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Cartoon of the Day || July 1, 2014

Clintons - Lester

Published by permission of Mike Lester, who draws the comic strip Mike Du Jour. Mike’s editorial cartoons can be found here

15 thoughts on “Cartoon of the Day || July 1, 2014”

  1. Lester has really captured Hillary Clinton. Perfect caricature! In this current atmosphere of Clinton superficiality, it would be hilarious if she didn’t make it based on her physical appearance.

    1. Exactly what she is, a female gangster, who knows how many bodies there are! But there are definitely bodies left in their wake, her and Bill, such wonderful people, a few murders maybe?

  2. Mike …you captured “The Bloated and Entitled”..PERFECTLY.!! …
    .’Hilda” checking her Blackberry for their Grocery Shopping Coupon Specials was a brilliant touch.
    Love it!

  3. Evidently the Hildabeast’s book is wallowing in the mire and she is depressed about it.
    Seems it can’t make it up to best seller.
    Poor baby……….

  4. Hillary Clinton made a statement on the Supreme Court decision and her statement sounds like she doesn’t know what the F….. is going on? By saying that Hobby Lobby doesn’t allow any birth control stuff? Which is not true, they do so! They don’t like certain abortion type stuff. And this woman wants to be President? She continues to lie and lie and lie about everything? Pathological I think, she just has to lie about anything? Please, let her just retire like a normal person, but no, the Clintons can’t get over the spotlight, there is something wrong with these people that they can’t just stop their fanatic search for constant fame!

  5. Mike Lester is one of the best and this is one of his best. I am an editorial cartoon addict and Mike Lester of one of my favorite addictions. Thanks for posting this.

  6. After all these years that we’re forced to deal w/ this crime family at all is like an old west root-canal but now we get walking talking offspring proof of their privilege from Chelsea who “tried to care about money” (apple meet tree) and Sir Edmund “Dead Broke” Hillary whose only “Hard Choice” lately has been which fawning journo to grant an audience
    -but this jumped the shark:

    There’s tone-deaf and there’s “i can hear you, I just don’t speak yahoo” deaf.
    Thanks to you all. (I’m from Atlanta. That’s how we talk)

  7. What I find hilarious is that in 08 a lot of the political wonks told us we couldn’t beat the “optics” of Obama. Even the Hammer was impressed by Obama. people fawned over what an attractive candidate Obama made. But his inexperience? But his record? that didn’t matter- we couldn’t overcome the political reality of the perfect candidate.

    And now they’re shoving Hillary at us, because it’s HER turn. The optics of her are HORRIBLE, but the media is simply going to change it’s tactic. It will do whatever it needs to get the job done.

    People just need to learn that whatever they learn from (most of) the media is a load of crap. That they learned their trade from Goebbles.

    w/o an independent media, we are lost.

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