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White House: Decision “Jeopardizes the Health of Women”

The White House today disagreed with the Supreme Court ruling against the government in Hobby Lobby v Sebelius, saying it endangers women and calling for Congress to “take action” to address the decision.

The Court found this morning that “closely held” companies cannot be forced to provide free contraception coverage for women, as required under Obamacare.

From today’s White House briefing by Press Secretary Josh Earnest:

Today’s decision jeopardizes the health of women employed by these companies . . .

We will work with Congress to make sure that any women affected by the is decision will still have the same coverage of vital health services as everyone else . . .

We believe the owners of for-profit companies should not be allowed to assert their personal religious views to deny their employees federally mandated benefits.

Now, we will of course respect the Supreme Court ruling and will continue to look for ways to improve Americans’ health by helping women have more, not less, say over the personal health decisions that affect them and their families.

Earnest said the White House was not yet ready to outline what steps President Obama might take unilaterally.

We’re still assessing the decision and it’s legal implications. We’re also assessing what practical implications there are from this decision, including what companies are actually covered by this Supreme Court decision . . .

We’re also taking a look at what kind of health care plans these companies have and how many employees are actually affected by this decision. So as we gather some more information, we may be in a position to better consider the range of options that are available to the president.

There has been speculation that the White House will establish some kind of federal regulation to force taxpayers to cover birth control measures if companies refuse to.

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    • All of society pays for immorality, corruption and irresponsibility of others one way or the other. The real problem is our government promotes and rewards them all.

  1. 3 questions:

    how does this impact only women? what about men? Doesn’t the Obama white house care about men’s health? No? Obviously note since Men now pay higher premiums because of Obamacare.

    Can the White House come up with the pricing costs that are attached for this decision for most women? According to Plan Parenthood it’s $15-$50, and they will pay for most of it.

    The White House analysis is about profit-companies. What about non-for-profit? Is this like the student loan solution too?

    • The whole thing is ridiculous. The whole thing is stupid.

      It has no real consequence. One way or another women will have access to birth control and someone will have to pay. Hobby Lobby will pay indirectly, or you and I will pay, or the women affected will pay (heaven forbid) – BUT someone, somehow, someway, will pay.

      The “bigger picture” is what I point out below. The White House is populated with unresponsive morons who have some sort of insane agenda and are in the “driver’s seat,” thanks to the majority of voters in this country who are also morons.

      • I learned that Hobby Lobby covers 23 of the many birth control bills available to women. Most citizens and businesses do not want to be forced to pay for the ‘abortion inducing’ pills through higher insurance premiums or for ‘conscientious objections’.

        SCOTUS decision IMO protects women from the abortion inducing pills that have been linked to deaths of women and teens. Ginsberg/WH/Congress reactions are outrageous! jb

        • Dying and becoming unable to have children in the future because of ingesting child-killing drugs is not a concern for the abortion loving crowd. All they care about is getting rid of those children any way possible.

  2. On 6-25-2014 Obama is told by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – HIS NOAA – that the USA has been COOLING for the LAST TEN YEARS.

    NOAA’s 6-25-2014 is consistent with United Nations data and other NOAA data.

    YET, THE SAME DAY Obama appears at the “League of Conservation Voters Capital Dinner” and MOCKS global warming deniers.

    Why pay any attention to what the White House – obviously led by an unresponsive to FACTS moron – says? What intellectual value can anything spewing from the White House have?

  3. To all you so called feminists out there……what is the point of the “movement” if you are demanding that someone else pay for your sexuality? Such hypocrites! Going on and on about “female empowerment” while demanding that everything be provided free, rather than pay for it, or have your man pay for it. As a woman, I am ashamed of these people!

    • Companies should pay for their bras, their pads, their tampons, their makeup, their underwear. Women should pay nothing out of their own pockets. Plus milk,bread, cheese and veggies

      • Don’t give them ideas.

        Democrats today are Marxists. They think everything should be provided out of a big collective fund — with extra benefits for the “public servants,” of course.

        The hysteria surrounding the idea that women could maybe buy their own contraceptives — or get their men to pay — makes no sense except from a hardcore collectivist position.

  4. Oh–those poor gals–if they have unprotected recreation, they have to go to the drugstore and pay cash for Plan B. Woe is them! All those hormones are more of a threat to their health!

  5. NoNow let me see if I have this right.
    Obama was just peachy keen when the SCOTUS, upheld ObamaCare.
    Now that it decides that one part is unconstitutional, Obama’s going to ”
    asses the decision and it’s legal implications”.
    “Legal implications”. When was Obama ever concerned about legality?
    Stand by for another power grab.

  6. The health that it actually jeopardizes, is that of the nanny state, big government, and the collectivist ethos in the United States.

  7. Stupid me — I thought this had something to do with religious freedom. But it’s all about Barry’s wimmens of indiscriminate size.

  8. Wow! Within a couple of days the Supreme’s defended and upheld the Constitution. I don’t believe it. I must be dreaming. Obama can’t circumvent the Constitution in “recess” appointments and companies can’t be forced to subsidize the murder of the unborn.

  9. Check the new Gallup numbers that just came out.

    Apparently, Obama’s down at 29%.

    Gallup also published the same numbers for Clinton and Bush, who lost 11 and 7 points, in that order, in the final two years of their presidencies.

    If we average that out, and assume Obama drops nine in the next two years, that means he’ll be at 20% approval in 2012.

  10. Do women actually believe in this “war on women” propaganda crap?

    Not getting free birth control or abortions is a “war on women”? Really?

    Are Amercian women that stupid?

    Say it ain’t so.

    • Not stupid Junius and not all women.
      Just being mislead away from important women’s issues.
      Dem’s are just using an old magician’s sleight of hand trick, look at this, not over there.
      Some are fooled, others say, “wait a minute, I see what you did”.

    • I read the comments on another site following an article about the “Hobby Lobby” decision…
      The wide spread ignorance of this decision is astounding.
      Apparently, most American voters are not only ignorant, they are stupid AND insultingly arrogant.
      Good Lord, what happened to us?

      • I read Justice Ginzberg’s dissent and my head started spinning! She wasted 35 pages and is exactly what is wrong with progressive liberalism ideology! Just pray that she does not retire before bho leaves office! He has already ‘stacked’ the Fed Appeals Court in DC! jb

  11. Didn’t you just love Josh’s statement referencing: “The Constitutional Lawyer in the White House”…..would someone please tell me when Obama practiced constitutional law? The arrogance of it all….

  12. The Supreme Court ruled that Hobby Lobby cannot be forced to provide contraceptive coverage to female employees. Which means sexually active women will either have to pay for their own birth control, or find another hobby.

  13. WE are all responsible for our Choices .. Not Government…. Not Employer…. Not Family….
    .Not America.!
    Quit Whining… to all the …’Sandra Flakes”..
    Freaking Grow Up…………Or cross your legs..