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Obama Demands “Economic Patriotism”

You know, if President Obama didn’t seem so uninterested in his job and so eager to indulge his inner laziness, this might really concern me.

But just in case, polish your goose-steppin’ boots!

Obama crowdFor the second time in three days today, Obama used the term “economic patriotism,” by which he apparently means support for Our Leader’s economic policies.

Obscured by the focus on his “so sue me” comment during his remarks in Washington Tuesday was something rather darker offered up in the same speech. It was the clear suggestion that Republicans were failing in their duty as Americans to put politics aside and get in line behind Obama, who of course is above politics.

We could be doing so much more if Republicans in Congress were less interested in stacking the deck in favor of those at the top or trying to score political points, or purposely trying to gridlock Washington, and just tried to get some things done to grow the economy for everybody.  We could do so much more if we just rallied around an economic patriotism, a sense that our job is to get things done as one nation and as one people.

Economic patriotism would say that instead of protecting corporations that are shipping jobs overseas, let’s make sure they’re paying their fair share of taxes, let’s reward American workers and businesses that hire them.  Let’s put people to work rebuilding America.  Let’s invest in manufacturing, so the next generation of good manufacturing jobs are right here, made in the USA.  (Applause.)  That would be something to celebrate on the 4th of July.  (Applause.)

Economic patriotism says that instead of stacking the deck in the favor of folks just at the top, let’s harness the talents and ingenuity of every American and give every child access to quality education, and make sure that if your job was stamped obsolete or shipped overseas, you’re going to get retrained for an even better job.  (Applause.)

Economic patriotism says that instead of making it tougher for middle-class families to get ahead, let’s reward hard work for every American.  Let’s make sure women earn pay that’s equal to their efforts.  (Applause.)  Let’s make sure families can make ends meet if their child gets sick and they need to take a day off.  Let’s make sure no American who works full-time ever has to live in poverty.  (Applause.)

Here’s some video. The economic patriotism business starts at about 2:00.

The phrase was back today, in remarks Obama made during an unscheduled stop in Washington to trumpet the Labor Department’s positive news on jobs. He linked the term “economic patriotism,” which has a mild ring of fascism to it, to Independence Day.

While such a thing was presumably common in pre-democratic Europe and today throughout the Third World, I’m really not used to hearing American presidents associate their policy choices with patriotism.

The suggestion that one’s policies are patriotic contains the clear implication that others’ are not. It’s repugnant when people say such things in private conversation. For a president to make such a presumption is startling, and bears watching.

Obama is already pitting Americans against each other by class, with his caricatures of conservative ideology. Now if you oppose him, you are not just a shill for the rich, you are un-American.

What does is entitle you to do if your opponents are not just wrong, but unpatriotic? We’ll find out.

44 thoughts on “Obama Demands “Economic Patriotism””

  1. Obama at special press conference: “I have been informed that some Americans still have change in their pockets and a couple of dollar bills in their wallet. Folks, this is not right. It is not patriotic. I have informed the IRS to send agents to the field to collect this money from each cof you. They will travel in pairs. This will make it easier for them to turn you upside down and catch the nickels and dimes falling out of your pockets.”

  2. He is right on schedule. Next stop on this tour is a required “Patriotism Test” in order to receive benefits, work for the Government, or even hold a private job. That will be measured by one’s membership in The Party (guess which one!) and all official members will get to display an official badge, armband or other special marking.

    Have any of you read this story before? It is hauntingly familiar.

  3. I dragged this previous comment over from the Press Conference, because I live in Little Dik’s Amerika and original thought and hard work is so, like, yesterday Dude. You don’t like it. Sue me.
    OT. In one of his many harangues of late Obama is now swinging the Marxist hammer of “economic patriotism” — he is such a failed marxist ninny, Anyway, elsewhere someone who is a patriot had the good sense to respond like this:
    Economic patriotism?
    How about:

    1) Stop importing foreign workers (legal & illegal) to let American workers have first shot at jobs.

    2) Shut down the EPA which keeps shutting down American industries.

    3) Repeal Obamacare, which is killing American jobs.

    4) Build the Keystone Pipeline
    And I am sure Little Dik has a whole bunch more marxist mealy mouthed mudslinging ready for the 4th of July. God knows what we as a country did to deserve this — but I pray we are never asleep at the watch aga

  4. This comment coming from a man who spends most of his time (free and otherwise) with people who are on the “top of the deck”. What a bald faced hypocrite and those stupid people/seals who applaud are even worse morons. When was the last time he visit a poor Black, Hispanic or White neighborhood?? In his numerous fundraising visits to New York…has he ever visited his loyal constituents in Harlem or Brooklyn or the Bronx??? Of course the answer is no. He makes me want to hurl!

  5. Here is another novel idea; Why does’nt he set an example and “put politics aside”. That is the primary activity of all democrats, politicize everything…make everything about race….make everything about a war on women..make everything about hating Obama. I would not spare energy to hate on him because he is not worth it.Period.The end.

  6. And yet KeystoneXL that would not cost a DIME of federal money, but instead bring IN money via the taxes sits unsigned because his “patriotism” is to Tom Steyer’s $100 million in campaign cash.
    The man is a disgrace.

  7. 0bama calls for more immigration to stimulate our economy. Who is he kidding? More immigrants joining the workforce will only depress wages. But, of course, that’s exactly what he wants. More low wages, more government dependence. I will attempt tomorrow to forget about the horrible mess we’re in and celebrate the glorious 4th. Never forget, this country is worth fighting for. Happy Independence Day to my fellow patriots. I will be watching fireworks from the grounds of the US Naval Academy, something I look forward to every year.

  8. I know I am being Captain Obvious here, but this guy is really getting dangerous. I have lately heard a certain desperation in his tone, like a cornered animal, that is quite disconcerting.

  9. Can’t say I would find fault if more companies off-shore it, hold back, part-time their workforce, etc. as he turns up the demonizing talk. He is so divisive and hurting the economy.

  10. This is patently offensive. At this pace, he will become one of the most despised public figures in our history. Think about two more years of subjecting our country to such a divisive and negative approach. What does he do when his term is over – say “I would have been a great President if only the evil GOP had not prevented it”? A great President would have shown leadership and secured more through negotiation and compromise than he has with class warfare and unilateral EOs. If he has shown a willingness to work with Congress, with the Senate safely in his column, he could have secured a signed a relatively expansive immigration reformation while Cantor and Ryan were both publically saying they were willing to move forward. Apparently, it is beneath him to negotiate, or he simply doesn’t know how, and the opportunity was lost once Cantor lost. He is a highly zealous ideologue unwilling to fashion compromise through leadership and unable to force his agenda in its entirety, so he flails around slaying straw men in speeches people stopped listening to long ago.

  11. It STILL perplexes me that he constantly whines and complains about the Republicans doing absolutely nothing. Keith, you may have a more accurate number, but this article from March 2014 in “The Hill” the number of bills that have been passed by the House and sitting idle in the Senate is at 195. Talk about “DO NOTHING”, but does the MSM talk about this? No, it’s the typical ‘zero’ (I don’t even like to use his name, you know, that guy who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania) talking points that it’s the lazy Republicans. (link to article –

    At what point will this all stop? At what point will the House finally grow some courage and do what’s necessary? And no, I don’t mean suing in court.

  12. Spot on,Keith. This will be his rallying cry before the election. After the election this guy won’t care about anything or anybody. Obama dares the republicans to sue him. He also realizes they are spineless and will do nothing.

  13. It is more than obvious that he has his own Mein Kampf. If the people don’t rise up to top this madness, we can expect the worst.

  14. My first thoughts go to the Burgess MeredithTwilight Zone episode where his character is a librarian, an “obsolete job” in this totalitarian society. The sentence is death.
    0 said training for a new job…butt

    1. Does anyone remember the first Jobs Czar of bho’s first term? Former General Electric CEO Jeffrey Imeldt (sp) was appointed by bho, and he proceeded to ship thousands of jobs to China along with highly sensitive and sophisticated technology.

      China makes the solar panels and lightbulbs Americans are forced to buy! Did Imeldt create American jobs? Can the fed gov’t create any private sector jobs? Remember the billions of $’s poured into Solendra and other green energy jobs?

      Out of ’23 green companies 17 filed bankruptcy’ and others are set to follow! Some might call the entire ‘bail-out’ fiasco a SCAM! Where are the investigative reporters? Nowhere! Nobody will touch that subject for fear of our own fed gov’t! jb

  15. OT:
    Joan Rivers just blew every member of the PC thought police out of their chairs. It will be interesting to see how long the venerable MsRivers holds her job as the host of various “red carpet” affairs.

    It will also be very entaining to listen to those PC troopers claim that being called “gay” or a “tranny” to be insulting.

    1. After much searching, I finally found a video of Joan’s pronouncement. It seems it’s been scrubbed from many sites which previously carried it.

    2. srdem65 — Didn’t see you here when I posted — oops. It was a brief moment in the swill and I was perversely happy to be the rolling in it.

  16. Tawdry, but ….. DRUDGE has the center pix and headline Joan Rivers — Obama is gay and Michelle is a Tranny. Rivers said this in interview, on video, and says “we all know this”. Don’t know how this will be back tracked or treated. And I don’t really care to slut around in this particular gutter, of confirm or deny, but … :)

    The ultimate irony — they cannot realistically deny this without looking like somehow they don’t think that gay and tranny is “normal” — Oh dear, what to do, what to do?

    Tread carefully Barack — your LGBT base is watching. By the way, they are caught in the lovely catch 22 as well.

    1. If they did respond, Tranny Mooch would just says ‘No, I am not transgendered but have many friends who are.”

      Barry S would have a tougher time because of his dalliances in bath houses with Emanuel and Artur Davis, not to mention Reggie, Larry, the guys from his church that were murdered before his run for president, possibly Bill Ayers who admitted in a NYT article he had sex with men early on in the Weather Underground–Barry might finally have to acknowledge it and say “yes, I am gay and it feels good to finally be out and proud.”

  17. Has anyone had enough of this incompetent charlatan’s blathering yet?

    “Economic patriotism” sounds vaguely Stalinistic, and knowing Obama, it probably is. You just know this means yet more trillions of taxpayer money and funny-money printed by the fed shoveled into the gaping maw of unionized bureaucracies and entitlement programs, with the vaguely realized but fervent belief that somehow it will all make sense in the end.

  18. Patriotism=agree with him? Isn’t that the idea on the rare occasions he even mentions patriotism? Didn’t he send his minions out to say Republican=Taliban or Republican=racist?

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