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Obama to Take Executive Action on Immigration

President Obama stormed into the Rose Garden today and proclaimed he will overhaul the immigration system by executive action, doing as much as he thinks is legal without Congress.

The president, whose early-afternoon Rose Garden appearance was scheduled at the last minute, accused Republicans of kowtowing to the Tea Party and suggested that they don’t like “different cultures.”

House Republicans say they can no longer trust Obama to enforce laws as written and have informed him that they will not be sending him an immigration bill this year.

Obama was careful to frame his upcoming actions as coupled with an effort to secure the border, a task at which he has clearly failed.

So while I will continue to push House Republicans to drop the excuses and act –- and I hope their constituents will too -– America cannot wait forever for them to act. And that’s why, today, I’m beginning a new effort to fix as much of our immigration system as I can on my own, without Congress. As a first step, I’m directing the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Attorney General to move available and appropriate resources from our interior to the border. Protecting public safety and deporting dangerous criminals has been and will remain the top priority, but we are going to refocus our efforts where we can to make sure we do what it takes to keep our border secure.

I have also directed Secretary Johnson and Attorney General Holder to identify additional actions my administration can take on our own, within my existing legal authorities, to do what Congress refuses to do and fix as much of our immigration system as we can. If Congress will not do their job, at least we can do ours. I expect their recommendations before the end of summer and I intend to adopt those recommendations without further delay . . .

It’s actually not Congress’ “job” to pass immigration legislation. It is their job to pass bills they think will help the country, and that doesn’t necessarily include legislation Obama wants or that he can alter to his liking after passage, as he has, for example, the Affordable Care Act.

The president is a victim of his own imperious approach to the presidency and his failure to cultivate ties with Congress. And now he’s kicking and screaming.

As if to prove that he is better at wrecking relationships that fostering them, Obama seemed to suggest that racism or bias were animating Republicans, accusing them of not appreciating the diversity brought about through immigration.

Throughout our history, we’ve come here in wave after wave from everywhere understanding that there was something about this place where the whole was greater than the sum of its parts; that all the different cultures and ideas and energy would come together and create something new.

We won this country’s freedom together.  We built this country together.  We defended this country together.  It makes us special.  It makes us strong.  It makes us Americans.  That’s worth celebrating.  And that’s what I want not just House Republicans but all of us as Americans to remember.

It’s great to be lectured in this fashion. I feel like a better person already. Freed from my bigotry.

The president announced he will use July 4 to stage a political stunt at the White House, making citizens out of immigrants who served in the U.S. armed forces.

They were prepared to fight and die for an America they did not yet fully belong to.  I think they’ve earned their stripes in more ways than one.  And that’s why on Friday morning we’re going to naturalize them in a ceremony right here at the White House.  This Independence Day will be their first day as American citizens.

There, that’ll show those Republican haters!

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  1. As per usual for Obama, he insulted and mocked everyone who opposes him. He expects his opponents to work with him, by which he means to give in to his every whim and desire regardless of the law or the Constitutional issue. You used the right word, Keith, he “stormed” into the Rose Garden.

    1. I am reading a biography of FDR right now, and it appears that Woodrow Wilson was as arrogant as Obama in getting his way on the League of Nations. (He didn’t.) But I have to say there is no match in gray matter between the two of them.

      1. WIlson was a true, and radical, progressive, in precisely the same sense as Obama. He was destructive to the Constitution, and played a major role in the post WW 1 repression of Germany. And that repression and punishing treatment of the German people led directly to WW 2. A truly evil nut job.

  2. ……And right about now at 6:00 PM., Dictator Obama is partaying down with all of the LGBT loons, smoking butts, chuggin’ 40’s, and firing up a choom stick. Ahhhhh life is good being a Dictator!

  3. And by exactly what authority will he “make them citizens”?

    There’s a reason we don’t trust him to enforce the law. According to him, the law is whatever it’s convenient for the law to be, right this moment, and stay tuned because that will change.

  4. Simple. Direct the State Department to take a dollar for dollar trade-off for each illegal alien coming through. Find the country of origin and lower their annual foreign aid amount for any expense spent in taking care of them while here.

  5. He could be right about one thing; Americans don’t like “different cultures”.
    We have an American culture that we all endorse in our own way and part of that culture is obeying the laws of the land. Our culture celebrates the 4th of July, not Cinco de Mayo, and we resent our betters in DC who think celebrating another country’s holidays is part of being “american”; it’s not. Our culture has all of us, by consent, speaking a form of English, and we demand that all residents speak English, too. If they don’t want to learn English, then we don’t have any use for them here.
    When foreigners breach our borders to live among us, and by doing so break our laws, they have already shown us that they have no intention of becoming part of the American culture.
    So, yes, MrPresident, we don’t like being invaded by foreigners who bring their foreign language and cultures with them and demand that we honor their ‘diversity’. .

    1. My parents were immigrants who learned the English language and to make their own way. My father loved baseball, and my older brother became a minor league player and early member of the National Basketball Association. My mother used to tell me that she loved to see the sight of the flag on national holidays. These people want to make Mexico for themselves here.

      1. Mine parents as well.

        Broad generalization but increasingly what I believe. Legal assimilated immigrants love the American flag. Illegal immigrants want to trash it and replace it with the flag of the country they fled.

        1. Yep it really pisses me off seeing mexicans yelling in mexican & waving their flag. Raahuul grivalva a rep from Tucson has a map in his office showing mexico up into AZ. He & his followers believe we took AZ from “them” & it’s rightfully theirs.

          1. My Great, Great, Great Grand Father came to this country with his 2 brothers with basically the shirts on their backs. (are you listening hillary?) And through MUCH hardship, carved out a living. Attacked,captured,and tortured by Indians in which 1 brother was killed, he escaped & lived out his life as a fur trader. His writings later revealed a man who thanked God daily for creating “the Greatest Country this World will ever know .. and what an honor to be an American”.
            mr obama has not and will not see the America the rest of us have known,loved and died
            for … only his selfish,twisted ideology..

          2. My cousin’s Great Grandfather married a full blooded
            Chocktaw Indian in Oklahoma Indian Territory. She was beautiful long hair past her waist. They prospered and the town was named after him. The great great grandfather looked like Yosemite Sam in a good way.
            All the decedents are proud of the heritage they have.

  6. Maybe he can bring all of his GBLT (pronounced giblets) buddies from tonight to that ceremony and ‘naturalize’ them too.

  7. The government was SET UP this way to stop a dictatorship

    this executive action stuff is BS

    The reps are doing what their constituents want, that’s their job-constituents aka the American people

    I am so sick of this guy

    1. The United States Constitution was written to protect the American people from run away dictatorial tyrants, the type living in the White House at the present moment.

  8. First of all, ‘the whole’ is never greater than its parts! The legal immigrants who are now ‘naturalized citizens’ who, also, were my former students in American Citizenship classes and required to pass tests about the history of the USA and The Constitution do NOT support the idea of bho usurping the specific duties of the Congress!

    What a slap in the face to every American, regardless of political party or none, for bho to continue to use such rhetoric to divide us as either ‘humanitarians or in-humanitarians’ if we question his ‘authority’!

    News flash: We are all ONE RACE – the Human Race! We are many kinds of humans, but we are not bho’s SUBJECTS! bho’s words about ‘dropping excuses and act’ apply to his entire Adm! He has created an enormous ‘human tragedy’ at the Borders, and I have absolutely NO confidence that he can ‘solve’ it by his EDITS! jb

    1. Nice. We are the human race. It doesn’t matter who is coming in across the border illegally. No matter what race or religion they are supposed to follow our laws.

      If a law is ignored by the politicians, does it make a sound????????????????

  9. We have a crisis at the broader created by Obama and now it’s the GOP’s fault. He knew there were thousands coming up through Mexico and did nothing except have Janet Napolitano tells us the border is more secure than ever…

  10. Obama is the worst. We must have seperation of powers to prevent nut jobs (him) and others like him from running amok.
    Here in California we have been over run by the illegals and it has gotten really bad.
    From being called an “F-ing gringo” to having my car totalled by a Mexican with no car insurance, Calif is a mess. Said Mexican stood up in court with provided interpreter and said he did not have an accident with me. My 8×10 photo’s of him proved other wise!
    I want so much to leave this democrat run state.

  11. With a pen and a phone? So sick of his threats. Even GWB didn’t come across as a little ahole like this.

    On an upside, read Dr. Ben Carson’s new book, he’s such an inspiration, hope we still have time. :) We need inspiration.

  12. President StompyPants: “As a first step, I’m directing the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Attorney General to move available and appropriate resources from our interior to the border…” Good. Executing EXISTING immigration laws and protecting our borders with the EXISTING budget is something you should have been doing all along, no?

  13. Just curious. Someone here asked the question the other day about what happened to the money which was voted on to build the wall to keep out illegals. I thought that was a very good question. What did happen to that money that Obama now has to ask for a half trillion to handle the crisis at our border?

    For my part, the only immigration reform I want to see happen is to enforce the laws we have right now to stop this invasion by illegals.

  14. He’s going to “make them citizens”? Seriously? How does Prezzy JugEars propose to do that legally?

    I have a friend who was born in Canada when her father was stationed there in the US Air Force. Due to messed up paperwork at the time she had a Canadian birth certificate and had to go through the naturalization process a couple years ago, despite the fact that her parents are both US citizens and she’s lived here in the US for more than fifty years!

  15. illegals actually believe they are the chosen ones. All of the radical reconquistas, i.e. Luis Guitierrez, Xavier Becerra, the Castro twins, Antonio Villaraigosa, Loretta and Linda Sanchez, Raul Grijalva, Hilda Solis, Linda Chavez, and a host of others are waiting in the wings to turn this country into El Norte.

    Americans, for the most part, are passive and non-aggressive. I have watched my state,Kalifornia, turn into Mexifornia over the last 15 years. The L.A. city council is controlled by DEM hispanics. Sacramento boasted an Assembly Speaker ( the highest office outside of governor), Fabian Nunez, whose son was convicted of murdering a white student at the college he attended several years ago. The story was scandalous. Schwarzenegger’s last act as governor was to commute his sentence to 7 years, and he is still reaping the scorn from the public.

    The corruption coming from the Mexican politicians is unparalleled (except for Obama). Obama refuses to enforce existing immigration laws, which only serves to embolden these thugs. If we continue on this course, there will be Mexican prez in 2020. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am not ready for this!

    1. Yeah, well. I can only dream of a barbarian’s at the gate moment for the Obama’s at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — when all the great unwashed show up at the gate with demands that not even Louis and Marie could anticipate or fulfill.

  16. Slowly but surely his transformation from “President” to full blown dictator is showing.
    Earlier I posted for us to “stand by for another power grab”. Not really a prediction considering Barry’s past behavior, but I didn’t think it be this soon or that he would announce it so venomously.
    “We built this country together”. Gee, I thought you said ” you didn’t build that, someone else did”.
    Reality for Barry is whatever Barry says it is.

      1. Or better yet, someone, somewhere might actually, finally say of the Wizard of Washington, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”

  17. As I do every night watched History Ch. They went through the process
    of Hitler’s take over and becoming ‘Imperial leader’. Odd was they had a
    system very like ours and once he got the old guy out of the way they took a vote he got a 2/3 majority. Now we’ve got an inept idiot and a pen
    and phone. I image Hitler did but he also the Gestapo and SS. It’s just odd an evil man who would have gotten there with out the vote at least went thought the action. This in no way saying anything remotely nice
    about Hitler just very curious.

  18. Excellent Keith.

    And here is another worthy take on the current situation.

    Pretty much because most of us are feeling hopeless, and the rest, including some Obama voters have tuned out largely because they suspect in their gut that this is not what they wanted, Obama has a really good chance of taking us down a very perilous path from which we may not recover.

    Conservatives will either take action to enact the powers that they have and restrict the power that Obama is claiming or not. And if they do not, we will have no other legal recourse.

    1. We cannot give up Grace.
      If we give up, they win.
      They want us to give up, and the very fact that we haven’t is enraging Obama.
      I’m just waiting for him to meltdown.
      It will be fabulous.

      1. Or better yet, someone, somewhere might actually, finally say of the Wizard of Washington, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”

  19. If anyone is looking for a good summer book I just read “Green Card Soldier” and really enjoyed it. It was pretty light reading and had strong elements of Patriotism, Diversity, and the human spirit. I just got out of the Marine Corps infantry last year after six years and I couldn’t support this path to citizenship more. I know the book is available on amazon if anyone is interested.

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