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Obama Grabs Some PR Off Team USA

President Obama Wednesday called US soccer team members to congratulate them on their performance during the World Cup.

But this is not just a congratulatory call. This is a White House PR stunt designed to connect Obama to the semi-mania surrounding the US soccer team and its goalie, Tim Howard.

It appears the press was excluded from the call, which Obama made to Howard and team captain Clint Dempsey. The camera, at least on Obama’s side, is operated by a White House cameraman.

The camera is handheld, providing a false cinéma vérité-feel that makes Obama seem more approachable than a formal press “pool spray” would. Someone is even permitted to walk in front of the shot at the outset. The president is humanized, while the press must cool its heels.

And of course, no one shouts an uncomfortable question.

It’s White House moviemaking. Propaganda that no doubt was picked up by many press outlets, which may or may not have flagged this as a White House production.

Obama Wednesday also met with a group of economists. No press access permitted.

27 thoughts on “Obama Grabs Some PR Off Team USA”

  1. Being that he is such a soccer fan, ask him to explain the offside rule in soccer. He will be exposed as the fraud he is by his answer.

  2. “I was never that good”. Of course, it’s always all about MEEEEE.

    Another cool act from our coolest president ever. Nothing else matters.

    So, one day soon the White House schedule will read:

    11AM – receives the presidential daily briefing
    12:30 – lunch with Vice President Biden
    3:00 – welcomes the World Cup soccer team to the White House
    4:00 – departs Washington for New York City
    6:30 – attends a Democratic fundraiser in New York City
    8:30 – attends another fundraiser in New York City.

    Hardest working president ever!

    1. Michael, you left out the most important event in the schedule
      6:00 – Makes remarks on (fill in blank) at (fill in blank) company
      —thereby making it a tax-payer funded trip.

  3. After 6 years, Barry from the ‘hood still sounds like a jive-talking community organizer – regardless of WHO he is talkin’ to. He is not only the worst POTUS in history – he is the most un-presidential. He probably refers to the WH as his ‘crib’ when he is speaking privately to his hip-hop friends.

  4. He has other things that HAVE NOT BEEN TENDED TO OR HAVE BEEN SCREWED UP. Why is he spending time like a school kid talking to these people?

  5. The team went 1-2-1.

    Nothing against the players or their effort, but come on. We were lucky to even win the one game.

    But, let’s not let 1-2-1 get in the way of a shameless photo-op.

  6. I was going to say at least he was not chewing gum, but I swear just as he says goodbye and starts to hang up the phone, he gets the gum out of his cheek.

    Glad he is putting his phone and pen to use. Now how about calling Mexico?
    (Mr President, in case you forgot, his name is Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi)

  7. That is soooo awkward. He is not clever nor comfortable talking about anything off the cuff. Too bad he didn’t give THEM more of a chance to talk. He is not capable of keeping his mouth shut.
    I was extremely exasperated listening to him. He did manage, once again, to insert himself into the picture mentioning his soccer playing. I wonder if it is better than his golf.

  8. Well Keith,
    You folks in the “WH press corps” allow Dear Leader Obama to get away with crap like this ALL THE TIME…
    As the “WH press corps” meekly sits there and nods to everything new guy Josh Earnest says.

    1. If I were in the White House Press Corps, I would ask the Earnest one this question.
      Does the president realize how unpopular he is among the American People ?
      Yes or no.
      Yes, does he care ?
      No, why does he hold the office ?

      Once the Earnest one begins to filibuster, cut him off and demand an answer to the question.

      I would love to see all of the reporters stand up in mass and shout the clown down.

      1. Are there any real “reporters” in the “WH press corps” anymore…?

        Last time I checked it was 99.97% just a bunch of biased corporate ‘media’ sycophants who want to keep their seat as one of the cool kids in the Obama regime “WH press corps”.

  9. Yes he is a joke and all but don’t bash on the US Team. They did a good job getting as far as they did and Howard played a great game. ‘Not winning’ the WORLD Cup is still quite an accomplishment.

  10. Not only is he mind-numbingly boring, “Uh, you guys did great, uh, the, uh ….” but did you see his eyes? Those are Idi Amin eyes, scary crazy. This is not going to end well, folks.

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