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Liberal Analyst Questions Obama’s Immigration Move

When left-leaning CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin raises concern about President Obama’s promise to take unilateral action on immigration, you know something is deeply amiss.

Not with Toobin, with Obama.

In fact, Toobin’s comments fit with other encouraging signs that even some liberals are aghast at Obama’s overreach, most remarkably in the 9-0 view of the Supreme Court that Obama may not decide when the Senate is in session and when it’s not.

Obama Monday stomped into the Rose Garden and declared that if “Congress will not do their job,” he, OBAMA, effectively will do it for them.

“I take executive action only when we have a serious problem, a serious issue, and Congress chooses to do nothing,” Obama said. But the Constitution actually gives the branches of government SEPARATE powers, not the power to fill in when one branch is feeling sick.

Said Toobin of Obama’s assertion:

Well, that’s not necessarily the way the Constitution set it up. He can only act when Article 2 of the Constitution says the president has the authority. He can’t allocate money . . .

Once you start new initiatives, it gets a little more dicey legally.

At what point, one wonders, will Obama accuse the Supreme Court of “not doing their job” and take their matters into his hands too?

31 thoughts on “Liberal Analyst Questions Obama’s Immigration Move”

  1. Obama better get some thicker skin and stop acting like a four year old who had his favorite toy taken away. Not a good week so far and it is only Tuesday. Just get him a plate of that crack pie he talked about and he will be fine LOL!

      1. So true! Plus MO was grinning her ‘Cheshire Cat’ grin in the video I saw! BO & MO have no clue how ‘cringe-worthy’ they are! jb

      1. You know, I wonder if the Republicans should do just that…sit back, let him have the rope he needs and then swoop in. A GOP Senate and House will have options not available now…they should wait and be ready next year….the implosion is inevitable.

    1. Obama has already accused the Supreme Court of “not doing their job” of supporting his positions when he publicly scolded the Court to their faces during the 2010 State of the Union. Then he took matters into his own hands and gave birth to the IRS targeting scheme.

  2. Yep, just like a 4 yr old on the playground. He hasn’t taken his ADD meds & rules other kids, takes their toys & expects them to agree with his childish whims & fancies.

    1. Yes, his body language, speech patterns, voice tones are always childish….where are his advisors? His petulance is demeaning to a president.
      Of course, I too hope he keeps it up….it only helps our side.

  3. IMO, MrO is just strutting his stuff in a show of bravado. He’s not going to do anything more than he’s already done – maybe fine tune this or that, but there won’t be any major EOs from the Oval Office on the immigration issue.
    He is stung, smacked down, whipped, and defeated. He’s tanked in the polls – the country doesn’t like him or his agenda anymore. His fellow travelers are shunning him out in the real world. The world leaders probably don’t return his calls, and if they do, it’s just out of politeness.
    The Supremes must be concerned as we are of his reckless actions and his threats to “go it alone” as if he were about to declare himself our Dictator and Protector.
    He and his advisors should dial it back, eat some humble pie, and try to regain the trust of the people.

    1. Interesting. I, on the other hand, do think there will be new EOs and immigration/amnesty will be fast tracked and he will use regulation and the bureaucracy to do it. Even Obama doesn’t suffer through a “Cabinet meeting for no reason.

  4. I think it was Ann Coulter who advocated for an immigration moratorium. But something so simple as shutting it down befuddles the Congress — with only 27 more working days.

    1. 27 more days then the border “humanitarian crisis” mysteriously explodes requiring Barry to fill the Congressional void with EO’s.

  5. Obama must be full of angry bewilderment. His picture of humanity as a reasonable bunch who only needs to hear his divine words has not panned out as truth — people will reasonably object to his agenda.

    What will be his “legacy?”

    So he finally has to appoint a businessman with a level head and lots of experience — to the VA position — because Obama knows on some level that his presidency has been a disaster.

      1. Wow! That obtuse?

        I believe last week and this week our highest court has done quite well stopping him. At least noting his lawlessness.

        1. Certainly they stopped him for now. Please note the HL decision which was really about Freedom of Religion, not birth control, the war on women or any other such pap, passed 5-4. Freedom of religion is a right and it should not even have been before the court, and as such it should have passed 9-0. So forgive me if I do not put as much confidence in 9 men and women in black robes, with ideological biases, and a lifetime job.

          And they will be of no use with this immigration issue. For my money, the governors of the border states and all states being swamped with this illegal horde should act independent of the federal government. The law is not being enforced. Barack Obama and Eric Holder refuse to enforce the borders and secure the country.

          So yeah, put me down as a maybe.

  6. Remember what 2 time Obama voter and liberal law professor Jonathan Turley said about Obama in a congressional hearing.

    TURLEY: The danger is quite severe. The problem with what the president is doing is that he’s not simply posing a danger to the constitutional system. He’s becoming the very danger the Constitution was designed to avoid. We have what many once called an imperial presidency model.

  7. I’m aghast at what this man is doing to our country. I just don’t know if he will do something similar to the Dreamer’s while Congress is in recess.
    One has to hold one’s breath with these threats because he’ll do it.
    This is another mini-Chavez, the difference is he doesn’t have the entire legislature on his side.

  8. Today on Jon and Ken I heard that bus loads of illegals from
    Central America are going to be bussed into California. Why do
    we have laws anyway? Obama just breaks them right and left.

    1. Our children are taught Spanish. Even packages of Butterfingers candy bars contain the English description and a Spanish translation. We have already become accustomed to see Spanish translations on everything everywhere,
      I know people who teach English in many other countries. English is the second language in many (if not the majority) of other countries.
      Does this observation (fact?) alone not lead one to believe the immigration issue has been planned/orchestrated and implemented?
      I may have been born in the dark, but it wasn’t last night.

      1. I now rip out every page of Spanish that I find in all the instruction booklets and manuals that I get. I refuse to use coupons where the same coupon is offered and written in Spanish. It is a small and petty thing and I will continue to do it — I would imagine that I might enjoy ripping the wings off flies if I keep this up. It is not a pleasant past time.

        I have never felt this way or done this in my life. But now that the government and these people believe they can come here illegally, stay and benefit from the foundation of our country that prevents us from kicking them back across the border I do. We are fast becoming a country without the rule of law.

        I cannot imagine living in a border state, where the crime rate is high, and homes and property are invaded and destroyed.

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