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The Obama Morning News || June 30, 2014

Obama to seek $2B for border crisis . . . Associated Press
President Barack Obama will seek more than $2 billion to respond to the flood of immigrants illegally entering the U.S. through the Rio Grande Valley area of Texas and ask for new powers to deal with returning immigrant children apprehended while traveling without their parents.

Poll: More want less immigration . . . Daily Caller
Only one-in-five Americans want to see additional immigration, while two-in-five Americans want less immigration, says a new Gallup poll.

Obama: ISIS a threat to the US . . . Associated Press
Obama is concerned that battle-hardened militants who have spent time in Syria and Iraq could present a rising threat to U.S. security because they would be able to enter the country without visas on European passports.

Barrasso: ISIS a threat to the US . . . Newsmax
The world was a much safer place before Obama took office in 2009, and his decision to withdraw troops from Iraq without leaving a stay-behind force “was a mistake,” Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) believes.

ISIS declares Islamic state . . . Associated Press
Under Obama’s watch, a caliphate is declared.

Russia exploits U.S. vacuum in Iraq . . . The Wire
After the United States delayed a sale of fighter jets to Iraq, Russia sold planes to the Iraqi government. Now they’ve sent military experts to Baghdad. 

Obama picks ex-P&G head to lead VA . . . Washington Post
Obama on Monday will nominate Bob McDonald, a West Point graduate who served as chief executive of Procter & Gamble, to take over as head of the troubled Department of Veterans Affairs.

WH report cites VA’s “corrosive” culture . . . Politico
The Department of Veterans Affairs’ “corrosive culture” can only be fixed by a near overhaul of the system, charged a report delivered to Obama on Friday.

VA whistleblowers claim retaliation . . . Washington Times
More than 50 whistleblowers say the Veterans Affairs Department retaliated against them for trying to do their jobs.

Newspaper: Obama endorsement a mistake . . . Newsmax
“Sometimes, you have to admit you’re wrong,” the Billings Gazette editorial began. “And, we were wrong.”

Obama feeling fancy and free . . . Politico
“Sometimes I’m supposed to be politic about how I say things, but I’m finding lately I just want to say what’s on my mind,” Obama said.

16 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || June 30, 2014”

  1. $2B to deal with the “Obama created” border crisis …..we should have spent $1B years ago to build a solid border wall and another $1 billion to maintain it – then we wouldn’t have this mess.

  2. I hope more “newspapers” that endorsed Obama will apologize before November’s midterms. It might just help win back some subscribers.

    I remember when Glenn Beck predicted the caliphate back in ’09 and he was proclaimed a whackadoodle. Not so much now ,eh?

    Sigh, I think we can pretty much check off all the boxes on the Alinsky Rules for Radicals chart now. Thanks Obama :(

  3. Obama ….Sometimes I am supposed to be politic about how I say things but lately “I just want to say what’s on my mind”

    Ok, I’ll bite…….whose mind has control of his mouth? Did he just admit to being a puppet?

    Regarding him being politic…….everyone keeps talking about how great a politician he is. I think he did well being a campaigner. He is not capable of governing. If he doesn’t get his way, he just whines and call the Republicans name. He is unwilling to negotiate. He has destroyed longstanding relationship with longstanding allies. Past Presidents would go directly to the American Public to explain his position. He doesn’t do that because his views are not capable to have a majority.

    1. You know, I think he is going to spend the next few months running his mouth, using his pen and his phone… But I also think that he secretly hopes the Democrats lose the Senate in the fall. Because then he can truly say it is out of his hands, and he will be free to golf all the time if he wants to because “they” won’t work with him on anything…

      1. And then “they” can do exactly what Repubs did to Clinton. Just keep sending bill, after bill, after bill. The press HAS to cover the vetoes. Eventually, it got Clinton to sign Welfare reform and got a relatively balanced budget.

  4. I say give him his $2 billion for the “crisis” he created BUT attach to it:
    1. Clarification of the 14th Amendment that eliminates the anchor baby status
    2. Going forward, public schools must check immigration status to stop forcing local communities having to pay to educate those unwilling to follow the law
    3. Lift the Emergency Room treatment mandate that would allow hospitals the ability to stop spending billions on treating illegals
    4. Rescind the minors to HHS law and speed up deportation
    5. Militarize the U.S. southern border until it is truly secure
    6. Re-task the Department of Homeland Security to begin immediately tracking down the millions who overstayed their visas instead of TSA monkeys performing 3rd world prostate checks in our airports.
    Of course Obama would never sign such a bill but it would force the media to have to cover his hypocrisy.

    On another note, what’s the odds among the gang here whether Roberts redeems himself in the Hobby Lobby case or if he’ll cobble together another hobbling ruling?

    1. I’m hoping for “redemption” Geoff.
      I’d be pessimistic on this one, but the ruling on Obama’s recess appointments has given me hope on a truly just decision.
      Hope is about all I have left.

      1. Hang in there. SCOTUS just ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby and workers choice today. Not all is lost BUT as those who came before us, we all must be ever vigilant as there will always be those who put themselves and party above Constitution and Country.

  5. Big Deal. So Russia will be filling a vacuum left in Iraq by the US. How did the Soviet Union’s war with Afghanistan work out? Does anyone know or remember how many Zinky Boys came home inside metal boxes? Initially, they may take some sales away from us. Big deal. And after all, we filled their void in Afghanistan when they left.

    On another topic: Obama is just speaking his mind these days. He stole that line from Hildabeest and it’s not working for her either. People know them both for the phonies they are.

      1. I wrote my representative, the only Republican Congressman from Oregon, that I may sit out the election in November and vote neither for him nor the candidate for Senate in sympathy with the voters of MS.

  6. I also saw a story–can’t remember where–this AM that Google says they could save 100,000 lives if only they could pick through our medical files…which to me means they already are.

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