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The Obama Morning News || July 8, 2014

Obama backs off request for authority . . . Associated Press
President Obama is holding off for now on seeking new legal authority to send unaccompanied migrant kids back home faster from the Southern border, following criticism that the administration’s planned changes were too harsh.

Boehner to Obama: Immigration next year . . . Breitbart
House Speaker John Boehner reportedly told Obama that there would be a good chance of passing a comprehensive amnesty bill in the next Congress, which the GOP may control.

WH: Most kids at border won’t stay . . . Associated Press
The White House said Monday that most unaccompanied children arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border are unlikely to qualify for humanitarian relief that would prevent them from being sent back from their home countries.

Dem: Obama risking “Katrina moment” . . . Newsmax
Rep. Henry Cuellar, a Texas Democrat, warns that Obama could be facing his own “Katrina moment” if he refuses to visit the border facilities housing Central American children. 

Perry to Obama: No handshake . . . Politico
Texas Gov. Rick Perry declined an official White House offer to greet Obama when he lands at Austin’s airport Wednesday.

Dems to try to reverse Court on birth control . . . The Hill
Democrats want to lure Republicans into a fight over birth control with legislation to reverse the Supreme Court’s decision that ObamaCare may not require certain businesses to include contraception in their employee health coverage.

Some on Left want Ginsburg out . . . The Hill
Some think the court’s oldest member, who at 81 has battled colon and pancreatic cancer, should strongly consider announcing her retirement sooner rather than later to give Obama a chance to nominate her successor while Democrats still control the Senate.

Senate Dems: What’s Obamacare? . . . Associated Press
For Republicans, it’s all about tying Democrats to Obama — especially to a health care law that remains unpopular with many Americans. And for Democrats, the election is about just about anything else.

Biden used the term “Tea Baggers” . . . National Review
Vice president Joe Biden disparaged gun-rights advocates as “tea baggers,” CNN host John Walsh told reporters.

11 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || July 8, 2014”

  1. I just read the article on Perry. It states Jarret responded to Perry, inviting the governer to a round table discussion on the border situation with local officials and faith leaders.
    As I was typing this, I noticed on Fox that O is going to meet with Perry.
    I want that to be televised live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. CNN headline: “Obama offers to meet with Perry”. Ugh…shouldn’t it be: “Obama finally accepts Perry’s offer to meet on Border Crisis”. Oh, and another CNN headline (paraphrased) “Border Town Center of IMMIGRATION DEBATE” (my emphasis). This influx of unaccompanied illegal children is not an “immigration debate”!

  3. Well, if Jarrett responded to Perry and Perry and Obama are going to meet I do not see good things down the road for Governor Perry. This is a lawless administration run by thugs and people with no concern for America’s sovereignty. My money is on the thugs threatening Perry.

    1. I still respect Perry for refusing to just shake his hand on the tarmac. I am looking forward to what Perry has to say after this little meeting. Is he going to speak as strong agaist what O is doing, or is he going to all of a sudden be silent?

      1. I saw this, and I agree. Hope Perry brings the Texas Rangers.

        Jarrett appeared to take him up on the offer, inviting him to a meeting
        on Wednesday in Dallas “with faith leaders and local elected

        Perry walking into a gang bang.

  4. Obama and the hard left would like to make Ginsburg’s replacement an election issue in November (abortion and all kinds of unheard of “rights”), but I think time is running out on that. Congress takes a huge vacation every August, and all of the House and one-third of the Senate will want to use all their time campaigning. Also as a big distraction from the growing number of scandals.

  5. The UN is ordering the US to treat the illegals as refugees. Oh my, are we already a part of a global world government? Of course, Obama may have asked the UN to do this through Samatha Power. (on Weasel Zippers)

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