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Obama’s Shameful Politicization of the Fourth

In a reminder that politics and the advancement of his policy agenda trumps allegiance to the Constitution or any kind of serious approach to his role as president and his duty to the nation as a whole, President Obama used the nation’s birthday to Friday to make political points about immigration reform.

In a naturalization ceremony in the East Room, Obama administered the oath of allegiance to a group of immigrants that included those who, quite commendably, already demonstrated their patriotism by serving in the armed forces. Unfortunately, they were being used.

Obama spoke in the East Room.

Together, all of you remind us that America is and always has been a nation of immigrants.  Throughout our history, immigrants have come to our shores in wave after wave, from every corner of the globe.  Every one of us –- unless we’re Native American –- has an ancestor who was born somewhere else.

Yes, fine. We are indeed a nation of immigrants. But we are not a nation first generation immigrants. Which is what Obama would have us be by failing to secure the border.

The news coverage Friday morning hailed the president’s celebration of these new citizens’ service. But as you can see from his remarks, what he was really doing was tugging on the emotions to promote immigration reform legislation he’s been bashing Congress for failing to pass.

We believe our diversity, our differences, when joined together by a common set of ideals, makes us stronger, makes us more creative, makes us different.  From all these different strands, we make something new here in America.  And that’s why, if we want to keep attracting the best and brightest from beyond our borders, we’re going to have to fix our immigration system, which is broken, and pass commonsense immigration reform.

We shouldn’t be making it harder for the best and the brightest to come here, and create jobs here, and grow our economy here.  We should be making it easier.

(Audience member applauds.)

THE PRESIDENT:  He agrees with me.  (Laughter and applause.)  So I’m going to keep doing everything I can do to keep making our immigration system smarter and more efficient so hardworking men and women like all of you have the opportunity to join the American family and to serve our great nation.  So we can be stronger and more prosperous and more whole –- together.

Actually, many first generation immigrants to do not share our ideals. They have to be absorbed into our culture.

I know lots of first generation immigrants – my area of Northern Virginia has many. Most, when they say “my country” – as in, I will be visiting my country for two weeks – don’t mean the United States. Becoming an American is a process that for most immigrants takes time to successfully complete.

When you allow the kind of unfettered immigration Obama supports, the culture that ends up getting changed is not theirs, but ours.

We need immigration. Lots of it. But not unlimited amounts of it. And we must not have a future mass forgiveness of illegal entry after we forgive the latest crop of illegals. Because what happens then is, we erode the culture that has created the very nation immigrants want to flock to in the first place.

Oh, and we create lots of new Democratic voters.

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  1. Well said……but even the Native Americans do have ancestors from somewhere else unless Obama believes that humanity started here. The man can not even piece the simple things together.

  2. The man is INCAPABLE of speaking without hawking a law he wants to pass. I think in his previous life he sold snake oil. Obama took all the patriotism out of the day by saying “pass this law…” Ugh.

    As an aside, a funny about Joe Biden. He was photographed yesterday in Philly, at a parade with Philly’s black Mayor Nutter, talking up equality for all mankind. Fast forward a few hours, he was at the Wilmington CC* (which you reported recently he joined), watching the fireworks and having BBQ. Nothing inherently wrong with that EXCEPT as you might guess, there’s nary a person of color at WCC, hardly a HQ for equality. So Joe, like all the other Dems, speaks out of both sides of his mouth. Equality for thee but not for me.

    *I know this as fact because I have family who are members who saw him.

    1. Joe Biden plays there and lives close by in Greenville, which is uber, uber wealthy. The only diversity I have ever seen in Greenville. is on the lawn crews. Also, there is a city muni golf course literally ten minutes away where all the working class guys play. Joe Biden could have just as well bought a membership there. Very diverse membership. To date I haven’t seen him.

      1. Good for Greenville, its probably a better and safer life there than in Chicago. Go Greenville. Have no fear Obama and his thugs will be sending lots of bus loads to Greenville soon.

  3. Did anyone else watch the Captol 4th Celebration last night ?

    I found it very strange that Kermit The Frog referred to himself as a Amphibian-American!

    1. I did PBB. My FIRST thought was “now that Americans have successfully divided via hyphenation, now the animal world is at risk. Maybe Kermit was chosen because he’s green, as in green energy.
      Spent quite a few summer’s in Southern Illinois as a kid where my cousin’s showed me the art of frog gigging.
      Frog leg’s in melted butter, Mmmm.
      I guess that makes me a amphib-racist. Sorry Kermit.

      1. Ahh…..the classic waiter joke……..Customer: Do you have Frog Legs? Waiter: Yes. Where do you get your pants?? Fozzy Bear would like that one!

        They had several Muppet Characters on last night but for some stupid reason Sam Eagle wasn’t on! Oh, he is probably considered a “Conservative Muppet”.

  4. Of course we all want the “best and brightest” immigrants to call our country their new home. For the most part, these would-be immigrants fill out forms, pay fees and wait for permission to join the parade in the most wonderful country in the world.

    If only the illegal aliens that breach our southern borders were the best of anything, or the brightest members of their own family. What we see pouring into out country are the least of anything, and the most venal of their family. Criminals who respect nothing, poor and illiterate, and IMO, like all stupid criminals who might be registered to vote somewhere, avoid all efforts to assimilate for fear of attracting attenion of the authorities.

    What’s missing here? Of all the news reports and pros and cons of the confrontations in S. California, the leaders of the Hispanic coalitions that found the time and effort to state their opinions in the past are silent now. Not only are they silent, they are invisible and are avoiding any press coverage.
    Has the President’s evil scheme of busing in thousands of “children” back-fired with everyone so that he’s lost the support of those in favor of immigration reform?
    We’re not seeing the good people of laRaza greeting the little aliens with lollypops, or the famed entertainers who love illegal aliens proclaiming that we’re all “americans” by virtue of being born in any part of the American continents.

    1. Pretty much I think we should trade all these illegal hordes for the return on one Marine Sgt. Tahmoressi, still held in Mexico, the country that granted all these people visas to cross and then enter into what Obama considers to be his personal sandbox.

      LaRaza et al should be hiding.

  5. Was only able to see a clip of this brazen stunt on late night news. What really annoyed me was his references to illegals as ‘the best and brightest’. I’ve got news for him: Mexico, Central America, and the sub-Sahara have never contributed to the cultural heritage of America.
    The Eastern and Western European influence of art, architecture, literature, music, and philosophy found its way to American shores when those immigrants landed on Ellis Island – legally!
    If you like the culture of third world countries, you can keep the culture of third world countries!

    On another note: The local network news affiliates here in the sanctuary city of Los Angeles kept referring to the Fourth of July celebrations as the ‘July Fireworks’. Guess they didn’t want to offend the majority who celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

    1. I’ve got news for him: Mexico, Central America, and the sub-Sahara have never contributed to the cultural heritage of America.

      Kind of a ridiculous statement, sorry.

      1. The only things they have contributed are vegetables and other foods: chocolate, coffee, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, corn. . .

        1. How about art–Taxco silver jewelry only one example for Mexico, great writers, interior motifs, tequila!, music (African-Am music has African roots although it’s an American adaptation), I could go on,

          1. Those are all reasons it used to be fun to take little trips to Mexico – the shopping, food, music, etc. But it certainly is no reason to import 30M or more Mexican nationals with no education, work skills, or English lang. Not to mention the millions of anchor babies and ‘refugees’.
            The point is not to turn the US into Mexico.

          2. So, again and again and again, I say, why can’t someone stop Obama? This is illegal? How can this be happening? I decided today that Obama planned this huge migration of millions of illegals a long time ago and I know he is chuckling about it every day because he is nothing but EVIL! and stupid too! I hope at least one of his daughters marry one of these criminal illegals.

          3. So, again and again and again, I say, why can’t someone stop Obama? This is illegal? How can this be happening? I decided today that Obama planned this huge migration of millions of illegals a long time ago and I know he is chuckling about it every day because he is nothing but EVIL! and stupid too! I hope at least one of his daughters marries one of these criminal illegals.

          4. So, again and again and again, I say, why can’t someone stop Obama? This is illegal? How can this be happening? I decided today that Obama planned this huge migration of millions of illegals a long time ago and I know he is chuckling about it every day because he is nothing but EVIL! and stupid too! I hope at least one of his daughters marries one of these criminal illegals and they all move to Chicago.

          5. I read it all three times! I hear and share your frustration! Keith allows us to rant along with his excellent articles and his unique use of sarcasm and wit! Plus, he does RANT very well from time to time!

            Keep your ‘spirits up’ – anyway you choose! OK? jb

          6. Okay, its just that this Obama is really scary and this is like a nightmare with him in charge, as he doesn’t give a wit about any of us, he is just so evil.

  6. Anyone notice the woman in the front row, hands on knees, whips her head around to see which jacka$$ is applauding…and then, only as the rest of the ninny’s clap, does she take her hands off knees for two polite claps for the office, then resumes suffering through this criminal’s speech!…A welcome new, true American!

    1. As someone who taught the American Citizenship required classes for Dep’t of Imm & Naturalization to some of the ‘best and brightest and most patriotic’ people who worked tirelessly and waited patiently to become American Citizens, I can tell you that ‘naturalized citizens’ do NOT like what is happening with ‘illegals’ (word is now banned by HS and subs ‘refugees’) who are getting ‘passes’ by Prez bho!

      One naturalized friend of over 25 years said, ‘As an American, I do not appreciate our President, today. He reminds me of why I left the country of my birth. He insults me, and makes me anxious for all of us Americans, now!’

      The ‘Human Traffickers’ as I call the criminals who have deposited children and youth they abused, beat, and maimed, should be ‘admonished and threatened’ by bho! Has he ever criticized or correctly labeled those criminals and called for all out pursuit, capture, prosecution of them by our Border Patrol and by Mexican authorities?

      Compassion for children knows NO political party or religious affiliation. Nobody with even half a heart wants to witness the suffering without weeping and caring about the fate of those suffering! HOWEVER, the Prez is missing a HEART and has perpetrated such a human tragedy for political gain, and those suffering are, in his schemes, ‘collateral damage’ – expendable lives for reaching his political goals of DIVISION and dis-UNITY in the USA for gaining more Fed Gov’t CONTROL! jb


      1. Exactly! I too taught citizenship classes and all of my students came here for opportunity. They do not want to see the United States turned into a banana republic identical to the one they escaped from.

        1. My students, like yours, came here for opportunity. Most had sponsors from various organizations – some non-profits for those of every possible reason (religious/political persecution, rescued from refugee camps) and others from various businesses, with technology skills, and educational sponsorships/scholarships to institutes and seminaries, etc.

          They learned English which was required and a challenge when I taught! Some of my classes were ‘hilarious’ when they were trying to understand certain concepts such as ‘individual liberty, justice for all’ and ‘equality under the law’ which does not translate easily for those from many foreign lands!

          We, Americans, do take our freedoms for granted. At least, we have up to now! Our naturalized American fellow citizens are urging us NOT to do that! jb

          1. They had to take the citizenship test and interview in English, but I don’t know if that is still required.

    1. It’s more than likely that these folks didn’t understand a word of what MrO was saying, as he was using the English language.

      1. I thought “we” approved on not applauding his platitudes. I can’t keep up. I sure think this immigration debate is bringing out the hateful and rude…in some cases. Those people studied and went though a process to become naturalized–I say good for them. Since when are we the boiling mad pot instead of the melting pot? We have people tagged with awful diseases (one case of H1N1, I heard–and people who are citizens get scabies, etc) , terrible intentions, smears (they send money to their families instead of spending it at Seven/11)… Yes, I believe the admin allowed this to happen hoping to shame the Republicans somehow–and it made a mess…and now, as usual, they can’t fix it.

        1. Let’s not forget bedbugs, which are a devastating infestation when carried home in luggage or on clothes.

          Let’s see — illegals work in the hospitality realm, making all those beds while living in houses jammed with other illegals.

          Do we need to wonder why we suddenly have bedbugs after decades of none at all? Maybe the same reason we have TB and the return of other problems?

  7. Novella-style ad is shown on both sides of border to discourage migrants from risking their lives to sneak into the US. An Obama look-alike teenager leaves Guatamala and is portrayed lying dead in the desert.

    This is an orchestrated coup/invasion – not a few stragglers sneaking over the border. Obama had to feign surprise, which is why DHS was not prepared for the onslaught. This is only the first round…I’m sure this administration will be better prepared for the next invasion.

    And…I don’t understand why everyone is up in arms about the horrible conditions at the processing centers. Their living conditions in their home countries are probably worse. And besides, they will all be united with their relatives here, and living the good life on the taxpayer dole in less than a week.
    Everyone knows it’s 1000x better to be poor in America than Central America and Mexico! All they have to do is utter two words in English: Credible Fear…and they’re in like Flynn.

    Obama is the instigator. He should be sitting in that Mexican jail where our Marine is still languishing.

    1. Girly1, I just clicked on your link and it has been DELETED!
      Very disturbing about the ruthlessness of the PC police and the lengths they will go to in order to prevent Americans from sharing information ‘they’ deem ‘politically incorrect’! jb

      1. I couldn’t believe the commercial was produced by the US Border Patrol, jb. The kid in the ad didn’t look hispanic – he looked just like Obama. Nevertheless, it was an exercise in free speech. If it was George Bush, that video would still be available.

  8. I wouldn’t want to be a Hispanic in America today. Many people, as a result of all the illegals and especially this recent crop of children and not so children with families and no families, are now looking askance, fairly or unfairly, at many Hispanics who continue to speak Spanish publicly or amongst themselves. It is not good. And it is a direct result of the actions of Barack Obama and the ilk that is his and LaRazas. It is unfortunate for the many legal and American hispanics and it spits on all legal immigrants here. What is happening now is a mockery of America by the sitting President of the United States.

    That said, like the IRS “scandal” — you have to start by calling out people by name. And to my mind, the organization and the security people within the government and in the contractor organizations who denied Congressman Brandenstine access and prevent media and others information to what is really going on, need to be identified. All of those in DOJ, DHS, and HHS who are dictating personnel and funds for this. It is so easy, as we all know, to say “we were just carrying out orders”.

    The information clamp down on this whole illegal horde mess from not notifying towns, cities, citizens of who or what is coming into their communities should be, if it is not, illegal. They should be turned back at every possibility.

    The time for impeachment of this President is way past.

    1. I heard one border agent in TX say that most of the ‘children’ had the names and phone numbers of relatives/friends to be contacted in the US pinned to their clothing.
      I mentioned this before but my gardener’s nephew arrived from Honduras 2 weeks ago and his family has already picked him up. His mother lives in L.A. somewhere.
      They are never, ever leaving. Immigration hearings are a joke~ No one in their right mind would show up. So we are wasting hundreds of millions on this charade.

    2. Personal anecdote: we have a lovely woman from Central America who packs bags at the local Safeway. Yesterday she wore a stars and stripes neck scarf. She probably wanted to make sure that everyone understood that she is here legally.

  9. My 2¢’s. Dislike intensely the constant referral of these illegal aliens as immigrants. They are here illegally, their first step on the “path to citizenship” is to break a Federal law and those of the States they enter, again illegally. A immigrant is one who follows the TRUE path of citizenship by obeying the law and enter the country legally, IMO
    Representative Luis Gutteriez of Chicago during an interview stated that NO preference should be given to professionals over those “immigrating” to the U.S. Of course, no need for Doctors, teachers or engineers, just more to put on the dole and join the Democratic role’s.

    1. This whole immigration issue is something I am re-thinking my position on as we speak.. Maybe refining my position…

      Seems obvious that we take Doctors, Engineers, etc and others who will bring capital INTO this nation. Children, as any parent knows, is a net economic drain until age 18…19,,,20 (insert personal family member joke here and much higher age).

      But the other part is in chorus with our dear leader’s view on price controls — wage prices — minimum wage. With the minimum wage going up to well above the marginal benefit of the marginal cost (it ain’t worth it to hire them) we are going to see more automation and process change to eliminate the need for lower paying jobs. As such, we aren’t going to be needing the # of people here that we otherwise believe to be needed. So, I am thinking that unless we change the welfare state (I know….like that will ever happen) we are going to have to have to reduce all forms of immigration.

  10. Note to Republican House PR Department (if one exists):

    1. Introduce bill to build fence, double fence, triple fence or whatever…
    2. Tell BHO that you will be willing to do any number of responsible, humane, etc immigration reform once #1 is done
    3. Repeatedly talk about step 1 & 2 over and over

  11. Congratulations to Shelia Jackson Lee for finding a job she is almost qualified to fulfill by handing out Lollipops to illegal immigrants.

    It makes me wonder how many children turned around screaming “I want my Mommy” after meeting Congresswoman Lee or for that matter Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. Those two want to make me leave the country.

  12. Well said, friend Keith! Obama is full of the usual left-wing cliches. What this country does not need at the present moment is more diversity. What we need is to bring back a commonly held American identity which makes us a nation. People who come to this country need not set aside their ethnic heritage but they need to start thinking of themselves as Americans. English is not the language of my own forebears, but it is the common language of America. BTW, we need a President the next time around who will bring us together, and Hillary Clinton is not the one. She is as divisive as Obama.

    And I take issue with his blather that we are bringing the best and the brightest to this country with this invasion of illegals. Who says so? How many of them are illiterate? If you want to welcome the best and the brightest today, I would say your best bet is to bring over all the Indians who are handling our computer business overseas. They know English, they know mathematics and science. I hate that expression “the best and brightest anyway”. How many millions of our own citizens do not qualify for “the best and the brightest”. Millions of people are meant to work with their hands. What do we do about them? Do we just keep them on the dole and not provide work for them? Keep them from reproducing? Social engineer Obama has written them off for his own “best and brightest”.

    1. I have an anecdote just like these other “I know a” stories. I have a friend who teaches English to adults from Venezuela–this is in Florida. They pay a lot to learn so they can pass the test to become doctors or just to live. Yes, they are the upper crust–but their visas require these courses. Sometimes they can’t pass the test and have to try to switch to a visa where they can start a business–they need half a mllion showing to do that and some buy a McDonalds or something. The people coming here are not all raggedy scum or however they are being regarded. To say we need no more diversity…I don’t get that one. By the way, my sister and I (we’re old dogs) are starting Spanish lessons just for fun.

      1. Go tell it to Obama — do we need a lecture about what to call them? All of us are upset about this criminal invasion and who cares how nice they are, filthy, most of them and who knows what diseases our children will all get from these pigs. And I can say what I want, they are all illegal and we don’t know what the hell they are carrying and bringing into our beloved country! We have the world’s stupidest President and he continues to punish Americans daily, and no one can stop his criminality, so i GUESS WE DESERVE THIS IF WE LET HIM DO THIS TO US, like it?

    2. I couldn’t help but get a bad feeling when I heard “the best and brightest”. I remember that the best and brightest working in Jack Kennedy’s administration advising him on the Vietnam war. That didn’t turn out well either.
      I know I have Dave Habelstom’s (sp?) book somewhere, think after all these years it deserves a rereading.

  13. So these illiterate and uneducated illegals that are flooding our borders are the best and the brightest?
    I think we are in trouble.

  14. There’s hard data showing that immigrants have less patriotic attachment to this country than do the native-born. That’s especially true of two groups: Latinos who aim to “take back” the Southwest for “bronze people”; and Muslims, who are doing their part for the demographic jihad. That’s why Obama wants more of ’em.

    Pro-amnesty conservatives (e.g. Larry Kudlow) are blithely unconcerned about the aggressive ethnic chauvinism of Mexicans (& Guatemalans) who illegally enter the country, and their offspring too. People who live in New York have a way of assuring us that those offspring are “assimilating” because they’re “learning English.” The reality on the ground looks different.

    I’m not particularly close to the southern border, but I can see the steady invasion of Spanish product packaging, Spanish signage, spoken Spanish, and usually a shabbier sort of culture along with the language, and more criminality. There have been lots of aggressive displays of Mexican allegiance and disdain for the American flag at American schools; and what’s worse is that the administrators (sometimes with Hispanic names) show obvious favoritism to Mexican patriotism.

    We know that the Mexican government encourages illegal border-crossing into the U.S., partly to get all the remittances that are sent back to Mexico, but also because it’s a way of gradually asserting power over the American Southwest.

    This is all well documented, and very obvious — except to the people who doesn’t wish to see.

  15. Mark Levin so aptly pointed out that ilegal mmigration was primarily meant to benefit the country not the immigrant.

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  17. So they are going to learn English — if immigrants all learn English, why is the government spending $$$$$ to print documents in scads of foreign languages?

    Yeah, the best and the brightest are the ones carrying backpacks full of drugs over the Mexican border — not.

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