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The Obama Morning News || July 3, 2014

Obama likely to delay deportations . . . Fox News
One of President Obama’s first moves toward trying to “fix” the U.S. immigration system without Congress will almost certainly be to expand on his 2012 executive order postponing deportation for potentially millions of young illegal immigrants, say experts on both sides of the debate.

Issa demands immediate deportation . . . Newsmax
Rep. Darrell Issa and 32 other Republicans sent a letter to Obama demanding he stop illegal immigration at the border now and make clear that such migrants would be returned to their countries of origin.

WH: No change to immigrant strategy . . . The Hill
The White House is not planning to reassess its strategy for handling thousands of unaccompanied minors streaming across the border amid mass protests.

Rick Perry: Obama hasn’t called . . . Newsmax
Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Obama had not called him since the onslaught of illegal immigrants descended upon his state, despite the fact the migrants were probably coming to the United States because of the message from the White House.

“Open season” on border patrol . . . Newsmax
Budget woes, bureaucratic spats, bad U.S. policy and hostile federal judges are making the job of guarding America’s borders more difficult and thankless than ever.

Immigrant kids pose humanitarian crisis . . . AFP
Despite Obama’s best efforts to persuade them not to try their luck – on the basis that they will eventually be thrown out – hundreds of children keep arriving daily across the Mexican border.

US military faces cuts amid growing crises . . . Reuters
For U.S. defense planners already struggling to implement savage spending cuts, the last year has been one of the most demanding since the immediate aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Up to 120 military advisors in Somalia . . . Reuters
U.S. military advisors have secretly operated in Somalia since around 2007 and Washington plans to deepen its security assistance to help the country fend off threats by Islamist militant group al Shabaab.

Obama is so annoyed with Congress . . . Washington Post
Obama’s displeasure with gridlock in Washington — and with the Republicans he blames for it — has been rising for months. This week it has boiled over.

Obama readying further financial reform . . . Politico
Obama said “further reforms” of Wall Street are needed, arguing that there remains too much focus on making profits through big banks’ trading desks as opposed to investing in companies and the “real” economy.

WH: Don’t look at us on equal pay . . . Examiner
The White House insists that it is doing better than the country at large in ensuring women receive fair paychecks — despite their own shortcomings.

14 Responses to The Obama Morning News || July 3, 2014

  1. “WH: No change to immigrant strategy . . . The Hill
    The White House is not planning to reassess its strategy for handling thousands of unaccompanied minors streaming across the border amid mass protests.”

    I wonder if the architects of this debacle has any idea adult parents would apparently send their children rather than come themselves.
    How many years before those children can vote?

    • c’mon obama wanted all these migrants here — for their votes — He has consistently and constantly breaks the law. This is what he wanted, he’s a sick, sick person, out of control and the rest of the government does nothing to stop him. We are doomed and Obama feels very good about himself because he’s insane and also very stupid. When he gets out of office, no secret service will be able to protect him from the masses. He is a pathetic excuse for a freaking president.

  2. Who would have ever thunk it? The Children’s Coup! Looks like thjat notorious illegal alien rabble rouser, Elvira Arrelano, is back in the States with a NEW BABY, after being deported several years ago. She’s back in Chicago – living at the same church that harbored her before she got caught and deported in L.A.

    The ‘Children’s Coup’ was a brilliant scheme. Children have been used as human shields by both of those devious Obama’s since the day they landed in the WH. First it was Let’s Move…and now it’s Let’s Move In.

    Obama ought to be tried for high crimes and misdemeanors – this is treason – the likes of which we have never experienced in our wildest dreams! He sat back for weeks/months while these kids were riding the tracks into Mexico and straight to the US. Mexico is obviously a co-conspirator. The consequences of this contrived mass migration by ‘the children’ will be a 10 on the Richter scale. IMPEACH/CONVICT this criminal usurper in the WH!

  3. Nothing is being done now while all these minors WALK ON IN.
    The next move will be LET THE PARENTS WALK RIGHT IN, so they can watch their on kids. Then they will have their adults to vote for them.

  4. Article: ‘Immigrant kids pose humanitarian crisis’ begins with the most outrageous and mis-leading statement (‘Despite Obama’s best effort to persuade them not….) and is an example of what is wrong with the lame stream media! jb

  5. Drudge has a little leader that there is an outbreak of tuberculosis at Sacramento High School. They don’t identify the national origin of the people who have it and are spreading it. Just as the Chicago Tribune never identifies criminal suspects by race. Political correctness trumps all.

    • Why are DHS and HHS keeping everyone. including a U.S. Congressman, from entering the refugee centers? Obama is hiding everything from the media and his own Congress! It must be 10x worse than what we are seeing on the news.

      • I also read on Drudge that the Office of Economic Opportunity has charged Wisconsin Plastics, a private firm, with discrimination because it has made speaking English a requirement for employment. Wisconsin Plastics fire Latino and Asian employees who could not speak English. What are these businesses to do: hire translators for all their low level employees? That’s another topic I just wanted to bring out, but you are right, of course, the administration is keeping all sorts of information like this from the public. Another egregious example is the threat to prosecute doctors and other personnel at hospitals for releasing any information about the diseases these people are bringing into the country.

        • This is absurd. Hope the lesson learned is — don’t hire them in the first place. Not worth the hassle. No point in giving an opportunity to those too lazy to learn the language but gladly volunteer to be used against those who gave them a chance.

          I am almost all in on joining those in the
          Let It Burn camp despite the best efforts of an older wiser patriot who reminded me I am an American and I don’t get the choice to quit.

  6. I am surprised Little Dik and Mooch are not headed to the border on the Made In Canada bus to give their new soon to be American benefits babies a big Independence Day welcome and an envelope of EBT and voter registration cards.