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Bow to Val!

What’s this?

The Blaze took a close look at Sunday’s Meet the Press interview with Valerie Jarrett, for which NBC was granted exclusive access to the West Wing so they could follow her around, and noticed this in her office:

Bow to ValJar

I don’t know. They look like┬ásuicide bombers.

Okay, I get it’s a joke. Valerie tweeted that it was a “gag gift.” But who has a photo with people bowing to themselves in their office, even for fun?

Who even has a photo of themselves in their office??

Like you need to look at yourself, but you have no┬átime to run to the mirror. And so there’s the photo.

Anyway, in case you’re interested, here’s the video from Meet the Press. It gives you a little behind the scenes stuff. Note that while Jarrett gets to work at 7:15 am, Obama is nowhere to be seen during the morning.

23 thoughts on “Bow to Val!”

  1. Obama only wears the crown. VJ is the real Resident. She tells him what to do, what to say, where to go and when to come back. There were some Russian nobles entranced by the same sort of control master in the early 1900’s. Perhaps Rasputin has been re-born.

    1. If only Obama would put in such long days.

      Certainly VJ knows about Michelle’s future — she’s likely been designing it (and Barack’s) for years.

      Check the video at the 3:31 mark. Is that Pinocchio we see?

  2. O/T White House Dossier is mentioned in the opinion column of Cal Thomas under opinions! Did anyone notice; did you Keith?

  3. Following rumors, snippets of conversations and observations, ValJar is the de facto Chief of Staff in the White House. Acting under the guise as a common advisor, she holds the keys to open the door for individuals who want to visit with the Oval Office, and seems to be overseeing all that happens to both Obamas.
    She’s everywhere, in every situation, sitting ‘over there’, or in the back rows, but there she is. She’s on AF1 with the President, she’s on the sudden vacation with MrsO, she vacations near their rental home, and procures entertainment suited to the Os.
    No President has named a woman as Chief of Staff, and as the shadowy advisor, she runs the West Wing like no one since Nixon’s Haldeman without the title..

    1. I have long suspected she was calling the shots during Benghazi while Obama was on a date night that Michelle would not let him cancel.

    2. Probably the only woman in the WH who makes equity pay. Or perhaps more. It would not surprise me if she was the top paid “staffer”.

      Wonder why the WH does not hold her up as a champion of women!

  4. That’s really a doctored photograph, handiwork of Souza most likely.

    OT. The FEC is looking into the Haley Barbour/Thad Cochran PAC to see if any votes were bought. I don’t feel reassured, and it’s sad that I no longer trust this government to do the right thing.

  5. Obama doesn’t blow his nose or wipe his butt without getting approval from the Chicago slum lord Valerie The Iranian Jarrett; formerly of Chicago Mayor Richard Daly’s staff. Fired by Daly for misuse of govt. federal housing funds, she just moved up in the world. She can never be president due to being born in Iran, but make no mistake who’s calling the shots in the WH.

  6. Obama doesn’t blow his nose or wipe his butt without getting approval from Chicago slum lord Valerie The Iranian Jarrett. Formerly of Chicago Mayor Daly’s staff; she was fired for misuse of govt. housing funds and moved up in the world. Unable to be president due to being born in Iran, make no mistake about who calls the shots in the WH.

  7. Hey! Somebody’s got to sleep off the hangover! Why not Big Preezy?
    At least we know the powder residue ain’t from the doughnuts, which are boo-coo, baby. Talk about a smuggled good…

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