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Valerie Jarrett for Senate?

Or for something else?

White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett said in an interview that aired Sunday on Meet the Press that she might just run for office, though she termed the prospect “highly unlikely.” But she left the door open, and in politics, a door slightly ajar can quickly become a gaping chasm.

She also reiterated Michelle Obama’s denial that she will entertain a political career after serving as first lady.

Q  Is Michelle Obama going to run for office?


Q  You said that very definitively.

JARRETT: Well, I’m absolutely, 100 percent positive that that will never happen.

Q  How about Valerie Jarrett. Will you ever run for office?

JARRETT: Unlikley.

Q  But maybe.

JARRETT: Not as definitive as the first lady, but highly unlikely.

Well, I give her credit for honestly. Or for skillful trial-balloon flotation technique.

I like her crisp, direct answers. Seems like the type of person you’d want giving you advice. Even if in this case, given the state of Obama’s presidency, it’s probably most often bad advice.

Jarrett is from Chicago. Presumably she would be thinking about potentially running for Senate from Illinois in 2016, when Republican Sen. Mark Kirk will be defending the seat.

And then for president?

Oh wait – she’s already had that office.

31 thoughts on “Valerie Jarrett for Senate?”

  1. As others here have stated, I believe there will be a talk show in the future, the result of the Oprah Summit. MIchelle will be front and center, along with Valjar, Mrs Eric Holder, Gayle King…. Esp MO, who cannot get enough of the camera.

  2. Since Valerie Jarrett closely resembles a giant reptile that has just swallowed it’s prey whole she is perfect for a seat in the Senate on the democrat communist party side of the aisle.

    To this country’s everlasting shame, ValJar is what passes for a qualified candidate for a seat in Congress these days. She is diabolical and is utterly without shame or honor. Greedy beyond words.

    By the way just how does this slumlord of a creature rate Secret Service protection and isn’t this a blatant misuse of government funds which is a felony?

    How come not one of the vaunted press corps has never asked this question about this misuse of government funds in one of the White House press (propaganda) briefings? Yet another propaganda media failure.

  3. The Obama’s Rasputin speaks.
    Her one word terse answers might seem refreshingly novel in the political scene but they reveal the extent of her control of the Os. When asked about MrsO’s future plans, her answer of “No” instead of something less definite indicates control over the O’s future.

    As for ValJar’s own future, she would find it hard to put together a political election team in IL after her harsh treatment of the Obama machine.

      1. At least Rasputin made himself useful by saving and prolonging the life of the Tsarevich Alexei. And besides, Rasputin was such a party animal, much more fun than Val!

  4. There is an odd parallel to Valjar and the Hildebeast Bill Clinton always referred to his presidency as a ‘twofer’, which would mean Hill is termed out.
    Valjar is Obama’s horse whisperer and, as such, she has already served two years as POTUS. She could also unofficially be called the First Lady since Obama never leaves home without her
    In the case of the Clintons and the current WH menage a trois – Politics does make strange bedfellows..

  5. OT
    Is Obama undergoing a Thoreau transcendental meditation moment? He was photographed on Sunday strolling through the Great Falls Park in McLean VA with daughter Sasha.
    Maybe Obama is considering purchasing a little cabin in the woods so that he can reflect on his life and the mess he has created over the last 6 years. As I recall, Thoreau spent exactly 2.5 years in the woods so that he could escape the wife and kids and devote himself to his solitary writing and self-reflection.
    Who knows what thoughts go through the mind of this chameleon.

    1. Thanks for the link. Nice photo.
      I’m reminded of all the children who won’t or can’t go for a Sunday stroll with Dad and how lucky this girl is to have a Dad so involved in her life.
      Forget politics; the Os are a great example of conservative family values. They stay together, seem involved in their children’s activities, and are concerned about their future. Even if their church-going is not as it should be, it’s still a step in the right direction to expose the children to the concept of a higher power.
      This photo of Dad strolling with his daughter is all the more important considering the pressure and pulls on his time. He had to have insisted that he wanted this free time to share with her, and would deal with other stuff later.
      Good job, Dad.

      1. Not so fast srdem……….while I agree with you, not in the case of the Obamas. It’s a photo op and the park was probably closed down for other families out for a “normal” family stroll.

        I’m also concerned Sasha’s been dragged out solo for these recent ops, why? Haven’t seen her since China? Is she bait (posing with parents at dinner and a parade last weekend) for those Where’s Malia? whiners (like me!).

        We the people already provide them with a peaceful cabin in the woods with all the amenities of a 5-star resort hotel….Camp David.

      2. If Obama was so sincere in having time with his daughter why was it necessary to record and publish it for history. It’s not like the man encourages photo ops of all the time he spends away from the family on the golf course. Perhaps it was the rarity of the moment. How Obama spends his private time is a choice. Right now golf is trumping not so private walks with the family. By choice.


        1. @Grace & Denise:
          I’m taking the high road here. Benefit of the doubt and all that.
          If all the young girl had was that one moment when the photo was taken, it’s till miles and mountains away from what most children have with their fathers.

          1. I agree in terms of what it meant to the daughter — which was stolen when her father agreed to have the photo released for PR purposes. You can’t have this leave the children alone policy both ways.

            But I respect your good efforts.

          2. I totally agreed with you srdem ! But this isn’t a normal family, this is the Obamas. I just punched in with my skeptical and cynical bitchy fists ;)

            Why all these alone with Sasha photos recently, it’s downright creepy considering we haven’t seen a photo of either child since March.

          3. I have to agree. Private moments are just that – private.
            Sasha may be too young to understand that her father doesn’t take a breath unless it is political.
            Ignorance is bliss….and I hope reality never bites her. She loves her Dad and that’s all that matters.
            There’s an old saying about integrity and doing the right thing at all times, even when no one is watching. Obama has NO integrity as far as I’m concerned.

    1. …why the H#ll are you watching “Morning Joe”…?

      ~I swear by “Imus in the Morning” on FBN…

      On Imus at least I can learn something/hear some different view-points & enjoy some raunchy humor :-)

      1. Used to watch IMUS faithfully but those impersonators got on my nerves. Love his interviews though.

        The new One America Network is where I go for my unfiltered news :)

  6. Valerie Jarrett = that evil, Romulan-looking, so-called “advisor”…

    -Why has NO ONE in the “media” or “WH press corps” ever done a BACKGROUND story on Obama’s favorite ValJar…???

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