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Obama Golfing with Old Friends

President Obama is out for his usual Saturday golf, playing this time at Andrews Air Force Base.

He’s got a couple of friends in town for the three-day weekend it seems, as Marty Nesbitt and Eric Whitaker have joined regular Obama golf partner Marvin Nicholson, the White House Trip Director, for today’s outing.

It’s the president’s 23rd time playing this year and the 180th of his presidency.

68 Responses to Obama Golfing with Old Friends

  1. It would probably take less of your time to report the weekends when he is not out on the golf course. How soon do they leave for the next vacation?

    • Nicholson is Kerry’s old ‘body man’. He worked in a windsurfing shop where Kerry was a customer.
      He is also an ex-caddy but he gets his own caddy now. Nice work if you can get it…

      The only person missing in Obama’s regular foursome is an ex-golf club shop employee since he already has the chef, the travel director, and the ex-caddy. Well, I suppose he could get the dishwasher from the WH kitchen. Then again, Michelle probably has him working overtime.

  2. Is that the Eric Whitaker, the MD from Chicago, who was State Director of Public Health, and under whose aegis massive funds (directed at helping poor AfAms and AIDS patients) disappeared, not once, but again and again?

    • Yes, and I think that when Michelle Obama was working in Chicago, it was for the same hospital. They were supposed to be helping poor blacks, but they helped themselves (to the money) instead.

  3. You know, I don’t begrudge the President for his golf. I’m a golfer and understand the desire to get out there every weekend and play. The issue is his playing partners. If he were to make the best use of that time to build relationships with Senators and Congressmen/women, it would be time well spent. But to be playing so regularly with his pastry chef and travel director, it really is a lost opportunity.

  4. What exactly is this “trip director” responsible for doing, and what do we lowly taxpayers pay this flunky? What a court jester/clown this guy must be. Clearly he has no self respect. And the last commenter is right, a round of golf with the President could and should be a chance to build relationships, consensus, and could also be used as a “reward” or a carrot to get things done. Instead this thug President plays with the groupies every weekend, where he can be told over and over how great he is by the same low level clowns every week. Kind of sad, just like his Presidency.

  5. What did you expect? He does things for spite anyway, a real childish jerk. I can’t wait until he has to spend his own money someday (who knows, maybe it will be stolen money).I wouldn’t put anything past him and tranny.

  6. Obama took some time off while he’s getting ready for another explosion to hit us. We were not through with the Benghazi, Lois Lerner and the IRS, the Veteran’s hospitals and then wham, the illegal minors coming across.
    Hey, he’s taking time off to prepare for another bomb coming our way.

  7. Awww how sweet. I bet they are having a slumber party toight, maybe some kool aid and popcorn discussing current events.