As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – July 3, 2014

The briefing has concluded.

7 Responses to Live Stream || White House Briefing – July 3, 2014

  1. The video was playing when I loggeid on. I heard regulatory agencies. I moved on because Obama rules through regulatory edict in lieu of law. Not interested.

    • I agree Grace.
      I logged on, muted, replied to you and now I am gone.
      Enjoy the Country’s Birthday.
      238 years ain’t too shabby.

  2. Ernest is now explaining all the political fundraising he will be doing while taxpayers pick up the tab. For everything else, Josh doesn’t have an answer for you, but he does know that the Republicans are to blame for it.

  3. OT. In one of his many harangues of late Obama is now swinging the Marxist hammer of “economic patriotism” — he is such a failed marxist ninny, Anyway, elsewhere someone who is a patriot had the good sense to respond like this:
    Economic patriotism?
    How about:

    1) Stop importing foreign workers (legal & illegal) to let American workers have first shot at jobs.

    2) Shut down the EPA which keeps shutting down American industries.

    3) Repeal Obamacare, which is killing American jobs.

    4) Build the Keystone Pipeline
    And I am sure Little Dik has a whole bunch more marxist mealy mouthed mudslinging ready for the 4th of July. God knows what we as a country did to deserve this — but I pray we are never asleep at the watch again.