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Video || Obama: “So Sue Me”

You may have already heard about President Obama’s “So sue me” dismissal of the House GOP’s move to hold him accountable for acting without Congress. Thought you might want to see the video and offer some reactions.

Obama’s arrogance in the face of this lawsuit, which some believe should be an impeachment, is rooted in the classic liberal thought construct that the work of the Left is too important to be interrupted by bothersome details like democratic processes.

The other half of Obama’s attitude is his actual belief – I don’t think he’s just standing up straw men – that Republicans mainly want to help the rich and give tax breaks to their cronies in corporate America.

The GOP, in his view, hopes that some of the wealth will trickle down, but doesn’t particularly care. And that makes this a battle between the forces of darkness and the forces of light.

It’s a very primitive outlook that is not uncommon even among highly educated liberals like Obama.  But I doubt we have ever actually had someone seize the reins of power in the United States who had such a dismal view of so many of his countrymen.

Obama spoke in Washington:

This obstruction keeps the system rigged for those who are doing fine at the top.  It prevents us from helping more middle-class families.  And as long as they insist on taking no action whatsoever that will help anybody, I’m going to keep on taking actions on my own that can help the middle class — like the actions I’ve already taken to speed up construction projects, and attract new manufacturing jobs, and lift workers’ wages, and help students pay off their loans.  (Applause.)

And they criticize me for this.  Boehner sued me for this.  And I told him, I’d rather do things with you, pass some laws, make sure the Highway Trust Fund is funded so we don’t lay off hundreds of thousands of workers.  It’s not that hard.  Middle-class families can’t wait for Republicans in Congress to do stuff.  So sue me.  (Laughter.)  As long as they’re doing nothing, I’m not going to apologize for trying to do something.

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  1. Keith, Do you think Obama has peeps who read this blog and report back to him? Or is it, like all else in his role as President, beneath him to even think others might have a view contrary to his own?

    1. Just my two cents, but it’s my bet that considering the minions who still have vats of the Obama kool aid stashed, Obama has peeps spread throughout the entire web reporting back to central command all the non-conformists that refuse to praise Dear Leader.

      1. If I were in office, or running for office, I’d hire the largest group to man the opposition blogs. That’s where the people speak, where the real voices are heard. I’d be lost without my daily dose of WHDossier.

      2. I believe those “peeps” doing the work of the Dear Leader call each other “Dude”. As in, “Hey, Dude, look what someone wrote on the White House Dossier.” It’s the “Dude Patrol” scoping the entire web.

  2. He better be careful. Some hard of hearing WWII vet is going to hear “So shoot me” instead of “So sue me” and do his last act of duty to country. (Note to Secret Service, DHS, NSA, and all the rest, that is a J.O.K.E.!)

  3. What a bunch of horse hockey. The GOP is nothing less than a group of spineless pansies (is that redundant?). Article II is quite clear and I don’t recall a “so sue me” clause.

  4. So sue me. Something never uttered in public by any former President.
    It’s obvious that this piteous school-yard type taunt is meant to push someone with a (R) behind their name to do just that – file a lawsuit against a sitting President.
    With his standing with the public at new lows, his every action turned into million dollar disasters, and the real chance that the Repubs will up their majority in Congress, he has to do something to fire up his base.
    By adopting a pose of a helpless and beleagured figure, he demeans what’s left of his Presidency and is willing to be seen as victim unable to protect himself.
    Shame on him. Shame on those who fall for this poser’s game.

    1. I think under that smirk of the remark is fear. If he’s not he should be he’s in so far over his head it will never be seen again idiot.

  5. The GOP has got to start pushing back on these “campaign” speeches disquised as “official”. Call them out for what they are and start issuing instant rebuttals to Oblathering.

    Why the heck did he have to seek out a DC bridge to give this speech? Biggest DC tourist week of the summer and he probably jammed traffic for miles and miles……shutdowns happen hours before his events so the SS can sweep the area. GOP needs to push back his hypocritical global warming threats with all these gigantic carbon footprints Obama leaves all over the country.

    Sigh, the GOP. Just take away his “pen and phone” to slow down the problems Obama is creating. And don’t you dare take a summer recess until you resolve the IRS, Benghazi, THE BORDER, and other crap piles Obama creates all over the world. /rant (yes I can!)

  6. I don’t buy the highly educated bit. Where’s the evidence. He is a talker and has been doing so for 5 years—the same number of years he has been talking about those highway construction jobs.
    Certainly is non-presidential. A rabble rouser at best.

    1. ……..what else does a community organizer do? All his life he has talked. All of his life he has been told he is a brilliant little boy. He is so good at talking, in fact, he could be president of the United States. He believed it. He believed in it so much, he convinced a majority of the population (or just rigged voting). He had no accomplishments. Just a well honed ability to speak.

    1. What’s sadder than that is he really doesn’t care about the half that still supports him. He just knows the dog whistle keywords that keeps them fired up with hate against Republicans.

  7. I don’t believe he wants to help the middle class, as he asserts over and over again. We have a huge underclass and he undermines their wages by allowing illegals to flood this country who will be competing with our own citizens.
    He wants Boehner to do what he wants and not compromise regarding immigration law, which is not a reform since it wants to legalize millions of folks who entered illegally.
    He usurps his executive power, overriding Congress, and he wants us to believe it’s for our good.
    I never believed this man from the time he was elevated by the Democratic platform for the presidency. He keeps getting worse and worse.

  8. Amateur speech from a man who cannot manage, cannot compromise, has no clue how to make a deal.

    waaaaa waaaaa waaaaaa



  9. If you look at today’s Quinnipiac poll, it’s amazing how Obama has divided the country along party (and racial) lines.

    Overall approval:

    Republicans – 10%
    Independent – 39%
    Democrat – 79%

    Worst president since WWII:

    Republicans – 63%
    Independent – 36%
    Democrat – 4%.

    I hate to say this, but there’s no doubt that the Democrat numbers are heavily race-skewed. Half of those Democrats probably can’t name the Vice President of the U.S.

  10. Again, what the Prince of Deception is really saying is: “Pass the laws I demand you pass, do what I want you to do, acknowledge that I am always right and you are always wrong, and then we’ll get along.”

  11. Such a tiressome demogogue. Why repeat the oft-repeated? He is a manipulator who does not have anyone’s best interests at heart except his own. And now–many yrs in–some people are thinking, you know he does kind of suck.

  12. Like many others, I have soured on the Republican Party, but this president’s incessant rant about the Republicans taking “no actions whatsoever” is a bald-faced LIE.

    Hundreds of bills are sitting DOA on Dirty Harry’s desk. Obama signed 72 bills into law last year. All but 16 originated in the Republican House.

    I’m sick of the nonstop lies pouring out of this pathetic man’s mouth!

  13. There is sufficient evidence to impeach this juvenile delinquent. There is no political will in the Congress of cowards. Keith Ablow had it right – vigilantes politics. He doesn’t care what the law is. And this is how another great nation of laws will crumble at the feet of a worthless wounded man child.

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  15. He WANTS Congress to impeach him. He knows the Senate would never convict and he’d spin that exoneration as proof positive he’s pure as the driven snow.

    This is the only way he salvages anything from these disastrous eight years. Without the whitewashing of an impeachment proceeding, history will write the true story of Barack Obama. That’s unacceptable, and so he will keep pushing. You watch.

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