remarks” on whatever the issue of the week is, and the taxpayers pay for the fundraising or campaign trip. Mocchelle does it too whenever she goes to a fundraiser or campaign event.

  6. I keep looking for more information about the “regular citizens” (5 people who wrote to him) that he met with in Denver. Not a peep about who they are. Guess they learned with the last “day in the life” visit when he spent the time with a campaign worker or whatever she was. Guess we will never know who these people are he met with. He needs to meet with some of US if he Really wants to know the low down on how things are out here in the real world.

    Plus, all the pictures I’ve seen so far of the Denver visit are from local photogs… is the WH trying to prove they are “transparent”?