As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Obama Weekly Address – July 4, 2014

An eloquent and almost completely apolitical July 4th weekly address from President Obama. The political touch is subtle enough to be ignored, and couched in a way that’s hard to disagree with. See if you notice it.

Whatever your feelings about Obama, he is the president of all of us. And I felt his July 4th tribute to our nation and our armed forces was a good one.

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    • Dittos, Sport. Empty suit. Empty heart. Empty man.

      “He is the president of us all”… Not. For the first time in my long life, I have never felt so reviled by my president.

  1. Obama will not be stealing or staining my love of country and our independence no matter how he might have stumbled onto a faux stump of celebrating America.

    But thanks for effort Keith. And Happy Independence Day to you and yours.

      • Zephyr, you do the same thing I do: spell 0bama with a zero. It’s so fitting, isn’t it? Anyway, I won’t be listening to the clip, his voice makes me nauseated.

  2. Dictator Obama was re-elected by the use of voter fraud, voter intimation and suppression via the use of a government agency, the IRS, illegal campaign contributions, and is not repeat is not a lawfully elected president. He is the sworn enemy of this country and it’s citizens. He should be in prison. I do not recognize him as my president. He needs to be fought at every single by turn by every patriot of this country.

    I don’t believe anything that has come out of his pie hole in this address.

    He is our “Liar-In Chief. Now that title I will acknowledge.

    Happy Independence Day, Fellow Citizens!

  3. I get why Keith posts anything positive about Obama. It is not for Obama’s sake, rather it is to keep us in touch with even the tiniest semblance of tradition and pride in the OFFICE of President in the midst of the surreal incompetence and downright neurosis The Great One regularly displays.

    • Keith is fair and balanced like that. He does try and find the good when it surfaces, but we usually react like hungry sharks going after the chum bait ;) Obama doesn’t care about us, his supports or his job, just winning, getting his way and being lavished with perks.

      • Very true! My hope is that Keith’s, yours and others observations on this site will reach the millions of Americans who are so weary and disillusioned.

        Like those of us who poured our hearts and souls into trying ‘to get the vote out’ only to learn much later that our own fed gov’t’s IRS (for years!) was blocking ordinary everyday citizens efforts and abilities to participate, many of us just want to ‘escape’ from reality!

        The lingering distrust from the abuses have left fear of our own gov’t in our minds! Need ideas to motivate those who feel beaten down and to get others involved or the 2014 opportunities to change DC will be disappointing! ?

        The ‘misinformation and divisive’ campaign of the LEFT is certainly overwhelmingly working IMO which is more cynical
        than ever! jb

  4. Sorry. I can’t even stand the sound of his voice. He berates us for 364 days and now I’m supposed to set that all aside for one day?

    No. Chance.

    • Exactly jimg. After his tirade on the SCOTUS decision and the berating of Republicans in his “speeches”, I’m supposed to believe he’s a kinder and gentle person? No way Jose.
      Also agree with Junius, Obama’s scandals are to many to forgive and forget. All those despicable names he use’s to describe those who oppose his policies, Obama by his own words made him my not my President.

  5. After six years of incessant racial and social division, “official” intimidation and harrassment of dissidents, economic destruction domestically and a total reversal of our allies and enemies abroad, I have to say No. He may bear the title, but he is not the president of patriots. No way. And besides, it would ruin my day if I had to hear his voice.

  6. Too funny. I went to Drudge to scan the headlines. All in red. And not too encouraging. But I had laugh — one headline not in red — blue only — the Joan Rivers comment about Barack the gay and Michelle the tranny.

    Ok, it’s not patriotic or respectful but it made me smile.

  7. Please, he never meant a word of it! The most completely anti-American, liar there ever was, I don’t think any other President was this phony! I’m not interested in anything he says, can’t stand to hear his boring voice. All I know is that we are being invaded because thats what Obama wants to do to us. If something isn’t done to stop this evil, we will all be without a country soon. Let him get the hell out of our White House now!

  8. He doesn’t mean a word of it, the most phony anti-American President there ever was! He is laughing at us being invaded by illegals, evil to the core, just wants to hurt America.

  9. Sweet Independance Day. We don’t have to listen to this fool of a president if we don’t want to. God Bless America!

  10. It is my patriotic duty to never watch or listen to the shuck ‘n jive coming out of the mouth of this son of a Kenyan goat herder. Note: I cleaned up the language so as not to end up in mod jail on this beautiful morning.