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The Obama Morning News || July 7, 2014

Obama ignored ISIS warnings . . . Daily Beast
Team Obama was told, over and over, that the Iraqi army couldn’t stop a terror group that was ready to pounce. But Washington was a prisoner to its paradox of an Iraq policy.

Issa: Holder will name IRS special prosecutor . . . Newsmax
Attorney General Eric Holder will appoint a special prosecutor on the IRS scandal because he wants to leave office at year’s end and because there will be pressure from November’s midterm elections, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said.

General warns of crime-terror nexus at border . . . Newsmax
The United States’ neglect of its southern border has created a threat that challenges the country’s national security, says the general in charge of overseeing the region, and he is concerned that terrorists and others can exploit the vulnerabilities that have been created.

Perry: Obama knew of problem for years . . . Washington Times
Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Sunday he warned the administration for years about the incoming tide of young illegal immigrants and begged for additional resources to deal with it, only to be rebuffed and left with a crisis along his state’s southern border.

Obama’s immigration Independence Day . . . National Journal
Obama told the groups what they had been dying to hear—that he was going to condemn House Republicans for inaction and set the most expansive legal course permissible to beef up border security, slow deportations of noncriminal aliens, and provide legal status to millions of undocumented workers—all by himself.

Dem: Obama one step behind in crisis . . . The Hill
The Obama administration has botched its response to the wave of migrants flooding the southern border, a Texas Democrat charged Sunday.

Inside Obama’s secret schedule . . . Yahoo
It’s a document so closely held that Obama aides, like their counterparts under George W. Bush, are expected to dispose of it at day’s end in “burn bags” typically reserved for documents so sensitive they cannot be consigned to mere shredding.

Obamacare’s September Surprise . . . Politico
Most state health insurance rates for 2015 are scheduled to be approved by early fall, and most are likely to rise, timing that couldn’t be worse for Democrats already on defense in the midterms.

Liberals abandoning Obamacare mandate . . . Politico
More and more liberal activists and policy experts who help shape Democratic thinking on health care have concluded that penalizing businesses if they don’t offer health insurance is an unnecessary element of the Affordable Care Act that may do more harm than good.

Searching for Hillary’s Big Idea . . . Politico
Here’s one thing you won’t find in Hillary Clinton’s book: a clear reason to run for president again.

Clinton speaks about rapist defense . . . Free Beacon
Clinton spoke in clinical, legal terms while explaining her defense of the rapist, who Clinton helped to avoid a lengthy prison term by relying on a technicality.

Clinton loses top spot to detractor . . . The Blaze
Her new memoir lost its No. 1 spot on the New York Times bestseller list after just two weeks, falling to No. 2 on the July 13th list behind — of all titles — Edward Klein’s “Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. the Obamas.”

18 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || July 7, 2014”

  1. Ok all you WHD denizens, what’s the line. Will Obama be shamed into finally visiting the border mess he created while he spends two days in Texas fundraising at taxpayer or expense, or will he give the flying finger of fate to Rick Perry and the rest of the country knowing privately that he was the President who finally figured out how to turn Texas blue: just turn it into a 3rd world state?

    1. My bet, since the lollipops have already been handed out, Obama will stay in Washington and hand out amnesty/citizenship.

      1. That Jeh person said Sun that Obama can’t go everyplace he wants–or should–he did throw in the should.. But it would just be a dog atop a pony anyhow.

    1. MO’s pretty generous with “our money” isn’t she. Let’s Move and Joining Forces are a farce (we already have fitness and health programs in community centers and a very supportive military community run by non-profits).

  2. This, of course, is pure fantasy. But I just saw an ad that said NBC and the COC were dedicated to making sure vets were hired. (Instead of the illegals the COC really wants).

    Anyway, Ann Coulter suggested a moratorium at the border. Remember this is a fantasy. But, a moratorium, then every vet who can and who wants to work (and not retire or pursue an independent course) is hired. Then every American who wants to work, is working. Then legal immigrants are processed and in line for documentation and citizenship.

    Then , after the border is secure, immigrants with documentation, health records, and a certain level of self sufficiency and sponsorhip can be processed.

    People, within the country, without documentation after a certain date, are deported. On Canadian buses.

  3. I noticed Issa’s comment on Holder appointing a special prosecutor for the IRS scandal yesterday, but it’s unclear whether this was just Issa expressing his opinion of what could happen or if Holder actually told him this.

    1. I saw “something somewhere” (big help) that said same Holder to leave next year and to now appoint SP. Doesn’t much matter however since the SP will be selected by Holder. I think the Holders have a cat they are considering proposing for this position or perhaps LLerner has a long lost nephew that practices law somewhere — probably a classmate of Obama’s or something. Surely there is a vast pool of Obama approved SPs to choose from. Just takes a little time to set it all up.

    2. I find it very sad that the only reasons given for appointing a special prosecutor were political and not because there may have been crimes.

  4. I read the article about the president’s schedules. Since it was Yahoo they glossed over the fact that Obama has his destroyed while other presidents have saved them for their libraries. Our most transparent administration ever is going to need only a phone booth for his papers.

    1. I have a mole in the White House and have learned that the reason it gets destroyed is because it really isn’t needed. They’re just keeping one for the library as the rest are all the same:
      Meet with Valerie for orders
      Meet with Valerie for orders
      Meet with Valerie for orders
      Meet with Valerie for orders

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