In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Obama Demands “Economic Patriotism”

You know, if President Obama didn’t seem so uninterested in his job and so eager to indulge his inner laziness, this might really concern me. But just in case, polish your goose-steppin’ boots! For the second time in three days today, Obama used the term “economic patriotism,” by which he apparently means support for Our Leader’s economic policies. Obscured by the focus on his “so sue me”

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Obama Grabs Some PR Off Team USA

President Obama Wednesday called US soccer team members to congratulate them on their performance during the World Cup. But this is not just a congratulatory call. This is a White House PR stunt designed to connect Obama to the semi-mania surrounding the US soccer team and its goalie, Tim Howard. It appears the press was excluded from the call, which Obama made to Howard and team captain Clint

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Strong Jobs Growth in June

The Labor Department today said the economy added 288,000 jobs in June while the unemployment rate dipped to 6.1 percent from 6.3 percent, signaling sustained, robust job growth has arrived, at least for now. May’s increase was adjusted up to 224,000 from 217,000 while April’s number was pegged at 304,000 from the previous estimate of 282,000. Nevertheless, according to the Wall Street Journal, the news

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The Obama Morning News || July 3, 2014

Obama likely to delay deportations . . . Fox News One of President Obama’s first moves toward trying to “fix” the U.S. immigration system without Congress will almost certainly be to expand on his 2012 executive order postponing deportation for potentially millions of young illegal immigrants, say experts on both sides of the debate. Issa demands immediate deportation . . . Newsmax Rep. Darrell Issa

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