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Health Providers Tracking Your Spending


That’s none of their business!

Oh really? Come on. This is the new Obama era. We are all one. Communal living, all of us little brothers and sisters, happily supervised together by BIG BROTHER.

Obamacare is a massive government intrusion into the private sector, with formerly private businesses now operating effectively as utilities whose businesses and even business models are completely regulated by the State.

These companies now have to meet endless requirements or they lose money. And so they are now going to make sure you meet endless requirements. And they’ll track you to find out if you are.

It’s a change in our culture. When the State is involved in everyone’s business, the notion that we have a right to our private lives erodes away. Companies under State scrutiny, that have to essentially enforce State dictates, believe it’s both natural and necessary that they scrutinize you.

From a report on WFAA Texas:

Health care groups are now using credit card data to track patients – checking to see if your spending habits are contributing to poor health or chronic conditions . . .

Experts say Obamacare has forced health care companies to change their ways because under this new legislation hospitals can actually be fined if patients are readmitted after receiving treatment s a second time for the same ailment.

Oh well, I’ve always known I should use cash instead of charging stuff.

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  1. WTF?

    Next they will tap into your Magicband + band while you are vacationing at Walt Disney World. What am I saying the Govt probably is already doing it. Then our government selectively deletes or changes info that works against them.

    1. You mean you are walking over to buy some treat in DW and they tighten your band? You go, Ooof, forget the ice cream, kids. This has all gone WAY too far. The maggotry is winning!

      1. Your a diabetic. You are on vacation and you decide to indulge yourself with a decadent dessert. According to this article, they can show your credit card purchases to your doctor. Disney’s Magicband tracks your movement plus all your purchases including food. Perhaps, your doctor see this and decides to no longer treat you.

        The amount of info kept and the ease of accessing that info is a huge problem.

        I had lunch with a friend who told me that my wife’s test for breast cancer was negative before her Doctor called my wife. His wife worked at the hospital where my wife had her test done. She knew my wife was worried and she took a peak. They are our closest and dearest friends. The fact is the doctor did not call for 5 more days. She saved us a ton of anxiety and if we had known she good look we would have asked her to look anyway.

        Now, the IRS will be able to look up the health records of any person they disagree with for personal or political reasons. They have no oversight.

        Look at Christine ODonnel Who ran for Senate in MD. A person went into the IRS computer, falsified a tax lien and recorded it on a former residence of Ms O’Donnel. The lien said,she owed back taxes. They took the lien and sent it to the various papers and ruined her candidacy. The people who they uspected did this at the IRS happen to have their hard drive crash with all the emails. Sound familiar?

        None of this will be good…….

  2. So, how’s that different from asking your ethnic background, do you smoke, do you have firearms in your home, are you happy (yes, they’ve asked that too), is your illness the result of your bad habits, and every other intrusion into our lives.
    Of course they want to know all these things. How else can they control a population of 350million people if they don’t know all these little secrets?

    1. On two occasions I have REFUSED to fill out that form telling a doctor that it was none of their business. The doctor gets ornery but I still refuse. It’s as much my right to say NO, you don’t need to know, as it is the doctor’s to feel he needs to submit that info.

      As Nancy Reagan said, Just Say No.

      1. I think that the medical industry is being forced to submit that information under penalty of a fine.
        I doubt whether most doctors are doing this willingly.
        I read somewhere that they could lose their license to practice.
        Under this regime, that does not seem too far fetched.

        1. I think you are spot-on Vet. That’s the sense I got from a foot doctor I went to because I thought I broke a bone. Not my PCP, but a one time visit for a specific need yet he was required to gather all sorts of info about me. Not only did he get fussy when I refused to answer some questions, he said he could get in trouble. I still refused because in all actuality, I can’t imagine HE will get in trouble, but MY info will be out there. No thanks.

      2. I toss that form. And the one that says you are due for this test or that–usually the info is wrong and I had the test 6 mos ago. I also push back on the referrals (I mean, turfing) to specialists–de rigueur, get outta here… I ask what can be done for whateever it is–if little, I don’t want another round of tests, which are often inconclusive anyhow.

        1. To that very point Star, this foot doctor took way too many x-rays, turn the foot this way then that way, then he wanted me to buy a special boot, or a special shoe insert. The kicker was that the doctor had a hard time showing me any real breakage in x-ray. He kept saying “it’s hard to see”. YET, he still wanted me to walk out of their with fancy additions to his bottom line. I can’t tell you how fast I RAN from his office.

          1. They want me to, if this is not too gross, collect my liquids in a huge jug for 24 hours. My sister said this was completely ick (she did it). I asked her did one also put down how much one drank in that time–input/output. No. OK–so just write A LOT and we’re done.

    2. In the questionnaire for my annual exam I have for several years left the questions “Do you have a firearm in the house?” and “Are you depressed?” blank. I suppose by not answering them but answering the others there would be an assumption of guilt but so be it.

      1. My sister who is a nurse recommends not answering any questions about how frequently you drink. Even one glass of wine per week puts you on someone’s radar.

          1. They could spend their time better actually reading your clipboard or chart–they always begin, “Diabetics…” I am not diabetic, for the hundredth time!

        1. When the federal government completely takes over health “care”, all records will be electronic. Then there will be a statement you have to sign every time you see a health “care” provider (if you are lucky enough to see one and one that can speak English) that advises you of a hefty penalty and/or jail time if you answer any question untruthfully. Next, all grocery stores and all other stores where foods and drinks can be purchased as well as all restaurants and fast food outlets will be required to submit to another newly established federal agency every purchase so the government can track the purchase of unhealthy foods and drinks which the government, of course, will determine.

          1. Most people have wrong info in their record, electronic or otherwise. My mom was tagged as diabetic–never was. A friend just went for surgery and was told she had Tangier disease–we don’t even know what that is. You should demand your record–that is guaranteed under HIPAA–but they try to say sometimes that HIPAA says you can’t have your record. Also try to get the doc’s notes–mine say I am noncompliant and a PITA, and I don’t mean the Middle Eastern bread.

        2. The last time I was admitted to the hospital I truthfully said I have a cocktail before dinner most nights and sometimes have a glass of wine with dinner. I subsequently learned that my records indicate that I’m an alcoholic! That infuriated me and I pitched a hissy fit over it. That’s probably on my record as well. Sigh.

          1. Perfect exaample! And yes, your hiss will be in there. I gave one of mom’s hospitalists a little talk–which was minutely relayed in her record.

          2. Maybe you should remind the ruling powers that the wine industry is very much loved by Democrats, and I’m sure that Dems are also heavily represented in the spirits industry and in the new enthusiasm for cocktails.

      1. Yes,…but we still have hope Julie.
        Last I heard is that is a law in Miss. that if you voted in the first primary, you can’t vote in the run-off.
        They have an open primary down there.
        In Ohio, we have a closed primary, where registered Dems cannot vote for a Rep.
        Evidently, the vote count is suspicious, and McDaniel is demanding an investigation.
        If he is proven right, another election will ensue.
        This ain’t over yet.

        1. Unfortunately, the political establishment in Mississippi — at least in some counties — appears to be blocking McDaniels supporters from inspecting voting rolls and absentee ballots.

      2. The good thing about this is that it being exposed that the GOP coerced the voters in vote for their benefits, instead of the the challenger before the 2014 elections.
        We all know that voter fraud under this regime is rampant.
        This is just another indication of it, throwing money against the Tea Party candidate
        McDaniels cannot be manipulated by the old guard, Cochran can.
        Therein lies the rub.
        The goal is to retain power against all odds.

      1. I began using cash only after the Target mess up. As far as Dr. Questions…never have answered them. Even my son at age 12/13 wouldn’t answer the gun question. I happened to be in the room with him then & he needed no prompting from me!

          1. Reading these posts, I’m beginning to think Canada’s constantly criticized health care system isn’t so bad after all!

  3. I’m not sure how they would technically do this. I used to work in this (payment) industry and it works like this:
    1) I have a Visa Credit or Debit (or both Cards) from Wells-Fargo
    2) I go to 7-11 and swipe it to buy a slurpee
    3) 7-11’s POS system contacts corporate which contacts the acquiring processor (like First Data Corp or Tsys) on behalf of 7-11’s (say) Chase account.
    4) This query is relayed over Visa Net to Wells-Fargo’s issuing processor. Which may or may not also be FDC.
    5) If funds are available, or credit limits are not reached and transaction velocity limits have not been reached, it will auth positive (“Yes”).

    The only one in the flow that knows everything about everything is Visa. They *do* submit their haulage details to the IRS (they apparently don’t want you grabbing foreign income through an ATM machine unchecked) … but healthcare organizations don’t have access to this.

    UNLESS they have a deal with Visa, which they can’t based on government regs over in payment land. So … are they getting this from the IRS? If so, that is separately (regulatorily) problematic.

    So … I don’t understand. How. This. Works.

  4. Smart meters, black boxes in cars, tracking purchases – insurance companies already “adjust” premiums to reflect medications and every infant born is assigned a Soc. Sec. number.

    Once upon a time, we bought commodities – today, we ‘are’ the commodity.

  5. A rule of thumb: a major personality characteristic of all political tyrants is that they are neurotically paranoid. They feed this neurosis by demanding the obsessive collection of all personal information about “those people who don’t like me”. The Obama administration is a textbook example of this–NSA, ObamaCare, IRS attacks, e.g.

    1. You nailed it.
      Problem is,….they write the laws.
      Their problem is,…we can vote them out of office.
      Therein lies the deception that they constantly shower us with.
      The constant deceit, the lies, the manipulation all serves to blindside the ignorant.
      That is why they are so afraid of the Tea Party Movement.
      They are shallow individuals, and any threat to their flimsy power structure is met with an onslaught of attacks.

    1. “Liberals never, ever drop a heinous idea; they just change the name. “Abortion” becomes “choice,” “communist” becomes “progressive,” “communist dictatorship” becomes “people’s democratic republic” and “Nikita Khrushchev” becomes “Barack Obama.”- Ann Coulter

      1. Yes Sadie, and that is the knowledge that the electorate will use to defeat them at the polls.
        The 2010 election smacked them in the face.
        They really didn’t see that coming.
        After that, all they have been doing is retrenching and raising money for the Dems.
        2014 is when we can teach them who we are and what we stand for.

    1. Lose or dispose of.
      The level of accountability these people are held to is deplorable.
      Their salary should be suspended until all congressional investigations are complete.
      The documents that congress requested are needed in order to restore your salary.
      Your pension for this time period is also going to be adjusted as to when under your watch files became missing pertinent to the investigation of the congress into the dealings with specific organizations that you deemed to be a threat to your ideology and the rules that your bosses laid down.

      If you lay in a bed with dogs,…you will get fleas.
      Sorry about your future Lois.
      Hope your successor has better luck.

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  7. My solution:

    Become a trucker; live in truck; keep moving; pay for everything with cash or a debit card; don’t get sick. Seriously.

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