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Sunday Open Thread || June 29, 2014

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  1. $2b for humanitarian aid for the trespassers on the southern border. For God ‘s sake and humanitarian reasons, shut the door, guard it and stop the insanity. Its a tragedy to have these children dropped on our doorstep but encouraging the behavior is sinful.


      1. A lot of us are.
        I hold congress responsible for not doing their duty as defined in the Constitution to restrain the petulant child that is squatting in the White House.
        The fear of being called racist should no longer be a factor.
        We have seen enough.

        1. The GOP House is worthless, with the exception of a few normal voices (Issa, Gowdey, Cruz and the other whacko birds), I just see the “old guard” as enabling President Petulantcrankypants.

          1. The recent election debacle in Mississippi is an example of the extent they will go to.
            They have a mandate to eliminate Tea Party conservatives.

    1. When I heard about the 2Bil, I was hoping they will divert that money toward working on the promised border fence. It’s a start…. Furthermore, when we catch men crossing the border (not children), then put them to work building the fence for min wage. At the end of the day, send them back home and if they come back the next day, let them build some more.

        1. It crossed my mind as well – Congressional purse strings and then I remembered what happened last October: closing National Parks … etc.

          Cuts have to be specific and surgical.

      1. It will probably be cheaper to buy northern Mexico and establish new states there.

        I see the militia is rallying at the borders. Seems to me Obama and Pelosi are simply pushing for a civil war.

        1. It has become obvious to me that they are testing our mettle.
          They are probably questioning just what will it take to rile them up enough so that we can throw the switch to Martial Law.
          It is a crying shame what this Country has come to.

        2. So be it, Denise. I hope militias from all over the country go down there. It’s an invasion, and how clever to use children. Obama complicit in the whole thing. Pelosi posturing as a humanitarian: she wishes she could taken thousands of them. Has she even offered to take one?

          1. “she wishes she could take thousands of them,”
            OK Nan,…they will be at your vineyard tomorrow,…you can give them a job harvesting grapes.
            At minimum wage, you could pull in millions more than you do now.
            Hope your rich husband doesn’t mind.

          2. Doesn’t the ‘rich husband’ have an off shore tuna processing plant ..Samoa?
            Star Kist Tuna …?
            I am trying to clear the ‘aura of fog’ from my memory.
            Please help

          3. Looking back on the last years, both of the Obama’s have used children as a human shield…from MOVE-ON to MOVE-IN.
            They are child predators and should be locked up!

          4. Yep.

            “If ever a time should come,

            when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government,

            our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”

            Samuel Adams, 1776

    2. It’s all part of the larger scheme to bring America to it’s knees. If Obama can’t do it by decree, he will do it by importing entire third world countries and their illiterate, poverty-stricken inhabitants.

      In the meantime, we still have a decorated Marine sitting in a Mexican jail because he accidentally crossed over the border into Mexico. I would love to see Obama sitting in that jail cell for the rest of time!

          1. So far, Obama has traded 5 enemies of America for one deserter. Biden has negotiated that we pay vast sums to Central America so that they repatriate some of the illegal hordes that sauntered over what used to be the border the United States. Most likely Obama will use Sgt. Tahmooressi as leverage for all these “children” remaining in the United States, firmly affixed to the US teat for the rest of their lives and immediately given voter registration as lifelong Democrats. Although by the time some of them grow up, voting might have become a thing of history.

      1. If only when Pelosi went to the border to take a look, if only SHE had made that wrong turn and ended up in Mexico, then to jail. I’d like to make a prisoner swap please…

  2. CNN’s Candy-girl starts her newsshow with RepIssa to talk about the missing e-mails and what he or his group plan to do. He knows his stuff, isn’t cowed by her leading questions and comes across as reasonable.

    Next – Lois Lerner’s spokesman and attorney. He tried really hard to make her a sympathic, simple Federal employee only doing her job, but managed to make her appear to be a conniving, calculating political operative who’s keeping secrets so damning she can’t speak in public.
    No one has sympathy for an IRS employee, no one wants to admit that a relative is an IRS employee. We’d rather admit UncleFred is a commie, shoplifting, drug dealing cross-dresser than let out that he’s one of those #^^&*## IRS agents.

    1. “Silly” – Latin for “up yours”?

      Lois Lerner has no records of two years of missing emails and Republican claims that she’s hiding something are “silly,” her lawyer said in his first interview since the controversy around the former IRS official erupted two weeks ago.

      “She doesn’t know what happened,” lawyer William Taylor III said of the 2011 computer crash that erased two years worth of Lerner’s correspondence. “It’s a little brazen to think she did this on purpose.”

  3. Note to Gracepmc. Thank you for that link to neo necon, it was a terrific read. When people here take the time to discover and share the information and it’s sources, I’m really grateful.
    So to everyone out there providing links, I also say thank you. That’s how I “discovered” WHD, following a link from another site.
    Been a fan ever since.

    1. CK. Glad you took the time for the read. I was impressed with it as well. Too bad we all did not see so clearly what he did. You are welcome. I agree with you about good links.

  4. No surprise here, huh? Seems that lady Obama went to MN to grovel over was not your average letter writer afterall.

    How dumb does the media think we are ? We all knew it was a political rally, shouldn’t Obama and the DNC pick up the bill for that entire trip then?

    1. The Day in The Life cross-country-tour to visit AmeriKan cities is about funding his Presidential Library. I wonder where that library will be? Chicago? Hawaii? Indonesia? How about a tundra in Alaska? No, Palin would never allow that!

      1. Two term prezzies seem to spend the last two years of their first term campaigning/fundraising for their second term then the last two years of their second term raising money for their libraries.

        Sure makes a good case for term limiting them, or at least one 6 year term.

    2. Read somewhere that she locked down her Twitter account…I’m sure there was a lot of partisan stuff on there that would have blown her cover.

    3. Makes you wonder who all those ObamaCare props were for the lasst 5 years. Nothing, absolutely nothing is what it seems with these fraudsters.

  5. OMG! Just sent link to relative who adores Hillary. Believes Hillary has never lied, was a great Sec.oState, and would be the best President ev’ah. Can’t wait to read her response. Should be a dozy.

  6. Your taxpayer $$$ hard at work ! BO, MO, and Sasha dine out at five-star restaurant, BLT Steakhouse, on Friday night before attending Marine Corps. parade. Why are we paying for Sam Kass and the rest of the WH chefs?

    In my memory, no other POTUS has even ventured outside of the rarified confines of the WH to strut his stuff in public. The braggadocio – the chutzpah – it’s mind-boggling.
    I say we get rid of the WH Press Corps and bring in Entertainment Tonight and the NY Post Page Six to report on these gigolos.
    It’s going to take forever to restore dignity and protocol to the People’s House.

    1. When they leave, they will have to “tent” the Whitehouse for extermination. Can you imagine the bugs and critters they have brought in? Bedbugs, rats, mice and other kinds of vermin. Whatever happened to her garden/watermelon patch?

  7. A lot of Obama’s stroke of the pen stuff reminds me of when I lived next to a lawyer in DC–and when I went out of town, he helped himself to my paper outside my door. I would knock and say can I have my papers? He would hand them over, saying but you weren’t home. Well, so what–that didn’t give YOU the right to take them!

    1. Similar thing happened at my condo years ago…found out my neighbor was letting her guests park in my spot when I was at work during the day. Upon discovering this after a particularly hellish commute home, she said, “Well, you’re gone during the day…you’re not using it, are you?”

  8. I’ve been trying to stay on top of all the immigration news, and not just because it hits home being east of San Diego not far from the border. Here’s a Facebook Note I’ll keep updating. Feel free to check it out/use as snapshot or copy-paste individual links or share the note itself. Just trying to get the news out: Some links (June 22-28) on the border crisis

      1. I can’t call it up, but from the pictures I’ve seen (children suffering from swine flu, packed together, lying on the floor covered with Red Cross paper blankets), I am just stunned. I never thought I would see something like this in the United States, and it’s all at the instigation of Obama and crew. Playing with children’s lives while he goes out on the golf course!

    1. Amazing. Thanks. If every American would look at this they would see how clearly this Administration has refused to enforce the law and prevent this illegal invasion.

  9. I am nearly finished with the E. Klein book Blood Feud and I guess what strikes (and appalls) me most is that none of the Clinton gang or the Obama gang care at all what is best for the country. Only interest is their political careers! If Bill Clinton thought Obama was a terrible president but agreed to campaign for him to be reelected because it would be in Hillary’s best interest, did he care at all how the country would suffer under this amateur for the next four years? Guess not, sadly.

    1. If Hillary really cared about her country she would have stayed in the Senate and primaried Obama in 2012 like Teddy did to Carter in ’80. It would have split the Dems or perhaps even unite them after waking up from their kool aid fog ;)

  10. Reince Priebus was on Meet the Press rightly going after the Clintons for their hypocrisy, but, I’m curious, was he asked about Mississippi?

  11. Shine prosecutors tend to be seeking this office buildings in the mag Wprost, the Warsaw prosecutor’s place of work claimed recently (18 June), following the journal published tapes involving officials’ interactions upsetting to the govt.

    This move brought on upheaval within the mass media and also amid level of resistance politicians, whom stated independence associated with speech was endangered inside Poland, the biggest economic climate within key along with western The european countries and a express hailed because of its productive move through Communism into a marketplace economic climate.

    Poland features regulations protecting the proper of journalists to keep his or her places technique, yet a spokeswoman for that prosecutor said your tapes were “evidence” necessary throughout legal process.

    Your prosecutor’s business office possesses supplied any cause “demanding your cave in connected with goods, inch Renata Mazur in the prosecutor’s workplace told reporters, indicating that may mean gadgets holding this recordings. “The equipment .. ] are generally proof a new criminal offenses and they are required to true. inches

    Wprost unveiled this recording recordings this past few days of individual interactions among older officers. They included Interior Minister Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz and also central traditional bank key Marek Belka.

    In that saving, created very last This summer from the non-public area of a Warsaw bistro, both the adult men focus on what sort of key financial institution may also help government entities outside of its economic challenges if at all at risk of selection beat.

    Based on a transcript in the recording, Belka likewise discussed using Sienkiewicz around the prospects for wielding circumstances “truncheon” in opposition to among Poland’s marketers.

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