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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Noon || Meets with economists for lunch; Old Family Dining Room
4:05 pm || Meets with Secretary of Treasury Lew
4:50 pm || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

30 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Wednesday, July 2, 2014”

  1. Obummer’s already on his usual extended July 4th break. He does this every year. Moochelle’s family is usually there for the big July 4th/Malia’s birthday five day weekend. Same old, same old.

    1. This explains why he doesn’t need to start work any earlier in the day….ValJar is there doing the work he refuses to do.

  2. Maybe the pastry chef does need to start putting crack in the pie crusts. Most crackheads I’ve known are constantly hyper and go like crazy.

    With the way Obama works, and how he seems to operate in slo-mo, one has to think that he’s eating those Colorado brownies.

  3. PDB at 4:50 pm why bother days over he’s really loving lifting his leg over the American’s. And still nobody actually does anything just empty
    rhetoric. Well I guess that pen and phone are working well. Oh speaking
    of MO she’s not only ruined school lunches now she’s banning attempting to Birthday Cupcakes in schools. One district has already

    1. Birthday cupcakes and birthdays in general are inherently unfair to those who aren’t fortunate enough to have a birthday on the same day.

    2. I also noticed the very last scheduled event for Obama today was the PDB. He misses about 60 percent of them, so I doubt he’ll attend today’s briefing. Heck, there’s nothing much going on in the world these days. Is there? He’ll catch up with world events when he reads tomorrow’s morning newspapers.

  4. What economic advisors — Curly, Moe and Larry? Seriously, if Mr. Obama were to just pick up an introductory economics book we’d have capital screaming INTO our economy.

    Precisely, Obama’s approach is to want to ‘hold’ the capital that is here — thus making it hide or seek refuge out-of-the-country. Rather, he should not continue to build his own de facto economic Berlin Wall but rather find ways to encourage capital to come here. Sadly, his EEEKonomic view is based on the idea that capital is his and you get to have some of it rather than the idea that capital is owned by the owner and he needs to create an environment that SELLS the USA as a place to put/keep capital. Alas, Obama is not that sort of salesperson — where you have to be empathetic to others and figure out ways to encourage them to play. He is more of a police state dude.

    Thank you Choir. Signed Preacher.

  5. And… these EEEEEEKonomists probably think that they are getting a free lunch! Oh how I miss Milton Friedman.

    As an aside — remember to Google ‘Milton Friedman video’ on just about any issue — immigration, welfare, etc. and you will find a wonderful and concise video to help share the message of Freedom — real freedom.

    Personally, I have my daughter show them to her Democrat boyfriend (which I deem as her FFB — Future Former Boyfriend) to either convert one or agitate one on the other side.

  6. “PDB” at 4:50-4:55?pm…

    -Does ANYONE in the “WH press corps” have the NERVE-GUTS-BALLS to ask why the “PDB” is so late?

  7. real hard day for the bum in charge does this useless piece of garbage ever do anything but golf and fund raise makes america look weak and he needs to be impeached as of today there have been a total of 13 major scandals in the white house

  8. this so man wet siut idiot could not run a candy store but I bet he would make a good drug dealer Obama is a piece of F——G crap

  9. Leave it to Obama to order up his “daily briefing” just as the societal producers are wrapping up their business day. I can only think it must be intentional. This man is an intentionally insulting agitator.

  10. 4:50 pm || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing – Kinda late in the day to have to change into a fresh pair of Jockey briefs. What’s up with that? Is Dictator Obama suffering from incontinence?

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