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WH: Obama’s Not Going to the Border and Who Cares?

This one really takes the cake. Takes the cake and eats it too.

Okay that’s not a phrase, but everything with this administration seems unprecedented.

President Obama’s aides are saying privately and publicly that when he visits Texas Wednesday and Thursday, he will not head to the Mexican border to view firsthand the devastation wrought by his immigration policies.

He doesn’t think it’s his fault, but it is.

But that’s not the point. He’s going to be in the neighborhood, and instead of going to show his interest in a matter that has people and communities in a state of crisis, he will be attending three fundraisers in the state.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today said the president doesn’t care how it looks.

QUESTION: You said this is an urgent humanitarian situation. Are you not at all concerned about the optics of the president flying to Texas to raise political money but he cannot go see the humanitarian situation?

JOSH EARNEST: We are not worried about those optics, George, because the president is very aware of the situation that exists some the Southwest border. Senior administration officials, from the Secretary of Homeland Security, the secretary of HHS,  top CBP officials, even senior White House officials have traveled in the last couple of weeks to the Southwest border. What they have seen is troubling: this influx of illegal migration from Central America . . . 

The president is well aware of what is happening along the Southwest border, that is why you have seen a wide range of steps to enforce the law. 

Five hours for golf, every Saturday. But no time to head to the border and get briefed directly about what’s going on and light some fires under some asses to make sure things are getting done.

If Republicans needed further proof that Obama does not care about stemming illegal immigration, which is supposed to be the cornerstone of any “immigration reform” package, this is it.

78 thoughts on “WH: Obama’s Not Going to the Border and Who Cares?”

      1. The money is not for processing them to send them home….the money will be used to process them for food stamps, women and children benefits, housing etc. None of these people will be deported….

      2. Why not take the now nearly $4 Billion, and rather than put another pretty band aid on the problem, use the money and finish a border fence that might solve the problem?

        Someone once commented on futile rescue efforts at the bottom of a cliff for a never-ending stream of people falling over the cliff — rather than just putting up a barrier to end the problem.

        Seems like a reasonable choice here, as well.

      1. Or like flying out west for a fundraiser after 4 Americans were killed in Benghazi? Or being hands off during the entire Benghazi assault?

        1. Exactly! when are people going to realise that Obama does not give a crap about how things look or what people think. This is the single minded pursuit of the narcissist…it is all about me, me, me all the time 24/7.

  1. I don’t understand. They seem to be not having any trouble dropping off the kids to their relatives right here in the U.S.A.
    Has anyone explained how they have done such a thing?
    If they are able to drop off the kids to relatives hear, WHY aren’t they spending our TAX dollars to fly them home and drop them at relatives back at home? Also stick a note stating charges will be filed if they do such a harmful thing to their kids again.
    Can anyone here imagine if we shipped 300,000 people (kids) without having proper shots and health records to another Country?
    That Country would be blowing a gasket.

    1. I didn’t mention those are just a couple of questions the Press Secretary should be asked. If anyone in the Press is to scared, then someone at the fund raiser should yell the same questions to O himself.

      1. I should have noted it as partial sarc.
        It is just very odd that they are dropping off many of the kids with relatives. How are they making sure the right kid is being dropped (WITHOUT AN ID) at relatives homes in U.S.
        I was making the point if it is so easy to find all the relatives here and getting on planes here without ID, why can’t they do the same in bringing them home. 300,000 kids since April!!!
        This getting out of hand. In other Countries little kids play and use deadly devices. We are getting very lapse in protecting our selves. Here is another situation where the bad guys are laughing their tails off at us. They must have some type of gambling game betting what stupid things are going to happen here next.

      1. I understand. However they think it is OK to drop all these kids all over America. No one is putting a stop to this flow of people walking over like they have been invited to dinner.

        1. The first people to “host” these so-called kids should be anyone with an Obama sticker on their car. Then, the talking heads on the TV should get a couple each, starting with Juan Williams. He needs at least four in his own home. Registered Dem voters would get two each to house and feed. Every member of Congress who has not criticized obama for this debacle should get at least six since they are paid big money for what they do and most of them have at least TWO homes. What say ye?

    2. Don’t even bother to send up your blood pressure; the democrats are the creatures of Hispanic ethnic front groups and Latin American governments….America has become a free for all for one particular group of people and if you complain…..they drag out and dust off the usual insults…rascists, hate brown people, Hispanics built this country etc. Well, I have news for them, a lot of immigrants built this country; the Chinese, the Japanese, the Irish, the Italians etc., but you don’t see those countries shipping their citizens here en masse.

  2. “The president is well aware of what is happening along the Southwest border…” Of course he is, that’s the way he planned it.
    “…that is why you have seen a wide range of steps to enforce the law”.
    Bovine fecal matter.
    Fundraiser in Chief has more important things to do.

    1. What laws are they enforcing??? Open Door Policy?? Drop off your Children to Govt Daycare??

      Oh wait, I’m sorry. He did announce, that they will have everything handled by the end of Summer.


    1. I agree with everything you say, and if I disagreed completely, I would defend until death your right to say it. : – D However, you are shouting to the already converted, and these old eyes of mine had a hard time with your comment.

    2. I hope everyone reads your post at this site and shares it ASAP!
      What is it going to take before all, even the low/ill-informed citizens will WAKE-UP and reject the bho Adm!

      Everyone who attends a DemWit fundraiser should be ‘exposed’ for aiding and abetting the criminal behavior of Human Traffickers at the Borders! The illnesses and suffering are worsening by the hour and the ‘Culprit-in-Chief’ is MIA! jb

      1. We all agree but no one does anything to stop him??? How can one cowardly man get away with all he is doing to us??? Why isn’t Congress stopping him?? Can’t they see he is insane like Hitler was? No one in their right mind would do what he is doing. Why isn’t he stopped? Because he’s part Black? Because the Republicans will lose their meal tickets? What is it? Why is this going on while he is playing golf and stealing our money?

        1. One reason bho can cause such ‘chaos’ for the USA is directly related to his corrupt AG Holder! As I have begun to realize more and more, they consider themselves ‘untouchables’!

          ‘Chaos Theory’ is a tactic used by socialists in power to control the citizens. It works like this:
          1) Cause a crisis’ (or several)
          2) Expand its reach
          3) Divide citizens as to how to solve until
          4) Chaos erupts over its impact
          5) Powerful leaders propose ‘sweeping draconium (sp) solutions that assault and limit the liberties of the people AND
          6) Finally, force ‘compromises/LAWS/agreements’ that STILL limit citizens’ rights, BUT are accepted by the masses to gain some ‘semblance of peace and order!’ – Even though the results ARE MORE Power for the already Powerful and less and less security and liberty for the people!

          The Prez is staying on the COURSE he has set with his co-conspirators long before he began his political climb to ‘fundamentally…..’ even IF it does not occur completely on his WATCH! The PROGRESS of his ‘socialist transformation’ of our America with appointments of socialists and muslim friends to ‘critical’ fed gov’t departments, gutting the military, stacking the courts, etc., etc., is frightening!

          He and his co-horts are just beginning, and every American must be alerted that more ‘alarming and outrageous’ edicts are soon to come! jb

  4. Eliz Warren needs a lot of funding to continue the Obama legacy….don’t you people understand the “cause”?


  5. Obama called Sandra Fluke because a radio talk show host called her a slut.

    The Hillary Clinton State Department made a phone call to the family of Al Qaeda propagandist Samir Khan to offer the government’s condolences on his death during a U.S. drone strike in Yemen, a department spokesman confirms.

    Obama calls winning sport teams.

    No one has called the family of the marine Andrew Tahmooressi held for months in a Mexican prison.

    Can you see whose side Obama is on?

    1. Until Tahmooressi is released, Mexico should be boycotted both by American tourists and our U. S. trade. An innocent American, on orders, and jailed for months for an innocent navigational mistake that has sice been corrected by a new big sign.
      Yes, it is clear whose side this POS is on. Impeachment is too good for him.

  6. Dictators don’t answer to anyone and besides the propaganda media has his skinny backside covered no matter what Dictator Obama does. Hell, he could run amok through the streets of DC with a flame thrower strapped to his back, torching innocent pedestrians and the media would spin it as ok because the victims were all tea party members anyway. Besides, the thought of all that cold, hard fundraising cash makes Dictator Obama rigid with greed and what’s not to like about all those future democrats pouring into our country unchecked. Everything is going as planned, no need to visit.

    Again and again I ask these questions: Where is all of this campaign cash going? In whose pockets does it ultimately end up? What flimsy, phony government “event” in Texas is Dictator Obama using this time to stick the cost of the Airhead One flight to the taxpayers tab. How about someone in the White House Bootlicking Press Corpse actually have the temerity to ask Josh (I kid you not) Earnest one of these unpleasant questions? Any reporter or reporterette have the guts? Anyone?

  7. Why aren’t the Republicans capitalizing on this failure of leadership?

    Advertisements: “The President is heading to Texas to meet with the Millionaires and Billionaires but won’t go to the US-Mexican border to meet with our Border Patrol and the Children streaming over.”

    “He has time for the 1%’s money but not for your safetly”

    “Securing Cash and Checks but not the border”

    “Anyone can come here but his fundraising efforts are closed”


    the Republicans are reactionaries. Losers.

    1. I believe it was yesterday I mentioned everyone in Congress should go stand along the border to protect us.
      If they don’t know how to do their job at the office, they need to go to work there.

    2. You could pay students of Introductory Marketing courses to do a better job. But I really believe that many of the R people are just people who are a bit less D…..

    3. Scottso, I’ve been thinking the same thing, why are the Republicans letting these golden opportunities pass w/o saying a word. Your themes need to hit the papers and airwaves.
      If “little people” like us can think of ideas like this, why can’t the “big shots at RNC do the same.?

      1. it’s possible that the US Chamber of Commerce, and the rest of the RINOs like all this influx.

        those in power just don’t care as they are insolated and isolated from all trouble

  8. All the many faux pas are really adding up. Will this one be Obama’s “Katrina flyover moment”? I doubt it — the press is to forgiving and sycophantic for that. But the “optics,” as you say, really are bad. Obama has time for nothing but golf and fund-raising anymore.

    As far as I’m concerned, any Dem dumb enough to step up, smile and have his/her picture taken with King Barry the Arrogant at these fund-raisers deserves to have this story shoved back down their throat through the whole election cycle. What kind of candidate IN TEXAS isn’t concerned about what’s happening at the border? Those people are going to get hammered.

  9. I feel bludgeoned by this president, and the Republicans in Congress are just bystanders watching us being clobbered.

  10. How could he not go to the border, not go to the detention centers?
    A thousand hacking, infected, infectious, tatooed, instant welfare recipients and food stamp beneficiaries shouting “te quiero, Obama. Free us, amigo, we’re ready to vote aqui”.

    Instant Democrats, as the current thinking goes, should be high on the visiting lists of this miserable President.
    This is what he wanted, this is what he gets; millions of illiterate parasites invading our country to drag us into their third-world experience.

    1. I think he should take at least 100 of them on is next golf trip.
      Maybe send them to the same school as his girls.
      Have wife cook up her disgusting menu for 100 of them as well.
      Have a sleep over with all the scabies and lice as well.
      This whole issue of 300,000 walking right over is insane.
      The whole issue of our Border Patrol now changing diapers, instead of guarding us is insane.

      1. Dream on, he won’t associate with any of them, he just wants to drop them all at our doorstep, with all their diseases. Maybe he’ll get the plague from all of this, maybe someone will infect him at one of his anti-American fundraisers, commie creep!

  11. Meanwhile, back in Obama’s “home town” Chicago, another “humanitarian” crisis he ignores .
    Stats for 4th of July holiday, 3 JULY, 12 PM till 7 JULY 6 AM
    Shot and killed, 14.
    Shot and wounded 68.
    Imagine the effect that a visit by Obama to Chicago and talking to the community’s affected , AfAmer, to stop this mayhem.
    But, like on the night of the Benghazi attack, fundraising is his highest priority. And a little golf.

  12. I am of the opinion that this Administration ,if it did not put out a call for these illegal children, knew that somehow they would be coming as a result of manipulation of our system to allow amnesty, and that they contracted in advance for the arrival, and yet were unprepared when it happened. I am further of the opinion that Barack Obama and the Democrats willfully allowed this in order to make it a political issue during the elections because they were not making headway at all on comprehensive immigration or amnesty.

    Barack Obama purposely used these illegal “children” for political gain. I hope that it backfires on him and all the Democrats. To not show up at the border is not surprising for a man of so little integrity and so much cowardice.

      1. Well, Aileen, I don’t care if he doesn’t go to the border. It works against him just for creating a ‘humanitarian crisis’ without showing any of his phoney ‘humanity’ in response. The new buzz word is ‘optic’: it’s a bad ‘optic’ for him. He should be there hugging the little children with scabies just like he hugs blond women after a big storm. It also avoids making him a big martyr to his constituency should he be protested. The charges of racism and all that jazz.

        1. I understand your response, JB. I care -not because it is Obama who is a no show- but because it is our Republic.
          A President with balls would be there well before today.
          Yes, I said a President with balls.
          I am also certain they would bus in all the “children” for a great optic if he did show.
          The rhetorical question is – do WE have balls?
          To hold the media to their journalistic integrity?
          To hold our representatives to their oath of office?
          And having done all, to stand for our God-given Republic?
          I spoke with a much younger person about this today.
          His comment, “It will end in bloodshed.”
          Sobering to me – a senior citizen who would be near to useless in battle.
          The lives of our children and grandchildren are at stake. Do we have the balls to fight for their independence?
          Do we have the balls?

  13. O is holding off for now on seeking new legal authoritry to send unaccompanied migrant kids back home faster.
    associated press

  14. If the federal government uses federal agents in riot gear against American citizens in defense of illegals, every effort should be made to get the names of each and every agent who moved against citizens.

    No more unnamed people following orders.

    1. The Nuremberg Trials showed that “I was only following orders”aint gonna’ fly. Not then, not now.
      Men of no conscience will be held accountable for their action’s.
      Disobeying an illegal order can be defended, obeying an illegal one not so.
      Of course in Obama’s New. America, maybe not any longer.

    2. Is this the final journey down that slippery slope where we now have Americans fighting their fellow Americans, and not the enemy?
      If that is the case, if I am now the enemy, it’s by your choice, not mine. So be it.
      No Gestapo, KGB, or BrownShirts for me, whatever their nationality.
      God bless our Republic.

    3. I go beyond that: I think anyone working for the federal government down there at the border should refuse to do anything other than their job which is to protect the border.

        1. There is one border agent (last name Garza, I think) who has broken the code of silence under threat of prosecution who is speaking out and telling it like it is. I know it’s easy for me to say safely away from the scene, but sometimes when one speaks out or stands up, others follow. We need massive, national civil disobedience on this. And if there comes to be demonstrations where I live, I will take part.

          Fox reporting tuberculosis in Lackland AFB, yet the government doesn’t want us to know and threatens health workers who reveal a threat to our nation’s health.

  15. O intends to ask Congress on Tuesday for more than $2 Billion in emergency spending to deal with the children who have been arriving by the thousands.
    O for now will not ask Congress to change the law to send them back home faster.
    WH officials said they still want more authority to act more quickly.
    associated press

  16. What did anyone expect — Obama always runs away or goes out of town when the heat is on — he’s a coward, a man/child who can’t take any kind of confrontation, he always runs away when the sh…t hits the fan. It shows how scared and guilty he is by not going to the border, He is not a man, thats for sure. Talk about illegals, he got the job illegally — The American people don’t even know who this man is — all his past is locked up, so it couldn’t be too good or you know he would be bragging. He never even had a girlfriend that we know of until the Church ( that anti-American hating Church) fixed him up? Something is defintely wrong with him or he would never be smuggling all these illiterates in, no normal person would be doing what he is doing. Someone or something better stop him.

  17. Old Jeh (DHS) is a sly one. His craftily prepared response on MTP when asked about deportation of the invaders:
    “Our message to those who come here illegally: Our border is not open to illegal immigration.”

    He neglected to say that he and Obama have labelled ALL of the invaders ‘refugees’ – not illegal border jumpers. They are ALL using two little words (in English) – ‘credible fear’. and voila – it’s Open Sesame!

    Obama and his co-conspirators should be tarred and feathered and thrown out of this country! This illegal act is the highest form of tyranny. It’s deliberate and malicious!

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