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Obama is Playing Golf

President Obama is out on his usual Saturday round of golf, playing today at Fort Belvoir. Today’s partners are sportswriter Tony Kornheiser and two White House aides, eternal Obama golf buddy Marvin Nicholson and Luke Rosa. 

With the year half over, Obama has played 22 times in 26 weeks. Now that’s a pretty good deal. He’s golfed 179 times since becoming president.

21 thoughts on “Obama is Playing Golf”

  1. Remember, that “playboy” (hyuk, hyuk) George W. Bush played 24 rounds of golf in his entire 8-year presidency.

    Look at the calendar: the Major League Baseball All-Star Game is July 15th. So if Obama hits the links twice over the next two weekends, he’ll have played as much golf by the All-Star break as Bush did in his entire presidency.

    Anyway, the numbers:

    179 rounds @ 5 hours (est.) per round = 895 hours

    Which works out to:

    37.291666… man-days
    111.875 8-hour work days
    29.8333… 30-hour (“Obama-time”) work weeks
    22.375 40-hour (traditional) work weeks

    1. And he gets to live in a swell house, gets a good salary, free food, utilities paid for, free postage, someone to shine his shoes, and political hacks to grovel before him all day long to tell him what a cool guy he is. And he gets to fly around in meaningless circles in a really cool airplane.

          1. No,…he is overwhelmed.
            Golf is an escape with his friends that pat him on the back and tell him everything is OK.
            His cadre of czars were supposed to keep the heat off of him but it appears that they have failed to do so.
            The buck stops with you Barry, how’s the heat treating you ?

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  4. Only 22 times in 26 weeks? What a slacker! Really, it’s absolutely shameful that he cares more about golf than anything else – family, country, etc.

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  7. I was there when he came home after the golf outting. The man power involved to remove all tourists away from the front of the White House when his convoy pulled up was astonishing. That’s one way to stimulate the job market. Hire drivers for the 8 Suburbans, 3 15-passenger vans, 1 tactical vehicle, and 4 police cars to drive you home

  8. I don’t mean to sound like a lib with the Ad Homs, but its about those crane legs with no muscles. Spare us any more of those pictures.

    Also, what do you figure we paid for those golf shoes of his? I know mine aren’t cheap but I ‘m sure he has to have custom made.
    Also auntie M has it right!!

  9. You know, when I see how hard those of us that still have jobs work……including students, and people who should be able to retire, but can’t afford to, Obama really is a lazy, don’t care mofo.

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