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It’s Soccer, Mr. President

President Obama, who today is hosting Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, congratulated the “Chilean National Football Team” for it’s performance in its match, which it lost, with Brazil:

Let me say, first of all, congratulations to the Chilean National Football Team for an outstanding showing at the World Cup. I know it was a tough loss, but it also showed the incredible skill and talent of the Chilean team. This is as well, I think, as it’s ever done against a very tough Brazilian team on their home turf. And so congratulations to them.

First of all, I hope Chileans are duly shocked at the “everyone deserves a medal” American mentality. The Chilean team lost a close match they could have won. I doubt Chileans see much silver lining in their elimination in the first round of the finals.

And secondly, it’s soccer. Not football. Soccer. Stop sucking up. We play soccer here.

This is football:

This is soccer:

Okay? Enough said.

20 thoughts on “It’s Soccer, Mr. President”

  1. He really needs to fire his speechwriters who seem to only be letting him speak to his base.

    Will he be stomping out the Rose Garden today to stomp his feet over the SCOTUS decisions today?

  2. Yeah but to 4-yr-old girls have such exquisitely defined thighs and acting skills while writhing in simulated pain on the ground? Come on–the theatre!

  3. Sissy boy has no clue as the meaning of ‘personal best’. Collectivism is in; individualism is out. I get so tired of hearing him say ‘my team’ this…and ‘my team’ that.

    The most popular sport in Mexico (followed closely by boxing) is Association Football, aka soccer. Is there a connection with the influx of our neighbors from south of the border and the popularity of soccer in this country? It seems like the Libs are trying to kill football and replace it with a boring, namby-pamby sport.

    1. Having married and divorced an ex jock football player, and being subjected to every possible football game anywhere & everywhere at any time, well, it just exhausted me & I categorize football in my dumb-jock; means nothing attitude of disdain. Sorry to normal lovers of this sport. Personally I’d rather actually see the player, as in soccer or basketball. Watching muscular male (or female) legs running and scoring is more acceptable than a game where they run covered head to toe in protection, then stop every 15 seconds to stand around scratching body parts & spitting & wait for the next agreed upon movement.
      Those of you all who enjoy football; This is my experience & opinion & I mean no harm.

      1. You made your point very well, but say it humorously in the last paragraph, how can anyone be offended?
        “…scratching body parts and spitting…” luv it!

  4. You are too funny. The soccer video pretty much sums it up for me.
    Those two videos are likewise reflective of this presidency versus others. Don’t think I need to say which is which.

    1. The more I think about it, the soccer video can be used in many instances:
      –Here is HHS fixing Obamacare (roll video).
      –Here is VA fixing the problems seeing veterans (roll video).
      –Here is an Obama staff meeting (roll video).

  5. Football, soccer, what’s in a name.
    Baseball should be Batball if we’re naming sports by what hits the ball. Basketball should be Handball.
    Volleyball should be Fistball.
    Golf should be Stickball.
    I don’t know where I was going with this, but I think I’m lost now.

  6. Like it! What shall we call America these days, the “everyone gets a medal” society or the “moocher” society? I’m having a hard time making up my mind.

  7. Nope,
    In english speaking parts of the world its “football” – cos its played with your feet.
    In non engish speaking parts of the world it MIGHT be called soccer or other various local alternatives in whatever the local language is.
    The American version is called American football for the perfectly valid reason that its played in part of North America and that particular part of north america acounts for 98% of audience / participants.
    Whatever you call it, it’s still the worlds bigest televised spectator sport.
    The biggest spectator sport is kabadi – but thats another story.

  8. This man is so screwed up. He doesn’t know the difference between soccer and foot ball, just like there are 57 states. What a moron.

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