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Chaffetz: Romney will Run and Win

The Utah Republican told Chris Matthews on Hardball Monday that Mitt Romney is going to get in.

I think he actually is going to run for president. He probably doesn’t want me to say that.

A hundred times he says he’s not, but Mitt Romney has always accomplished what he’s set out to do. I think he’s proven right on a lot of stuff. I happen to be in the camp that thinks he’s actually going to run, and I think he will be the next president of the United States.

Romney redux? What do you think?

59 thoughts on “Chaffetz: Romney will Run and Win”

  1. I’ve run “hot” (more like very warm) and “cold” on him but I think he’d walk away with it if he did and we DESPERATELY need a crisis specialist in the Oval Office to clean up this mess and take out all the fat and waste in the federal government and it’s hard to think of anyone better than Romney for that skill-set. I worry about his squishy conservative cred but he’s a VERY GOOD man. Read again: a very GOOD man. He’s DEEPLY honorable, OVER-THE-TOP charitable, and OMG… Wouldn’t you LOVE to have some CLASS back in the WH???? Ann Romney would make an EPIC First Lady.

    I would FULLY support a Romney 3rd try and the 3rd time, they say… is the charm.

  2. While I greatly admire Mr. Romney, America had the chance to do the right thing and elect him, and failed. I don’t think he should run again, as much as I wish he was President today.

  3. i wanted him the first time he ran and McCain won the republican nom. I really wanted him the second time when Obama won the president for the second time. I have a very healthy respect for a man that doesn’t blame and toot his horn all the time. he’s got more class in his little finger than Obama has in his whole body and soul!! I truly believe that he has the knowledge, will and drive to turn this country around. to me, it’s more important to get the economy going that to have every social issue covered. I think the states should take care of the social issues, not the federal government. as we’re seeing, they’re doing a jim dandy job!!!

  4. To win he has to win over the 22 year old voters. They are the largest segment of the population. It seems like they are more interested in social issues rather than economic ones. He will need to talk about jobs, jobs, jobs to attract them.

    1. By coincidence, the lead story on the web NYT is how younger voters are, wait….voting Republican! Can you imagine how hard it was for the NYT to pen such vile thoughts? :-)

      I adore the Romney family, think Mitt would be a stellar president, and would vote for him in a nanosecond. Heck, there should be no shame in running again. Hillary doesn’t get flack for her second try. Why should Mitt?

      1. He’d be great but I am losing hope for him. That Hillary is so awful, everything out of her mouth is untrue! I really do hope that she will just retire like a normal person would do at her age and with her damaged brain.

    2. With younger voters it’s the message, the message,the message. Keep it simple, keep it real.

      The Repubs don’t seem to be able to think outside the box when it comes to messaging.

      Romney should go for it. In 2012 after the first debate my daughter’s friends(who are in their 20’s) were all pro-Romney–he really impressed them. He lost them in the other 2 debates. So if eh runs again he should do what sports teams do. Pull up the vide oif the first debate and look at what he did right then repeat, repeat, repeat.

    1. As much as I admire Mitt Romney, I think he would lose if he ran for president for the same reason he lost in 2012. He is perceived by too many people as being out of touch with ordinary Americans. It’s a real shame, as he is so capable. But I just don’t see it happening.

      1. Mitt lost in 2012 because of the media – plain and simple. And, it is sure that the media would give him the same treatment if he ran again. But – if Mitt really jumped in and blasted the Democrats’ record, he could probably negate the media’s personal attacks.

      2. The msm & liberal rich people persuaded the masses that Romney is a big bad corporate wolf. So many young voters have adopted the hate of corporations, just as the media has told them to. “I’m not working for The Man”-
        We are constantly bombarded with lib hate media, & govt. education is at an all time low. . . Too many voters have their programmed opinion of Romney, no matter how good a job he could do fixing 0’s mess.
        I do admire his God loving character.

    1. Just curious, would Hillary have to have someone young also? Or does she get an automatic pass because she’s a woman? This is not snark, I think you raised a very interesting topic.

  5. Before the next election, there needs to be a fix to the proof of a person voting. There was never an investigation of the double voting by one person, votes from people who were not even alive, etc.
    That problem like all other problems was just swept under the rug.

  6. I like Romney. But this is a different America. This is an America of the left, and it is fraught with fraud and corruption and demagoguery. Scott Walker has been in the fray with the unhinged, and is better equipped for the street fight.

      1. Not sure either comes across as a street fighter. Walker, for some reason, never registers with me… I think Romney in the past yrs–and that film–comes off with more personality–the $20K bet is even a little quirky and endearing…maybe I have sunstroke. Never mind. I can’t see Walker playing practical jokes, holing up in the fam compound with a bunch of grandkids to talk to, actually turning around the Olys, etc.

        1. Walker has a good book out Unintimidated. I have only read excerpts. One thing that stuck with me in an interview about the book was a comment he made, that not only was he intimidated by the left but so was his family. I remember when the crazies went to his house and his son was the there alone. But he has even less of a charisma to sell than Romney. On the other hand, Mr. the current Mr. Charisma should be enough to get us off that as a reason to vote. 2 cents.

          1. If some crazies came to Romney’s, he could hand them twenty kay to go away. No muss, no fuss, no tweets. Just git. Oh, well–it’s a nice fantasy.

      1. There are a lot of potentially good candidates out there.
        Rick Perry is another one that has proven himself.
        Ted Cruz, Mike Lee are also in the mix although they have never been a governor.

        1. I like Mike Lee so much! To me whatever he says is brilliant. I love to hear him speak, we have to pray that the liberals (communists) are thrown the heck out.

    1. Yes, but didn’t Reagan lose in the primaries? The one time Reagan was the nominee he won if I have the plot. Has someone who lost the election come back and won again? Besides the Grover Cleveland episode. I don’t recall anyone losing the general election and coming back.

      Setting that aside, someone commented on the 22 year olds. Is the bloom off the rose? I wonder if the menials…oops i mean Millennials are starting to get it? I wonder how much mud the left threw at him has dried and dusted off? I don’t think they can run the same playbook on Romney again. Romney could run on the “see i told you so” platform? He wouldn’t… but he could.

      Yes, I would vote for him.

  7. Governor Romney would be a great President, no doubt! If the 2012 election was held now he would win in a landslide. However, he will not win in 2016. The Republicans need to have a younger candidate as President. I believe they need to do what they did with Bush/Cheney in 2000. A younger Presidential Candidate with Romney as the VP running mate. Romney is not going to bring Massachusetts with him in the Electoral College to help the ticket like Johnson did with Kennedy. Romney will bring gravitas like Cheney. I was thrilled Cheney was in the WH during 9/11. Our country will still be facing financial crisis’ in 2016 and Romney would be the perfect point man.

    I hope the Republican party will look to their group Governors instead of a Senator for the next Candidate. Obama has proven Senators can’t Govern. Nixon, Reagan, GW were all Governors. One could argue Eisenhower governed during WWII. Bush 41 was a great President just poor politician. He learn to govern in his 8 years as an active VP under a great President. Dole and McCain were horrible Candidates.

    Walker,Perry,Jeb,Jindal would great candidates. I don’t believe Christie will be a good candiate. I like John Kasich as well,extremely qualified, but he is lacking the charisma.

      1. Agree about Jeb Bush: he is too committed to “immigration reform” and Common Core. (Speaking of Bush, have you noticed Fox has been having Brit Hume on quite a bit lately? He is the other Bush consigliere–besides Rove–and he has been supporting Obama’s actions on “immigration”.)

        I don’t like Kasich for those reasons: he has gone along with Obama on too many issues because he wants the federal money going to his state. Unlike Walker, he has accepted participation in Obamacare for the state of OH. But then, you’re from OH, aren’t you, so you know that already?

      2. I understand your point about no more Bushes. The sad thing is if his name was Jeb Smith he would be a front runner or he would be President now. It is sad that we have to project the sins of the Father and Brother onto him (something the Klingons would do). His record as Governor of Florida was outstanding. I truly feel he would be the best President of the three.

        I forgot another person from FLA……..Joe Scarborough. I could see him as President with Mika as First Lady!

  8. Nice guy, way better than what is in the White House today, but part of the old dog establishment RINO’s. Supports immigration reform. No thank you. Next!

  9. I will keep an open mind, but I will not vote for anyone who is 1) pro amnesty and 2) pro Common Core. I would worry about Romney being another Chamber of Commerce type of candidate. Right now the only “immigration reform” I want to see is the border becoming watertight. That goes for Walker too.

    Romney also would still bring his history–I almost said baggage–of Romney Care to the fight.

    1. Yes, the health care issue would raise it’s ugly head once again.
      I think that a lot depends on the outcome of the 2014 election.
      If we can’t take control of the congress, Obama will run roughshod over this Country like we have never seen before.

  10. No…Romney had his chance and ran a terrible campaign. He would back off of Hillary, the same way that he backed off of Obama. He has no fire in the belly or conservative zeal or fervor. Some of the things that he has been saying policy wise this year have been appalling…including some of the candidates he has supported. I say no to all throw backs! there is some one out there who is the right one…I think we should be patient and not settle because we are frustrated.

    1. Well put.
      I remember that I couldn’t believe why he didn’t fight harder.
      Although, you must remember who he was up against.
      Obama defeated the Clintons.

  11. We had the opportunity to elect a genuinely good man, smart, charitable, thoughtful and as we now learn, right on a variety of issues that earned him nothing other than derision. I wish he were more of a Conservative than he is, but he’s plenty Conservative enough as compared to Hillary, Obama or Elizabeth Warren.

    I’d like to have someone in the White House with an obvious moral center and a respect for American traditions.

  12. It would be another GOP disaster. My christian friends stayed home from voting last time, why ? Because they did not want to vote for a Mormon! And the dems have successfully painted Mitt as bad guy.

    I like Mitt and voted for him. The christian thing is the only thing I can see that lost him the last election.
    At least this is my take.

    1. I’d amend your comment: your SO-CALLED “Christian friends” didn’t vote for Mitt because he was a Mormon.

      a real Christian wouldn’t have let that stop him.

    2. You are right on! That is exactly what happened. The Christians didn’t vote because he was a Morman…so by not voting this no nothing, done nothing got elected. Wonder if they regret their mistake!

  13. Hark back to Nixon after the 1960 election. Ran for CA governor and lost. Told the press, “You won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore!” Regrouped and became President in 1968.

    Romney has far fewer negatives than Nixon. He could do it. I’d vote for him. He’s a man of integrity and determination.

  14. I would love it if Romney ran again. I’d vote for him in a second.

    that recent Pew polled shows there is a lot of buyer’s remorse out there. plus, a lot of the “negatives” about Romney are already well known. I mean, what are they gonna do, keep harping on the dog on top of the car? that’s going to strike people as pretty silly.

    but one thing, though. this time, Mitt? please? no Paul Ryan. Susana Martinez for vice president!

  15. I hope Chaffetz knows what he’s talking about. I’d vote for him again in a NY minute. Didn’t Ronald Regan run for pres 3 times? And thank god he did.

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