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Quote of the Day || July 8, 2014

“Make no mistake, every child who enters this country illegally will be deported. To Los Angeles.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

8 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || July 8, 2014”

  1. The term “Illegal Alien” is sooo yesterday. Unless you are from Mexico or Canada, you are a REFUGEE and not subject to deportation. The millions of illegal aliens living in Los Angeles will be having a hissy fit once they discover that refugees receive 10x the benefits as they do. Maybe they can officially change their status from ‘illegal’ to ‘refugee’.

  2. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that the “children” were abandoned by the parent here to earn money to support them in that horrible place they left them. And that they are able to locate them for a family reunion! They really think we are stupid apparently…..

    1. Thats what I dont understand & what the news WILL NOT report/look into;
      How & why did these KIDS get to the USA all alone? What the hell is going on in Central America where the PARENTS tell 5 to 17 yr old KIDS to travel hundreds of miles ALONE north to the USA?!

      1. I think that is a good question–are these parents just depraved–sending their kids to ride on top of box cars, hanging on for more than 24 hrs at a time–or this this MAYBE a crazy attempt to roll the dice on getting them a better situation? I give parents–most parents–credit for loving their children as much as I do or we do. And the parents are in those countries and know what is going on. I am sure everyone will pounce on me–oh, those awful parents, they should start a small business with the money, etc. Everyone knows what everyone else should do.

        1. Look at the scathing comments here and elsewhere about diseased illiterate people. We have diseased illiterate American citizens, too. These comments make me feel hollow inside. We are all people. I ask myself what if my daughter, a skinny 5-yr-old, say, was running in raw sewage in the streets and picking trash for a few cents–would I send her off to the tender mercies of who knows whom, but presumably at some point, open-hearted Americans to save her or help her find her uncle?

    2. We are stupid………….. We being the US Government….. I am about to throw up my hands and stop using WE with AMERICA/USA…….. It is beyond stupid..

      Oh — Proof too that Journalism schools are worthless — how this does not get ethical folks to either demand coverage or resign shows that the ‘Ethics in Journalism’ class is another oxymoron.

      Go ahead — play off of that word too.

  3. This is thinking ahead, however I am thinking of the teachers. Our teachers are working harder than ever before. They are limited by not having the means of using dicipline in class.

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