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Cecilia Munoz Can’t Explain Obama’s Absence from the Border

Have a look at this. White House Immigration Czar Cecilia Munoz is grilled by normally Obama-friendly Alex Wagner of MSNBC about why Obama isn’t going to visit the border during his stop in Texas – and will attend three fundraisers instead.

She has no answer because there is no answer.

At this point, the only explanation I can think of is pure presidential stubbornness and unwillingness to admit he has made a mistake.

Prediction: Obama will go to the border. I mean, this is ridiculous.

45 thoughts on “Cecilia Munoz Can’t Explain Obama’s Absence from the Border”

  1. Josh said he can’t be everywhere at once, that shut up the WHPC ;)

    Is anyone in this administration on the same page? Hellooooo, anybody home ;)

    Seriously, I don’t think BO NEEDS to be at the border since he (and Josh) have reassured us BO has people taking care of things. /sarc

  2. “The President is focused…”
    How many times have we heard that phrase?
    All these Czars (are we frickin’ Russia?) know how to do is insert words into every sound bite – endless words – one after another – rapid words – does not matter if they answer any question or have any meaning – empty, meaningless, useless words, words, words.
    Just because you can speak it does not mean it is truth.
    I can no longer listen.
    My ears are bleeding.

    1. Thank you for mentioning the issue of the Czar’s!
      We just let them continue to name one after the other.
      Who is in charge of making sure we don’t start naming people with name/titles that Russia uses?

      1. the Czar thing has been a fiasco since the Reagan years.
        why do we have highly paid advisors who aren’t voted on, and who have actual policy power?

        it’s un-American.

  3. Why should he go to the border? His first ‘coup’. against the U.S…and he blew it. What’s he gonna do? Apologize to the ‘refugees’ for screwing up their life for a week or two? They know, and we know, that all will be forgiven as soon as the bennies kick in and the ‘best and brightest’ of us all settle in to their new life in ObamaWorld.
    In the meantime, FOX is reporting that Obama is reneging on his promise to fast-track deportations. He doesn’t appear to be in any great hurry now…nothing to see…move along.

  4. That was actually painful to watch. This group of complete amateurs really have no idea of what they are doing. They only know how to campaign, fund raise, and spin/lie. They don’t know, or even worse don’t care what their policies do to hurt the American people.

  5. I also agree that he’ll go, and has planned to go for the last week. Watch. It’s a physiological game he plays. Everyone will say “he won’t even go to the border to see the mess he caused. Then, an “unexpected” visit, will prompt the American people into thinking, “Hey I was wrong. How dare I think ill of this great man. Shame on me”.

      1. I don’t know…it was tough enough for him to consent to meet with Gov. Perry. If he is photographed at the border, with all the chaos which he can’t blame on the Republicans, it looks as bad as if he didn’t go at all. Did you note that the other participants at the meeting with 0 are clergymen, who are typically pro-amnesty? THAT should be a meaningful discussion.

        1. That meeting with “faith leaders” and Obama and Perry will go very badly for Perry. Anything Valerie Jarrett touches turns to sh*t for everybody but Obama.

        2. I think I agree with Ellen. If he stands amidst the packed in sleepers and tries to look horrified–people will expect him to do something about it. If he doesn’t look horrified and just blabs, he will come off as even phonier than usual, all talk no walk. If he changes a diaper (which could be a first), it will read as a photo op moment. There is no win. Better to meet with Cath leaders 500 miles away and talk them into taking in the kids, even though he screwed them over on birth control.

  6. My only regret of having a wildly successful, self-supporting, w/grandchildren firstborn (his dream job accomplished), he can’t talk about his job. Ever. I sent him a text….How was your day in Denver today, asking for a friend….nothing. I can’t say anymore, but I know he’s not happy ;) It’s a mom thing, I know.

  7. So you think Obama will end up at the border, Keith? Could be, could be, but if he does, it will be a very sanitized photo-op affair and he will be greeted like a messiah. That’s one of the reasons he does not want anyone taking pictures in the general or people who know talking about the real conditions on the ground.

  8. She had to tell her she wasn’t answering her question over and over. She has no excuse because Obama has bigger fish to fry and that’s MONEEEYYY!

  9. Anita is a La Raza member. Good for her! Another appointed official who has a chip on her shoulder about being Hispanic/Latino or whatever she wants to call herself.

  10. Obama will visit the border as soon as the WhIte House can find some kids that he can kick a soccer ball around with.

    It’s all about a good photo op for our rockstar president.

  11. If I never see or hear from Cecilia Munoz or La Raza or any other of this ilk making demands of Americans it will be just fine with me.

  12. The Czar seems to be more focused on politically correct hand gestures than substantive comment. It’s not nice to point, you know. bho is so deliberate with his non-pointing hand maneuvers – it’s sickening, really. But, that’s the kind of rubbish that sticks with these people. WORTHLESS all of them!

  13. Its very simple, he doesn’t want to go to the border and hug the diseased illiterates that he wants US TO BE IN CONTACT WITH! That’s number one, number two is that he is afraid to go to the border, he’s a coward, his thugs told him that it might be dangerous for him to go and he’s a sissy, a coward, his cowardice has been so obvious, as everytime the heat is on for him with scandals, etc., he starts to go away, travel out of the heat. He’s a real loser and he is laughing at us because he is pure evil.

  14. it seems to me that this Czarina Munoz needs to go to a Toastmasters meeting in order to learn how to speak. Saying, “so” at the beginning of every sentence is ridiculous and pointing her thumb in an aggressive manner is a major no-no.

  15. IF he goes to the border, it will because the regime has determined it can be done in a way that will allow the dictator to denigrate the opposition and their refusal to “pass comprehensive immigration reform.”

    It needs to be understood from the regime’s perspective and motivations: He offers no action to resolve the problem because he does not view the long term outcome as a problem. He does not wish sickness and disease and hardship of the current situation, but he understands those are the side effects to be endured on the road to the desired result – more slaves on the Democrat plantation.

  16. That woman right there is responsible for this mess. She is the former head of La Raza and has been advising Obama on immigration policy, which is code for letting as many from central America in and nowhere else. Immigration these days is only referred to in terms of one group’s aspirations. There is a whole world out there besides central america.

  17. Obama’s got a sense of order
    Compelling him to avoid the border.
    If you want him there you’re just a fool.
    Don’t you know he’s got to shoot pool?
    You’ve got to understand this man!
    You’re not even human if you’re not a fan!
    He’s the greatest mind to ever live!
    His wonders to the world he’ll give!
    His people who are really true
    Are a worshipful and faithful crew.
    If you don’t like him, you are bad!
    You’re dirty scum, and that is sad.
    You’re life’s in error in everything,
    So get on board and worship your king!

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  20. Why do we have a pro illegal La Raza foreign agent as a USA cabinet member? President Obama wants the USA citizens to take him seriously as he plays politics with this country’s laws.. disgraceful

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