In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Live Stream || White House Briefing – June 30, 2014

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    1. I wondered about that also. Almost guarantee it’s a misteak (sarc). Oh the days of someone checking things before being published or presented for public consumption. I can’t keep track of the number of signs we have seen at events with glaring typos.

  1. I didn’t listen to the JE briefing but I did read two comments of his re Hobby Lobby — one about this somehow affecting “women of indeterminate size” ???? and the other about how the “constitutional lawyer in the WH” disagrees with them Supremes.

    Jay Carney was a tough clown to follow but JE seems up to the task.

    1. JE has the same task Carney had: to defend the indefensible, using sarcasm and insults to castigate all (including the Supreme Court and the Congress) who oppose The One in his quest for a totalitarian state. He’ll be a psychological wreck within a year.

    2. gpmc – flames start coming out of my ears every time I hear anyone (even those above Josh’s pay grade) refer to President Benghazi as a “constitutional lawyer.” He was a “senior lecturer” and rumored not to be well liked by the students and colleagues. Of course, the lo-fos buy this bunk. Extinguishing flames.

  2. I’m tellin ya… that soccer video Keith posted earlier accurately portays every policy this admin implements… bunch of kids running around not knowing what they are doing… works for every occasion! (Except that there ARE losers in real life, sadly.)

  3. I see this as a desperate attempt to take public attention off the recent SCOTUS rulings which clearly demonstrate his over-reach.

    I also expect a fist in John Boehner’s face. It should be interesting to see what he does(n’t).

  4. How ironic…
    The new Obama regime ‘Propaganda Sec.’ for the sycophants in the “WH press corps” is named “EARNEST”…

    “Earnest” = Bullsh#t.

  5. First takeaway; he’s stung, and stung hard by the Supremes. He’s wary of the threatened Congressional actions against him.
    He whines, he blames, he calls the system “broken” when he himself alone broke it, and his action, as he describes it, will be “by the end of summer” and maybe next year.
    He’s scared now.
    p.s. He looks terrible. Is he ill?

    1. srdem65: In all my zillion years watching presidents speak, I’ve never seen anyone more angry at the world than Obama. His rant at the TV was over the top awful. And what was the point of having Biden in the background?

      Then, just now, his VA announcement, he started off OK, making it about McDonald, but then veered off into his Woe Is Me The Congress Stinks broken record.

      I’m so sick and tired of Obama whining. Sick and tired.

      1. I saw that VA thing–could he be less enthused–and he made it sound like everything was great there, except for one teeny thing. I head this McDonald guy was asked to leave (retire) P&G. So he’s not a great fixer.

  6. He was wrong!!! He said that in most cases these children are returned to sender after the legal process is completed. WRONG!!!! 99% of them never show up for their immigration hearing! The entire process is a farce!

    This nightmare was completely orchestrated by Obama and his henchmen. He doesn’t need an amnesty bill anymore – this is de facto amnesty. The relatives of these urchins will be coming by the train-load, if they are not already here. Most illegal immigrants are NOT interested in citizenship – not for a minute.
    Obama should be frog-marched out of the WH for this travesty. He has ordered deportations to stop, illegal alien criminals to be released from jails, and the borders to be open. AND our decorated Marine remains in a Mexican jail! It is beyond disgusting!

    1. Oh, and how about that ‘If they survive (the trip to the US) comment! Hell’s bells – they are practically being escorted into this country!

    2. And, as always, he does not distinquish between legal immigrants and illegal aliens. He uses words to blend them as though they were the same.

  7. Silly me. I thought this was about religious freedom. Turns out it’s all about Barry ‘ s wimmens of ndiscriminate size being denied more free stuff.

  8. I would like to remind some “folks” that 4:30 PM ET should read 4:30 PM WHT (White House Time). So, expect this announcement sometime around 5:00 PM ET.

  9. Dear Leader Obama SPEAKS twice in one day!!
    (damn you lazy FNC hosts for showing Obama reading a teleprompter both times)

    Is Obama trying to distract his Media sycophants & LIV ‘citizens’ from those two US Supreme Court desicions earlier today…???

  10. He’s on. So what is he blah-blahing about? Sometimes I think I’, lucky when I can’t get the audio up on WHD.

  11. I gather he is not talking about the three kidnapped yeshiva students in Israel whose bodies were found in a shallow grave today. One was a 16-year-old American citizen, but I guess American citizens are on their own abroad these days.

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