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Obama Requests $3.7 Billion for the Border

President Obama today requested $3.7 billion from China Congress to address the crisis created by an influx of illegal immigrants, many of them children, across the border.

About half, $1.8 billion, would be allotted to the Department of Health and Human Services to house and care for the children.

Another $1.1 billion would go to the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement unit, including $879 million for the “detention and removal of apprehended undocumented adults traveling with children, expansion of alternatives to detention programs for these individuals, and additional prosecution capacity for adults with children who cross the border unlawfully,” according to a document released by the White House.

The DHS Customs and border Protection division would receive $433 million, much of it to pay for logistics at the border. And there’s $295 million for the State Department “to repatriate and reintegrate migrants to Central America” and provide assistance to those governments.

Further details of the request can be found here.

Meantime, the White House today continued to rule out a visit by Obama to the border area when he travels in Texas Wednesday and Thursday. He will meet with a group of officials, though, including Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Perry had earlier ruled out a “handshake” photo op with Obama but now appears satisfied that talks will be more substantive.

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  1. The IRS and EPA budgets alone are over $18 billion. Time for the arrogant little turd to use the same pen he used to create this mess to transfer funds from his pet projects to protect the American people.

  2. I want to know who is behind shipping all of these children. I have not seen any pictures of kids with dirt, sweat, etc on their cloths. The few pictures I have seen look like they are wearing clean (new) cloths.
    How are they getting all the way hear? They look like they have just gotten out of the shower.
    Are pictures being taken only of showered kids, or are they traveling all that way clean as can be?
    We have all types of technolgy. No one could see thousands of people walking towards our border? That is not comforting.

    • according to reports they have been taking the bus from one end of mexico to the other.

      my question to everyone (as I don’t know the answer): we are supposed to take in those who are not from mexico. how do we know that those crossing are not from mexico? just because they say so? I presume many or most don’t have documentation proving they are from el Salvador. True? or am I missing something else?

      • Can bad people from all over the world take that same bus?
        This whole issue is insane.
        Where is our protection?
        Someone hear yesterday, made the point:
        If Bush did not go on a fundraising tour, instead of going to see the after effects of Katrina.

      • You’re not missing anything. Salvadoreans, Mexicans, Hondurans and Guatemalans look similar except for the way they speak Spanish.
        One has to remember that Guatemala and El Salvador are mostly mestizo countries, like the southern part of Mexico. We have many folks from Oaxaca in southern Mexico who look pure Indian. Actually, those from the southern part of Mexico are discriminated by other Mexicans.

  3. Rush Limbaugh says that the Catholic Church is in collusion with Obama re the illegals. Through its parishes it is finding homes who will accept them and then the federal government will reimburse them for the illegals’ upkeep.

    Everything about this situation is so secretive. Obama, Catholic Church and UN all in collusion.

      • I don’t know, Lee. My husband passed this on to me. It’s a good question, though: large Catholic population but large conservative population too. I would think Obama is aiming at states more favorable to amnesty. If true, I also think the Church made a deal with Obama not to press the overturn of the recent court decision on Hobby Lobby.

        • I’m Catholic and no doubt the Catholic Church will do much to aid and assist these illegals. I am opposed to it, but I understand it.

          That said, it is unlikely the Church made a deal with Obama on HL. Come sit in a pew in my church and you are not going to hear anything like accommodation — rather pretty much what I hear is that there is a “war” on religion, and stand firm with your faith.

      • Thinking a little more about this, I imagine they will be sent to large cities which have declared themselves sanctuaries: Philadelphia, Chicago, LA.

        • Somewhere I had read that the feds were actually trying to place them in conservative cities to tilt those city’s votes more toward the liberal side!

        • That sounds about right. Some of them have landed at LG Hanscom Field, just outside Boston, which has a very large Catholic population. So we know they are being sent to the Northeast. I expect some of them to end up here in Maine which has brought in thousands of Somalis in the past few years. My own little city, which has a population around 40,000, has taken in 4-5,000 of the Somalis (no one seems to know the accurate count). So they are about 10 percent of our little population. All this courtesy of some relief program sponsored in part, at least, by the Catholic CHurch.

          • I stand a bit corrected Julie. The RCCs around Riverside CA are apparently taking in some of them for about a month. I would assume there will be federal compensation. I am not proud of the Church when it does this kind of thing and then cries that the government won’t leave them alone or let us practice our religion. If they are not being compensated that is one thing, if money is changing hands, that is another. It’s not easy being a Catholic somedays.

            Perhaps when they get more pesos and fewer dollars in the basket they might perk up. I am all for charity but not when people are here illegally and when it is a disaster upon the nation of this proportion.

    • Yes, I believe the Catholic Church is in collusion with the invasion of illegals. Over the years, I have heard of Catholic Charities stepping up to aid the illegals. The Church wants the mostly Catholic invaders sitting in their pews, just like the Democrat Party wants their vote in the voting booth. The parishioners of the CC might not agree with this stance — but believe me, it is there.

      • I don’t know really if it is so much that it is wanting them sitting in their pews. It costs quite a bit to support those needing charity. But , and I can only speak about Catholics, the charitable commitment to the poor is very difficult to ignore — it is a root foundation. So, it’s always been a conflict for someone like me — who is a practicing Catholic, but not unaware of the constant plea for funds and support for the Church while often seeing them do charitable things I may disagree with.

        Once we had illegals outside of our evening mass with signs and with their hand out. I let it go once and the next time I called the office and reported it. That put an end to it. There are organizations like Catholic Charities and St. Vincent de Paul for them. As far as I know they are supported through contributions and service by lay volunteers and clergy. They do good work for many who are deserving and down and out.

        So, I would take issue with your slightly over the top view of it. And I wouldn’t and don’t compare them to the Democrats and votes.

  4. He created this mess and now the taxpayer’s have to foot the bill for years and years to end up letting them all stay. The health concerns are a whole different kettle of fish we will pay for.

    • Even more than because of the money, I am angered by all these people coming in through the backdoor who will never be sent back.

      • Agree I don’t understand why they want to waste the money when we already know the outcome. To answer another question some of the children have been sent to Ga in the metro area.

  5. Does anyone remember that Kerry visited the Central Am countries a few weeks ago? He promised aid for them!

    However, the ‘No Borders’ & Laraza (sp) & immigration supporters in DC, WH Adm, illegals across the USA for several years have encouraged Mexico, Central Am, & South American nations to send/smuggle as many illegals as possible and use ‘diplomatic blackmail’ to secure MORE $’s for their countries’ LEADERS to squander!

    bho, at ‘the drop of a hat’ can send our soldiers to Baghdad and weapons to our avowed enemies who will confiscate them to kill Americans, Jews, Christians, and destroy Israel – the only Democracy in the Mid-East, but he does nothing to ‘free an American soldier jailed in Mexico and an American Pastor jailed in Iran or free an American Pastor, his wfe and two children from continued persecution in Sudan’!

    The proposal by the bho WH Adm is ANOTHER WAY TOWARD ACHIEVING AMNESTY in the coming months/years, and his HS leader will NOT tell Americans IF/WHEN illegals/refugees will be DEPORTED? JB

  6. Welcome, more illegals — and your families — and your and their descendants — to a nation that is already full of uneducated, unskilled, unemployed workers.

  7. The next time I have to hand over my passport at an airport or cruise terminal my head might explode. I am a blonde, blue-eyed, senior female of Norwegian descent yet I always get grilled as if I’m some sort of sneak freak trying to get something past the agents.

    I’m quite certain I couldn’t get past the Mexico border and into the US without the same sort of hassle, yet tens of thousands of illegal aliens are allowed in.

    Yes, I am furious. It must be close to time for the tea trolley.

    • 50,000+ ILLEGALS from Mexico/Central American shit-holes walk into the USA…
      BUT if I (a US CITIZEN & US VET) want to fly from Philadelphia to Minneapolis I have to provide ID & GO THRU a DHS pat-down as a ‘suspect’…

      • Yes, we have to go through the TSA routine, but apparently northbound busses full of illegals are somehow allowed to cross our border unchallenged. Or do the busses disgorge the illegal aliens on the other side of the border and then they are simply allowed to walk into the US? That’s what I’d like to know.

        What the #%@* is going on?!?

        The tea trolley provided no stress relief this evening :(

  8. I guess we better pony up fed money–even if the ones coming today were to be sent back, they still have days of being fed, cleaned and cared for…and the local govts did not do this and should not have to pay. As for the ever-popular disease stuff–I think there is much more of a chance of horrible norovirus outbreaks from those overstuffed detention centers than anything people are bringing in. They can’t be too sick if they made the journey.

    • Your last sentence is illogical. You think they’re carrying clean bill of health papers from Central America? Fox reporter Mr. Starnes has several witnesses at Lackland AFB who will stand by their word that they are seeing children with the symptoms of tuberculosis including coughing up blood.

      • I am saying a really sick person could not cling to the top of a box car for 36 hrs or even ride in a bus…Could you? If you were weak and sick? Maybe some kids do have TB–they should test for that. The course of treatment is difficult–they would need to stay. Kids should get vaccines, adults too–even if they go back they will be better off. Someone I otherwise respect emailed me today that we would all get leprosy from these people–we might give it to them, they have it in Louisiana still. To me these are unsubstantiated, many of these statements, and ugly. This is not how I think of Americans. I guess I am just stupid bec I think our fortunate accident of birth (here) means we can whale on others. Oh, well, I will shut up–I see this is a hate place now. Am I wrong?

        • I feel terrible for these children. I feel they should be given shots, etc. fed. Than the money needs to be spent on sending them back home. Not searching for love here.
          This is not one or two people trickling over the UNGUARDED border, it is thousands.
          I am more concerned of a bad person squeezing in the U.S. than all the innocent children that were sent by family

        • Star, you are mostly wrong. This is a protect-and-defend-our-homeland place — not a “hate place”.

          Those kids and families can be cared for in THEIR homeland with the work of charitable organizations as we have always done for children in many nations around the world.

        • You are so wrong, its not funny. We might all get the plague from these children, terrorists, or whatever else is coming in here. Be afraid, very afraid of this so-called President of United States of America and most of all, he is a criminal who is violating law after law after law and no one is stopping him, so i guess we deserve what is happening. It is so blatently illegal what he is doing and still, the Republicans have not defunded his illegal activities, as they are in cahoots with the democrats, who are stupid, mentally challenged, murderers of milions of babies, etc., etc., etc. He is stupid, mentally-challenged, viscious, anti-American, racist, to do this to our beloved country.

          • We have the bubonic plague here in the desert in AZ. A lot of this is agitprop! Come on. Let’s vaccinate everybody–try to get a herd immunity if you are so worried–then when they are sent back, they are ahead of the game. A little anyhow. I hear things about how we don’t “have a country” anymore–that is not true–I am sitting in it. Or churches are just helping to get members not because Jesus said to. Are we really so anxious to get at this peevish, childish and ineffective president that we spit on little kids?

      • There are already 120 people quarantined with H1N1 in Texas.

        I’m a Canadian and not entitled to comment on this situation, I suppose. But honestly, I cannot believe that this entire mess hasn’t been orchestrated by Barry and his minions to bankrupt the USA, and/or to cause enough civil unrest that martial law will be declared.

        It’s fine to feel sorry for these “children”, but they are not America’s problem! They are the problem, and the responsibility, of the countries from which they come. If they are sick they should never have been sent in the first place, but having arrived, they should be sent back forthwith. Ellis Island existed for a reason. Health and safety regulations exist for a reason. But the bottom line is this: they are ILLEGAL immigrants. What part of Illegal don’t people understand?

        • Since you mention Ellis Island–that was a simpler time. Irish immigrants, say, did not fill out paperwork in Ireland, wait yrs, then get the go-ahead–they came, some in the low teens or even lower, never to see their parents again–and when they got offshore they went to this isolated island called Ellis Island, to be recorded, checked in, and medically evaluated. If they were OK–they left to seek their fortune. This is how it worked. I am not sure it can be that way again–or even should be–but this influx is a version of that.

  9. I didn’t see anything in there about enforcing the law or securing the border. Screw ’em — let them get the money from other departments, double up, work harder, eliminate some bonuses, — I can’t think of a lot of ideas to remove them that won’t cost 37 billion — . Escort them across the border and let Mexico assist them back to their countries, the same way they assisted them across Mexico and into the United States.

    Heck, Valerie Jarrett’s secret service detail costs alone would pay for some exits. Or what about some of the bonuses to the IRS and the VA. What about a little belt tightening and shifting of resources.

    Who am I kidding? The taxpayer dollars will go flowing to the illegals — and it will be a priority before Congress leaves for its long long long undeserved summer holiday.

        • I have no problem with a fence and crossing pts where people are checked. I would even be for a bill that no illegal entrant can EVER be a citizen–this would eliminate the getting Dem voters riff. And it’s a penalty.But I don’t like this scathing hatred and meanness and spitting etc.

          • Star, I have read your posts, and I believe the readers of WHD are people who are very caring individuals like you. I believe that many feel that this site is a place to rant and to spout off freely. Sometimes people can shock themselves with outburst upon which they would never act!

            Many of us reflect our own and the other citizens’ frustration and anger with what is obviously the deliberate orchestrated ‘humanitarian crisis’ instigated by the WH to FORCE Immigration Reform – a plan that includes forms of ‘amnesty’ – for illegals already’ in the USA and for the flood of children coming here over the past 9+ months.

            Lawyers, social workers, medical personnel, vendors will be hired by the Fed Gov’t to ‘handle’ immigration issues, thus creating more gov’t jobs to process illegals/refugees.

            Years ago when President Bush and others pushed for fences along the Border, the EPA and wildlife groups complained that a fence would impede migration of animals…! Where parts of the fence were built, illegals have been thwarted!

            Gov’t created CHAOS is designed to divide and conquer the masses, BUT we must not be duped into the schemes to further plunge Americans into ‘gov’t dependency’! The answer is to ‘Change DC’ personnel who are suppose to be working to protect us from further ‘gov’t over-reach of power’ in our Nation. jb

          • Also I would like to add into the mix the meeting that Valerie Jarrett had with pro immigration groups that President Obama and Vice President Biden attended as well. It was clear from that meeting that they were unhappy with Obama and that he assented to push then for immigration. Although I think this onslaught of illegals was pre arranged and is not out of control, this meeting also betrayed the mindset to use this as a politicial tool. There is detail of this meeting at National Journal in an article by Major Garrett (sp).

            This is purposeful chaos and if anything, Obama is once again using children as shields and for poltiical purposes. So, if there is ill will, it is on the part of the Administration so spare me please all the crap about a humanitarian crisis — it is a crisis created by the policies of this administration. And someone should fire Valerie Jarrett and impeach Eric Holder and that creepy DHS guy — Jeh.

          • I certainly don’t hate people from Latin American countries. I employ a housekeeper who is originally from Costa Rica. She and her husband entered the US legally after a long and costly process and they have to report to their embassy in Atlanta on a regular schedule to renew their status.

          • Probably more than half the Hispanic people we deal with in AZ are here illegally–you don’t know. No, as I said–I don’t believe we should have open borders, no system, one big party–but I also don’t believe we should abandon our decency. I don’t intend to. I didn’t ask to be born American–they didn’t ask to be born Honduran or whatever. If my heart is bleeding too much for some of you, so be it.

  10. Off topic: Air raid sirens going off in Isreal.
    No casualties at this point.
    Witness sees explosions over Tel Aviv.
    Shelters were opened.
    Fox news.
    and Drudge

    • I also read that the Palestinians destroyed Israel’s new light rail system. They’ve literally been pulling it up piece by piece.

      I’m really afraid for Israel. It looks like war, there are more terrorists and terrorist states who can gang up on Israel, and I doubt that Obama will send any help.

    • I think at this point Israel should really use the big bomb on these Palestinians. Enough is enough, even if it means the end of Israel also. For the Palestinians to have murdered the three innocent young boys out of hatred for Israel, it is not only Hamas that is responsible, it is all of the Palestinians, they don’t want anything but blood, that is their desire, they could have had a state and all that they wanted when Clinton was President, but the Palestinians are just plain blood-thirsty and do not want to live right, all they want is revenge, that is their true nature and always has been, they have been brought up to hate everyone but themselves.

  11. Ask yourself this question fellow citizens: What kind of a creature would be so inhumanly devoid of a conscience as to use these illegal children for their political power ends and without a second thought put them at risk for disease, injury, sexual exploitation, and risk of death in such a cold blooded and calculated manner? The answer: Dictator Obama, his fellow communists in his regime and in the Democrat Communist Party. Scary people to say the least.

    Make no mistake about it fellow citizens, these fanatical democrat party communists are our mortal enemies and will not rest until they have crushed all dissent and liberty out of us using utterly ruthless and murderous methods. Ice water flows through their veins and they will stop at nothing to achieve their end of totalitarian rule.

    In order to win this unconditional war against our country and we, the people, we must not give an inch on any issue. Compromise with these democrat party communists is nothing more than a slow surrender.

    We will win in the end because we are the real Americans. Do not despair, rather fight harder.

  12. Did I just hear correctly? Did Cavuto just say we may be spending part of the $3.7B to bring the parent(s) of the minors to the US so that they can attend their kid’s immigration hearing??? They can plead their kid’s case???
    Say it isn’t so!
    Obama must think we are stupid – really stupid. All I can say is we can’t take our eye off that guy, Obama, for a second. He’s apt to clean out all of Central America and have them on our doorstep by this Novemeber.

  13. How can you come up with a plan to spend $3.7 BILLION that quickly and not think there is $3.69999 billion in waste? This is beyond my comprehension.

    • A million here, million there, soon it’s in the billions. We have union loyalists looking for work, lefty judges and attorneys who don’t work for peanuts, empty buildings owned by Dem supporters, providers of new underwear, tennis shoes, and every other necessary items, and of course…it costs money to bus and fly people around the country.
      So…a couple of billions for our friends and presto..crisis over.

  14. Oh well, gee, huh. 2010, Arizona tried to stem the onslaught of illegals heading into our country and we got slammed, beat up, sued, boycotted, and just generally bullied by almost everyone. Family and friends from the east coast were properly shamed by all us Arizonans who were obviously “mean old racists”.
    Now, we’re in deeper than we could have imagined. And it’s too late, now.
    2010, four years ago, this all could have been prevented.

  15. Let’s see. I believe the money would be better spent by buying airplane tickets for them and sending them all back from whence they came.

    • Who is paying for buses and airplanes to take illegal immigrants to other states and cities? Who, or what organization, decides which illegals travel to particular cities?

      Who owns those buses and airplanes? Who gives them identification?

      What is becoming clear is that such plans have been ‘in the making’ for months/years! jb

  16. If the Republicans were smart which I know is a stretch they would say OK but take it from the IRS and NSA budgets.

  17. I called my congressman emphasizing my opposition to any money for this enterprise. Let him use his executive salary and budget to take care of them.
    Bring the kids to the White House so Michelle can feed them her gunk. They’ll quickly head back to their countries.

  18. From what I hear from some is that Republicans are not going for this — and that there are calls to send the National Guard to the border to secure it (and hopefully close it down) — before any of this is considered.

    No matter what they do the Republicans are going to take it on the chin, so I would prefer that they try and get some tough resolution. Not hopeful, but this is a crisis.

  19. Mother Theresa Pelosi said she wished she could take them all home with her.

    Clearly she has forgotten that she owns a large non union vineyard with more than enough land to set up a nicely tented illegal alien processing center for all of them. During the day she can circulate ….

    • Pelosi is such a liar! Do you believe that? If she wanted to take them home, she would have taken at least one of them a long time ago! Everything she says is just to get shock attention. She is typical of this Administration, crazy and dangerous.

  20. Ib 2007 AZ put a man with active TB in solitary confinement in hospital for 6 months because he was non-compliant wouldn’t do his TB meds, despite the state dept. of health providing him with meds. Finally they took him into custody. But now it is OK for hundreds of TB infected people to randomly be turned lose on our kids, families and places of employment (restaurants,airplanes, hospitals, stores, etc) link follows BY THE WAY…this guy ended up back in Russia. Seems the ACLU got him released from AZ detention and then he left CO and went back to Russia “for treatment”.

  21. The money is going towards “processing” them for food stamps, child and mother assistance, housing etc. Not one of these people will be sent back. This whole thing is a farce and I think we all know it. The administration will throw out another shiny ball by next week and this will be forgotten, just like everything else.