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Sunday Open Thread || July 6, 2014

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    1. After seeing how fanatical they are about the Piping Plover on beaches (during nesting season, they pretty much close beaches to anything) I can believe it. Seen it also with a major road construction project for rare endangers snail’s (stop laughing) which added a year to the project and some rerouting of the road bed.

      Nice touch Scotto!!

  1. They are going to put a fence up to (claim) protecting a mouse.
    At the same time they are not going to put a fence up along the border. At the same time people are walking over our border, while our border agents are taken from their job in guarding it, an take care of children.

  2. A fence for mice, an open border for illegals, and a green light to kill the American Bald Eagle as long as the machine doing the killing is an Obama approved wind turbine.
    I don’t know if any of you have seen it yet, but this link to the Daily Caller Story showing that even the New York Times now admits almost 300,000 (50,000 “minors” and 240,000 adults) have now been dispersed throughout the interior and most likely will never go home.
    Soooooo, at present, the White House is standing firm that even though Obama will be using taxpayer funds to fly to Democrat fundraisers in Texas on Wednesday he will not be using any of those taxpayer funds to actually visit the border and be shown first hand the chaos he is creating.
    Sometimes I wonder it his mind is so twisted that he’d rather go out in JFK fashion to forever be remembered a martyr than the miserable, failed, most anti-American President in our history. Strange thought I know but Obama brings forth strange thoughts.

    1. This is insane. We have a law. We have a system to allow immigrants in, with due process. Ellis Island was opened to control sick people, and crimanls, etc from entering our Country.
      Because of O Crud, we are having a problem with doctors staying on their job. The line is long for VA Vets as it is.
      We also have a problem at a lot of schools. Now we are going to cram all these people into the medical system, and the school system.
      They are being bused and flown all over America. Now tell me what is the problem in spending the people’s tax dollars on flying and busing them back home?
      It is not being stopped. No one is doing anything.
      Congress should get off their buts and go stand on the border shoulder, to shoulder to guard it, if they forgotten how to do their job in the office.

      1. And what most Americans don’t even know (because the Obama media won’t dare tell them) is that in the entire 62 years of Ellis Island being in operation the TOTAL amount of immigration through it was a little over 12 million.
        AND, as you say, they were cleared for not being ill or diseased and for not being a burden to society.
        The wave of illegals crossing the southern border today are not just a burden today but study after study shows will take far more in taxpayer money than generate back. BUT, since they vote Democrat all is fine with Obama and his LaRaza overlords.

    1. That is another thing that is just rolling along. No one is putting a stop, to the issue of this intrusion.
      The people sitting in office, need to be asked on the record:
      Are your phone calls, and computers being listened to as well?
      If you are not being listened to, are your families, friends, and all the people you know though your life being listened to?

      1. There is an excellent but scary section in D’Souza’s movie on how the government knows more about ourselves than we do. Rand Paul takes part in it, but the scariest image is that of American as an opticon (?) prison with the watchtower at the center so the guards have 380 degree vision.

    2. After reading the articles Aileen, it has become very clear, at least to me, that all these Gov’t security “alphabet agencies” have become America’s KGB.
      I’ll bet even Putin is envious.

  3. I see that Hillary Clinton is taking Bill Maher’s advice and disappearing from public view now that she’s botched up her non-campaign so badly. The Clintons are going away to the Hamptons for a long stay, not to vacation I imagine but to regroup. I wouldn’t be surprised if she comes back into public sight as an arch-conservative. Weasel Zippers on our blogroll has a segment on Obama purportedly telling Elizabeth Warren that he will support her to derail Clinton.

    1. She took a beating. So like an old dog, she needs to crawl under the porch to lick her wounds. Will be interesting to see if she eventually slinks out or if she comes out with fangs bared.

    1. I read another opinion this week (cannot site because I did not save it) explaining that a judgement rendered from this lawsuit can only be enforced by the sitting President.
      The author also said that if any judgement was rendered, it would not be forthcoming until after 3 years +.
      Seems to me that this is yet another “squirrel.”

      Our responsibility now? Re-elect no-one!!!!

    2. I like this one better, CK. The People v. John Q. Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

      Sue the president? Ridiculous. There is no substitute for Impeachment. The “I” word will be a permanent stain on Obama’s legacy and will define him in the history books for the rest of time. It doesn’t need to result in a conviction – a blow to his massive ego will suffice.

      Boehner is almost as bad as Obama when it comes to job performance. They both need to to.

      1. Agreed G1. Especially with that time lapse of 3 plus years before we see any results. Boehner? Dump him. Nothing personal. If the quarterback ain’t doing the job, take him of the field.

    3. I read an article–WSJ, RealClearPolitics?– in which two Constitutional lawyers think Congress has a good chance of achieving “standing”, but I was not convinced, and even if Boehner’s suit makes it to court, the trial would not begin until Obama was just about to leave office. Maybe it’s the same article you read.

  4. Hmm, passing by the tv this morning Howard Kurtz Buzz thing was on and it was about press secretary(s). And it was intro to Dana Perrino. I think the shot was of our very own KK asking a somewhat contentious question of her during the Bush years. I could be wrong — I was just passing by I think that is what I saw. Just an fyi.

    The invasion of illegal illiterate diseased “children” — squarely on Barack Obama’s shoulder and the people who support him with their votes and the their money and the decision to allow them to remain and be scattered like so much salt across America, Barack Obama. The decision to block information access, Barack Obama with the cooperation of the media. Apparently most of our elected public servants do not have the political will to send these people back, to secure the borders, or to impeach this man who almost daily refuses to enforce or clearly breaks the law of the land. And it is not Obama or these people who will have to interact with these illegals. It is the American people and their communities. So the people in their states and in their communities will have to act to prevent these criminals from violating their rights as Americans. So hats off to the people of Murietta for taking a stand and to Cg.(I think) Labrador (sp) who said the illegals must be deported.

    Personally I think we should set up refugee processing facilities to deport them at the Ft. Belvoir and Andrews AFB golf courses and the WH lawn. Overflow can be accommodated at the palatial homes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, George Soros, and Tom Steyer. Of course this will never happen. But if there was justice it would.

    As long as Eric Holder and Valerie Jarrett continue to be paid by the taxpayers the plan to bring America to its knees will continue.

    1. Ah yes, the illegal, illiterate and diseased “children” whom Great Leader thinks are the “best and brightest” of us all. You bring up another sore point, the censorship swirling around this story. Are we still living in America? I pinch myself now and then, but I don’t seem to wake up.

      1. I noticed that the windows on the buses carrying all the ‘refugees’ in Murietta a few days ago were blacked out so that no one could see what we’re dealing with. Obama doesn’t want his handiwork to be on display!

    2. I remember a remark made by Mr. Reid – he made reference to the odiferous tourists in the capital building.
      I do not think he would be able to withstand the odor that not doubt accompanies these people.
      I am not heartless – I do understand their plight. They are homeless and no doubt, scared. They were promised entry into the land of milk and honey at no cost.
      And therein lies the problem – those of us who are citizens of this amazing country pay a price for our citizenship:
      We pay taxes to support our local, state and federal economies. We volunteer in our communities.
      We educate our children so that they will make wise and informed contributions to future generations.
      And some give all…their lives. God rest their souls.
      Our President spoke of the skill set these people bring to our country. Sorry, sir – I do not believe these poor people have any skills to offer our country. I do not believe these people will ever be able to support themselves.
      This is not offering asylum to people. It is trafficking human beings. Plain and simple.
      Respectfully I say, I do not believe you, Mr. President. I do not believe a word that leaves your mouth or any other mouth in Washington, D.C.
      All of you have succumbed to the aphrodisiac of power – and lost any semblance of common sense and selfless love of country.
      Shame on all of you for this debacle.

      1. I think the diseased riff is overblown–they are not exactly infecting us with The Strain or ebola. I heard only one case of flu has been authenticated. They are vaccinating the kids so they don’t go into communities and set something off. And they won’t be filthy or smelly if someone bathes them. These are trigger concepts to set off disdain and hatred–at least in my opinion.

        1. No hatred from me – I am sympathetic to their plight.
          If they are provided facilities for bathing, etc,, I am certain they avail themselves of those services. I do not know why anyone should have to bathe them…my children bathed themselves at 2-3 years of age? Do you think children that small could cross Mexico alone?
          Do you honestly believe that these people are all children? Has anyone read a summary of the age groups of these people?
          I do not know if they are disease ridden, but I do not believe they have had access to the type of vaccinations that we enable our citizenry to utilize, hence the logical fear of contamination leading to illness. That is prudence – not fear mongering, disdain or hatred.
          I have linked to several articles headlined in Drudge that were first hand accounts from people who were shocked at the diseases these people are carrying. Sorry, but I did not save the links. Guess I think everyone reads these articles.
          Whatever your thoughts, it is undeniable that they are entering our country illegally courtesy of our government.

        2. The job of border patrol is not to bathe unaccompanied illegal children, and one of the agents now has been confirmed as having scabies.

        1. Yes, the came here illegally–but some of the notions developing are speculative and foster horrible behavior on behalf of a tiny few Americans who had no more say on where they were born that those people did.

          1. Star, I believe they were “brought” here. Of course they jumped at the chance to be here, but they did not just wake up one day and decide to come to the US in mass numbers.
            The influx in and of itself points to a new means of transportation and provisions needed for the traverse across Mexico.
            Who told them they could come here? Who provided the means for travel?
            The real questions are Who, What, When, Where and Why? (Journalism 101 – apparently no longer taught here)
            And FYI – the previous odor comment was intended to be sarcasm. Didn’t dawn on me that some would take it seriously – sorry.

      2. I know Vietnamese people who have waited years & spent lots of money they hadn’t made yet, to get here. They pursue education & work all the OT they can get. They are Americans. They are pissed off about this migration of illegals.

    3. Hmm, passing by the tv this morning Howard Kurtz Buzz thing was on and it was about press secretary(s). And it was intro to Dana Perrino. I think the shot was of our very own KK asking a somewhat contentious question of her during the Bush years. I could be wrong — I was just passing by I think that is what I saw. Just an fyi.

      ***** Just saw it again — in passing. But yeppers it looks like “our own Keith.” The question I think had something to do with Israel and even then — Keith was persistent — saying to Ms. Perrino — you didn’t answer the question! :)

    4. gpmc – I had taped the show, so went back and watched and paused it. I think you are right. Keith – let us know!!!!!!!

  5. Today in it’s infinite wisdom Adsense thinks I would like to see a slide show of Michelle’s fashion “bests.” Yes–on this site. And people think computers are so smart. That Al Go Rhythm guy is a dope.

    1. Star, I am getting that on my computer too, right after Keith’s first article of the day. I was wondering why I am getting it?

        1. Speaking of Mooch I read (no links) somewhere that she is fighting the GOP efforts to modify some of her diktats about school lunches and she has promised to fight for the children to have healthy and nutritious meals. Apparently whether they want them or not. And apparently despite the fact that no one elected her to anything.

          And where the Obamas go, Google is never too far away.

          1. I’ve got a senior alert system, books on Kindle & shoes I’ve already bought from L L Bean. (I finally convinced my 86 yr old mom to get a life alert necklace.)

  6. Another Not-Fake story… headline on Drudge that Hillary says her huge speaking fees go to charity – The Clinton Foundation.
    I don’t even know what else to say.

  7. Jeh Johnson said over and over that the administration will “stem the tide” as their current immigration policy. What the %^#* does that mean? I just do not understand what is going on here. It seems so simple to me…shut down the border immediately, send the moms and kids back home and then we can figure out what our new immigration policy will be. This is truly a humanitarian issue for Americans. We need to protect the Americans. Border Patrol agents are now contracting scabies as confirmed in a Brietbart article, and the breach at the border is truly a national security threat. Where is Obama? I haven’t heard a word from him after the Murrieta protests and I certainly haven’t heard from Jerry Brown either. Both are afraid to come out and say anything. Rick Perry is doing his best but ABC news and Martha Radditz are doing their best to minimize his efforts. Sad sad sad

  8. You can’t catch every story so I may have missed this one. I just read that Darryl Issa says Eric Holder will appoint a special prosecutor for IRS.

  9. Keep an eye on Murrieta, California, tomorrow.

    The anti-immigration protests there are ongoing, but word going around is that Fedzilla plans to break up the party tomorrow.

    With–I am not making this up–a riot squad.

    Article is here.

    This is how civil wars start.

    1. I saw that. The federal government is willing to use armed militia against American citizens in defense of people who entered this country illegally.

      The only question is which armed agency will it be — HHS, DHS, IRS, or perhaps DOEnergy and Education –. Which agency is not armed against the citizens of this country?

    2. I saw that too, and I also saw comments from the general who is responsible for the protection of that area, and he blasted Obama and said that his actions have made the border region very vulnerable to all sorts of threats.

      1. It’s on Newsmax. Marine Corps General John Kelly said that there is a “crime-terror convergence on the southern border” and it is an “existential threat” to the nation.

  10. One more comment and then I’ll give it a rest: Weasel Zippers (blogroll on the left) compares Obama’s Independence Day greetings with GW Bush’s.

    1. All look pretty happy -and mature.

      This is the Land of the Free and the Home of The Brave. What category are these men?

      My belief? There is nothing wrong with nationalism.

  11. Something has to be done about the criminal Obama and Boehner’s lawsuit won’t do it! Obama, he did this to us, he is sprinkling the diseased illiterate children into our neighborhoods and Obama is loving it! It is so obvious that he planned this invasion of our country to hurt all of us citizens of the United States of America. Something has to done to this mother-f….er, he has to be taught a lesson for once in his selfish, stubborn, mentally-challenged life. What anti-american S.O.B’s the Obama’s are, him and the tranny! Hillary Clinton is running a close second running off her mouth full of lies about Hobby Lobby for the low I.Q. voters, that their employees cannot get birth control from the company when Hobby Lobby offers 16 types of birth control to its employees. But thats not good enough for communist Supreme Court gals either, its murder by abortion or nothing! to Sodosmellymyer too. Democrats have given up religion, their new religion is now the Democrat party, just like the Nazi party, murder incorporated thats what they are..

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