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Live Stream || White House Briefing – July 7, 2014

The briefing has concluded.

12 thoughts on “Live Stream || White House Briefing – July 7, 2014”

    1. Speaking of teachers, I watched Lou Dobbs last night (which must have been a repeat from last week), and one of his guests was the president of the more radical of the two teachers’ unions, the AFT. She and Dobbs found common ground in their critique of Common Core. I noticed in D’Souza’s America also that he debated people from the opposite side of him with courtesy and respect, and they responded to him likewise. They base their opposing views through civil debate, Dobbs and D’Souza, and I wonder if they are not trying to send a message to Washington.

  1. How many time did Mr Unernest say they are committed to enforcing the law?

    I think he meant that AFTER the law is weakened or negated by regulations and executive orders until it doesn’t resemble the intent of the original law – they might enforce it, but they will need a lot more money to do that.

    And how many times did he point out that the immigration law that they are going to enforce was passed by the preceding administration; i.e. BUSH?

    He neglected to state that that law was passed by a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate.

    What a bunch of crap!

  2. OT: inside the President’s secret daily schedule
    According to Yahoo, the schedule, the real one, is a closely held secret and not to be seen by the little people or the MSM.
    What little they showed on the site was impressively busy, showed the Preezy meeting with this one and another, and if true, makes one wonder why he wouldn’t want the people to know what he was doing all day.

    What a strange bunch; they’d rather we thought the President was a layabout spending his workday surfing the internet, watching ESPN, and sneaking outside for a smoke.

    1. I always go to: birth control is available, if you want or need it fkn buy it on your own. I don’t need to know about everyone’s sex life. It is not your boss’ problem either!

  3. …every day I say a POX on this new ‘Propaganda Sec.’ Josh Earnest & the sycophant Obama “WH press corps”…
    (and the red-head & blonde bimbo @ State Dept.)

  4. Well, if Obama reads the Washington Free Beacon, he knows about it now. Otherwise, unless he reads about it or hears it on the news broadcasts, he doesn’t know what’s going on around him.

    1. I think he’s purposely kept in the Bubble, and he doesn’t care as long as somebody’s doing his work. The guy has no intellectural curiosity as proven in his personal and professional life pre-Prezzy.

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