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RNC Trying to Staple Hillary to Barack

This newest ad from the Republican National Committee, effectively pieced together, suggests an emerging strategy to counter Hillary Clinton: Crazy Glue her as early as possible to Obama, a consistently unpopular president.

Hillary is on a book tour seeking to begin defining herself as . . . well I’m not sure “as what,” other than as someone alarmingly deluded about the robustness of her finances.

She’s probably trying to answer and put to rest various questions about herself, like Benghazi, so that during the campaign she can say, I’ve answered that many times already! I think we need to move on to issues that concern the American people!

But the RNC is giving her an alternative, political identity, one Americans except those very far into the Obama Koolaid will find distasteful:

Obama’s right-hand gal.

15 thoughts on “RNC Trying to Staple Hillary to Barack”

  1. Here’s my message to Hill: Lie down with dogs; and get up with fleas. You made your bed, baby, now sleep in it!

    The only reason I believe she has a ghost of a chance is hubby, Bill. It will never be on her own recognizance. Bill Clinton is still the king of schmoozers – glib and savvy. Plenty of lo info voters out there just eat it up.
    A vote for Hillary is a vote for Bubba.

  2. Every time I see her face or hear her voice, I just kept help but recalling: WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?
    I cannot understand how every citizen does not get upset with that comment.

    1. Same here Lee. Making a comment like that concerning the deaths of four Americans beyond contempt. It’s a stain on her soul.

  3. I just pulled up Drudge, another face I can do without.
    Pelosi: With headline stating: “Pelosi to greet new arrivals at the border”.

    1. She’s going to be like the first thing a duck sees when it’s hatched. Her “helping, concerned face” will imprint on these illegals for the rest of their lives and vote democrat.

  4. She is trying to unglue herself from Obama: she says that the IRS investigation should go on, and I just read on The Blaze that Lanny Davis, a Clinton hack if there ever was one, has said that a Special Prosecutor should be called for the IRS scandal. Watch out, “folks”, she’s triangulating her support for and ties to Obama.

  5. There are still too many people out there that would vote for her because they desire a woman in the White House.
    I have no problem with the gender of the president, but it certainly must not be Hillary.
    Her baggage makes Jacob Marley look like a piker.
    The ignorance of the people that would vote for her is astounding.

  6. We all tie her to the Obama presidency, especially the failed foreign policy part. Had she only stayed in the Senate, maybe even run for NY Gov (could she have beat Cuomo?), I might feign an interest in her.

    2016 is the RNC’s to lose, which they are so capable of doing :(

  7. I am waiting for her to announce that the rumors that she was Secretary of State during the time of Benghazi under the Obama Administration is just so much a “right wing conspiracy”.

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