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Poll: Obama the Worst President Since Truman

A poll of Tea Party members finds that President Obama is the worst president since Harry S Truman.

Wait. Wait a second. That’s not a poll of Tea Partiers. That’s a poll of American voters.

Ahh, the buyers’ remorse kicks in.

According to the poll, conducted by the respected Quinnipiac polling outfit, a third of voters think Obama is the worst president, followed by George W. Bush, who was the choice of 28 percent. Richard Nixon was third with a respectable 13 percent.

Both Republicans and independents rates Obama the worst. Democrats, no surprise, think he’s just great.

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Obama fared least well among the sensible folk in the 50-64 age demographic, 39 percent of whom rated him worst, followed by their elders 65 and up, among whom 34 percent gave him top billing in the Hall of Shame.

Even 24 percent of Obama’s young enthusiasts in the 18-24 age group thought he was the worst president since mid-century, though 38 percent of them gave the title to George W. Bush.

Meantime, Ronald Reagan was voted the greatest president since Truman, with 35 percent rating him tops. Bill Clinton was second with 18 percent, followed by John F. Kennedy with 15 percent. Obama was the pick of only 8 percent.

44 thoughts on “Poll: Obama the Worst President Since Truman”

  1. I didn’t need a poll to tell me that ;)

    I still wish they’d poll how people receive their news information before they’re asked questions because I still can’t believe any American would have a positive lean towards Obama. Which would be understandable if they’re only watching Maddow and other MSNBC hyper-partisan “journalists”.

    1. Mitt Romney spoke of a certain % he could never count on for their votes. They DEPEND on the taxpayers and the socialist policies of the left that provides their sustenance.

      1. Can’t offend them by calling them illegal aliens…during one local news report last night (I live in Los Angeles), they must have used the phrase “undocumented immigrants” twenty times.

  2. Michelle Obama must be coming unglued….her husband is a complete failure both here and abroad.

    Obama was handed the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 without any accomplishments. Obama promised unity and transparency but has failed on both accounts. Terrorists are now emboldened by Obama’s lack of leadership and decision making capabilities and the world is suffering by America’s lack of strength and resolve.

    Sadly, 40% of the public remain unaware…thus they support Obama.

  3. My two cents: GBush, Sr, and JCarter would be tied in my personal poll for the worst Presidents. Then it would be Obama.
    Why: MrCarter was weak, sissy-fied and caused us great harm in the Middle East, and his domestic programs were useless.
    MrBush, Sr was solely responsible for the 2nd massive war in the Middle East, and probably set 9/11 in motion with his ‘genteman’s war’.

    All these men (Including Obama) did was tip-toe around and kow-tow to murderous, conniving evil-doers who exploited their weakness.
    The barbarians running amok in the Middle East are not gentlemen, don’t want to negioate anything, don’t want to have “peace talks” – no, they want to kill their opponents, not converse with them.
    They want to rule by tyranny and oppression all who oppose them, and these three Presidents never saw that, and if they did, they chose to give the benefit of the doubt to evil.

    While I blame MrObama for our current problems outside our borders, the problems with our economy, our borders, the VA and every other national woe is the fault of both houses of Congress who do nothing, say nothing, and act as if all is well. The Dems and Repubs sitting in Congress are complicit in all of our troubles, and it’s their passiveness that allows MrObama to act like a wanna-be tyrant.

    1. My idea why congress et al do not speak up; they may have previously been threatened in some way by bho &/or his handlers. I say this after seeing various senator’s, rep’s coming and leaving our WH during the rush to pass ACA. Some came out looking shocked & scared, what were they told? Agree or your child’s bus may crash? I’m NOT a conspiracy theorist, just the looks on their faces were so scared looking.

      1. I would think someone could have spoken up about being bullied or blackmailed. Of course their families could have been threatened which changes the dynamic of politics.

        We need a Deep Throat.

      2. i have a link at the Press Conference post about how the Oklahoma Congressman Bridenstine was denied access to the Ft. Sill Oklahoma Refugee Center.

    2. I love you, SrDem, but Obama has to be worst because every day of his presidency he treated us (you and me) like we were idiots, would buy anything he slopped out there, and tried to drown dangerous fanatics in words as they raced around in their pickups beheading people. The whole world is going berserk and this guy only puts down his golf clubs to insult worried Americans and pitch insincere woo to his uninformed supporters.

    3. When you have a President who will use the IRS as a political tool to tie up the opposition prior to an election year and then most likely use the corruption within the electoral process at the voting booth to increase that, coupled with a massive increase with illegals who most likely also participated in that process, then you change via fiat an existing “law” that governs something like 1/6th of the nation’s economy not to mention everyone’s healthcare and privacy then you have an executive that has exceeded the power set forth by the founding fathers. When political correctness results in lawsuits and violence then you have intimidation. When you have a threatening and uncertain environment for the consistency of business then you have reluctance to invest in growth. The pervasive illegality and thug like behavior of this Administration has cowed Congress and possibly the Supreme Court. In my mind, the meddling in the Middle East pales, although Mr. Obama has heightened its importance by a policy of inaction. And, I have even gotten to the weakening rot within the military.

      In no way does this let Congress or the people off the hook — but to even think that this man and his cronies is same old same old but maybe a little worse doesn’t ring true for me.

    4. As bad as the other Presidents were, I never doubted they loved their country and seemed to get along with the Oppo party.

      Obama could care less about anyone but himself, even his supporters.

  4. Obama the Tyrant is pushing and instigation regular Americans and someone will act out.

    We can only take so much of 230 years of building this nation and watching it get taken down in 6.

    this will not end well for liberals democrats and could spell the end of their socialist policies.

    1. We hope.

      Alas, the collectivist impulse, the desire to get something for nothing, and the inclination to live off the sweat of others, is too deeply ingrained in human nature. Even in America, two full centuries of the hard-work ethos were not enough to immunize the citizenry from the mental virus that is collectivism.

  5. The statistician in me is a bit bothered. I’m 50, older than many who were polled, and have no firsthand knowledge of Johnson or before. So there is a bias toward the most recent presidents (good or bad) simply because we know them better. Still, this doesn’t look good for Obama.

  6. And…now we are into what I call the “California Cycle”. Some idiot rides in on a wave of popularity proposing the same dreams and ideas, the “feel good” ideas fail and the people turn on the incumbents. The incumbents get kicked out and the masses fall in love with a new idiot with the same dreams and ideas…

  7. All these polls are skewed against the President. We all know that al major majority of Federal Employees and Military are behind the President. The fact that each one has signed a non disclosure form precludes them from participating in polls due to confidentiality and national security reasons.

    Is it me but every scandal is seems to mention all the Federal Employees and Soldiers who are threatened with the infamous non disclosure agreement?? So much for freedom of speech!

    Perhaps, Congress should mandate that any whistleblower will not lose their pensions or make it illegal for bosses to threaten them with it. Wait, it is already covered……it is called extortion.

  8. Clinton was one of the worst for me…totally ignoring terrorist attacks on our interests during his time in office (first WTC attack, USS Cole, Khobar Towers, US Embassy bombings, etc.)…ultimately leading up to 9/11.

    1. Obama is the same man who ran in 2008. He was just as unaccomplished then as he is now. He had no résumé, no leadership ability, no team-building skills, no intelligence, no respect for the Constitution, and no love for America. And all of those ring true today. He is the same man. The only difference is that back then, very few were willing to endure the charges of ‘racism’ by acknowledging that the Emperor wore no clothes.

    2. Talk was all it was, and all it was ever meant to be.

      He didn’t have to fool all of the people all of the time; he just had to fool enough of the people, twice, and here we are.

      He tried to pass off his lack of executive experience as some sort of outsider’s virtue, and too many people fell for it.

      It is a sad commentary indeed on the American electorate, that it fell for the idea that merely having a gift for running his mouth, made Obama qualified to run the country.

  9. That 79% of self-described Democrats are still standing behind this guy should send chills down your spine. That’s the sort of blind ideology that stands silent in the face of genocide. I will give them the benefit of the doubt, and assume it’s simply because they insulate themselves from any news source that would report anything about this administration that would cause Valerie Jarrett to turn DOJ/IRS loose on them.

  10. So the Kid from the Mailroom wasn’t the best choice after all.
    Hmm, who would have thunk it?
    It’s easy to get elected when the last Boss was so unpopular.
    I remember when Carter was running. It was easy to look good after Nixon.
    It’s time to raise the voting age back up to 21. I’m tired of having a country run by a fast talking dolt elected by college kids with NO REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES.

  11. he is a Muslim terrorist… he is not American nor does he like us. He hates us and would love to see us all killed. The worse president would be it for sure. I know I should crazy but believe me unfortunately I am right on.

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